It was a warm day the sun was just coming over the tenements of Brook Ave.
I had been sitting on the big stoop waiting for my brothers to come downstairs.
Growing impatient I stood up and turned to walk inside an look up the stair well to see if any one was coming down yet for the third time.
As I started to enter the foyer suddenly it was lit with a bright white light and I spun around to see where it came from and was surprised to see a little boy standing looking at me.
Dressed in a short sleeved shirt , white short pants , and white knee socks and tennis shoes with bright blonde hair and every blue eyes and very pale skin but not sickly pale just very , very pale ,and yet healthy looking.
He was a very good looking kid, too good looking, like he was an angel or something and was about my hight but seemed to be a bit younger than me.
The thing that I most remember was about him though was the light that came off of him it illuminated not only the stoop but the entire inside lobby of 1530.
He then said with a smile like I have never seen since.
"Hi I know you , and I know your mother Mattie , your father James , your brother Walter (Chucks real name), your sister Theresa ,your brother Ralph and your baby sister Janet."
"What's your name?" I asked embarrassed he knew me but I didn't remember him.
"My name is Aarron" he said then he spelt it "A A R R O N."
I asked him to repeat it for I had never heard it before and he said smiled at my obvious confusion and said,"Aarron , A-A-R-R-O-N"
This time spacing the spelling so I could hear what he said.
That was when I heard my mother calling me from upstairs over the banisters.
"Tell you mother I said hello." he said with that big smile that now some how seemed unnerving.
I stepped into 1530 and the light vanished I turned around and he was gone.
When I got upstairs I told my mother of the little boy but she said she never heard of him and to forget about him someone was playing a trick on me....
Sometime later as I was walking up Clairmont Parkway to Bathgate Ave to buy school supplies for the new term an old man in a grey suit suddenly came up to me with a big smile.
"Hey how are you , my son told me he saw you." he said, "How's the family doing?"
"They are ok," I said trying to figure out who the hell he was.
I decided I didn't know him and politely said "Well I got to cross here."
Though where I was going was farther up.
"Well it was good seeing you tell the family I said hello."
"What's your name?" I was forced to ask again.
"Aarron" he said "A-A-R-R-O-N"
I looked to see if a car was coming and looked back the old man was gone.


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