A Sky Within The Sky


I only tell my encounters to others with hope that they may have encountered or know of others whom may have had the same kind of experiences that I have ,and that is all.
I present here several pictures I made of a phenomena that I witnessed, actual pictures of an object that I saw in the skies of the South Bronx back in 1973.
This is the sighting that started me on the path that I am now on.
I do not ask that you believe it only listen and understand that this is a true event.
Though before then I had many sightings of objects and entities this was the first one that I received out side confirmation for.
It was just before sunset I was walking home from the 171th St. Subway station.
Because of the way the streets are laid out in The Bronx to get to where I lived at 170th St. and Webster Ave.
The shortest route was to walk down to 169th St. and across several blocks eastwards to reach 169th Webster Ave and then walk up to 170th and Webster Ave.
I had started the long cross town walk when something made me look to the south western skies where I saw what looked like a strange cloud coming down.
It was red orange and yellow.
It was not its coloring that made it strange ,clouds at sunset take on that color all the time.
What made it strange was its shape it was not random puffs and wisps but seem to have structure to it.
This was during the winter and it was cold and the darkening sky was crystal clear.
Still faintly light blue in the west but darker in the east where stars could be seen coming out.
I just assumed the cloud was being lit on its underside by the last rays of the set sun.
But I could not explain the clouds structured appearance.
I liked science and knew the name of the different types of clouds but could not peg this one at all.
It was cold and so I did not stand too long trying to.
I continued to walk and occasionally glance back at it.
It was traveling the same direction as I was and in that area were only two story homes so I had a good view of it as I walked.
Finally I realized the shape was similar to something I had seen before but could not put my finger on it then.
I wanted to describe it to my family and friends when I got home.
As I was two blocks away from the stairway that led down to Webster it suddenly popped into my head where I had seen the shape before and I laugh thinking to myself.....
"Hmmph , they put it together wrong ,it looks like the Enterprise assembled by some one on acid."
It was also at this point the buildings on 169th became tenements and the cloud went behind one.
Then it dawned on me.... "Who put It together?"
I then crossed the street and ran down to the corner of 169th and Clay Ave.
The Bronx is very hilly and Clay Ave. is a raised area where there is a good view.
I was amazed the cloud had moved so far so fast but it was now hovering in the southeastern skies and now was a brilliant silvery blue white like a welders arc.
I could not believe what I was seeing at for a moment was frozen to the spot just staring at the object.
How can a cloud look like chrome or quick silver and still be a cloud?
I knew I had to get someone else to see this or for the rest of my life I would wonder if I ever saw it myself.
I looked around but it was cold there were very few people out on the street.
There was a little boy near by I called him over and asked him what was that while pointing to the cloud.
He suddenly screamed "Ohhhhhh!"
His cry emptied out a "greasy spoon" on the corner and brought other kids that had been playing football in the street not far away racing at me thinking I had done something to the boy.
I just pointed and said "Look."
There was a gasp and we all stood there transfixed by the object.
Then the little boy screamed.. "Look at the moon!!!"
We all looked up into a clear star filled sky in time to see what looked to be the moon dancing in a arc over head then just spread out into a huge fading whiteness.
Before we could move there appeared strange clouds that looked like several tornadoes connected side to side top to top so that the cloud looked like a light gray stitch in the dark sky over our heads.

As best as I could from memory I have tried to draw the "Stitch Cloud" that formed in about three seconds as we stood watching.

Each of the extensions whirled as if each was a separate tornado connected at it's top to the center core cloud.

We all gasp "Oooooouuuu."
Then suddenly this cloud ripped or rolled open to reveal another sky in the sky this one was lighter than ours it had different stars in it and another old silver dollar sized moon ball came out if it and did the same dance and the same silent explosion.
Then instantly the same thing happened again.


At this point I remarked...
"If that is our moon that's our ass it just exploded.
I am going home to die with my family."
This was done for three reasons one being I was freezing , two I was terrified
and three I still feared they were going to attack me for I was not from their neighborhood.
There was one kid there from my building who I recognized but he was just a kid.
I went home and asked everyone I met if they had seen what I saw on the next block no one had seen it.
The next week on a talk show hosted by Allen Bark who if you were not around then was the Morton Downey of that time an old man walked up to the open microphone and said....
"Oh Mr. Burk I was walking my dog on the roof and I saw this beautiful ship.."
Before he could finish Allen Burk who all a long would have people on his show to
talk about UFOs only to scream that they were crazy or high or both then have them thrown off the set stood up from his seat and shouted "I saw it too!!!"
His show was yanked from the air the next week....
As a result of the sighting of the three dancing moons three being the number of God I took it as a sign I should join a church which I did Our Lady Of Victory.
It did not take ,some years later I walked out after a mass was given to save our
boys in Viet Nam I felt it should have been to end war altogether.
The second effect was I started creating music.
Which later lead to me putting together a band.
Then a couple years later I was watching a program about UFOs when they flashed a picture of the cloud craft that I had seen.
They have several shots of the craft and it is the thing that I and about fifty other people watched in the skies over the South Bronx.
I recently was able to contact the kid from my building I had seen there that night and asked him if he remembered the event to which he responded....
"That happened over twenty years ago you still remember that?"
"You don't?" I asked somewhat taken aback by his answer.
"Yes" he said "but I haven't thought about it any more beyond that night."
"How could you not ?" I asked "Is it just me or does the sky open all the time to show another universe and I just happen to be the only one who doesn't notice?"
He laughed and said "Maybe I was just to young or dumb to know that , that was something special back then."
I have also learned that the sky opened again over that area in 1981.
This time a light shone down on a young woman who also as things would have it was the sister of a woman who sang in my band some years before.
Her reaction was as mine she too found a church my understanding is she however is still a member of her church.
In her case as in mine there were also people who witness this.
I am at this point still trying to find her....

I included this true story from my life to show you that you can not apply pure logic to these situations.
They operate in areas we have not or are not willing to look into at this time.
As I said belief is up to you but if you are going to be a true investigator of this then your going to need a new kind of measuring stick.
This is quantum phenomena but on the macroscopic level.
When things can poke holes between universes as easy as you open a open door what are the parameters you use when viewing these cases?

Below is a picture of the Cloud Ship.




More Views Of The Cloud Ship