Greetings and welcome Infidels and Believers alike.


This temple is devoted to disbelief, or better to say, to a special kind of disbelief.
A disbelief that comes when things you once believed are shattered by first hand experience. Beliefs pro, and con requires and is solely sustained by faith. Experience, cancels Belief and replaces it with first hand knowledge. Once you have your first Paranormal Encounter your shield of belief falls away, and your sword of disbelief splinters.
The moment you encounter a Quantum Event, Belief transforms into Knowing, and you are thrust into a totally new universe, a universe far more vast than anything you ever dreamed, or dreaded.
One in which you will stand naked, and exposed, one that is as aware of you, as you are of it.
You will have then become an Infidel, a Disbeliever, for your beliefs will have been ripped from your grasp and replaced by an all too terrifying Knowing, a Knowing that repeatedly tells you, "You know nothing at all." A Knowing that no amount of ridicule, or berating can loosen, or shake. Once you truly Know, the beliefs of others pro or con, will no longer matter to you.
Their snide remarks and taunts will find no target within you.
You'll become impervious to the snickers and side glances.
There in is the power of Knowing over Believing.
Beliefs are pliable, and easily manipulated, but that which you have truly experienced becomes part of your being and so part of the woven fabric of the universe. That being so, it then can never be altered or undone by the lies, innuendos, or beliefs, of others. Thus true experience makes infidels of us all!

The things you will read here are shared here not to challenge your beliefs or to entertain you, but if you are persuaded to look at the universe about you through a wider window that is good and if you are entertained in the process, well then that is even better.
Enjoy your visit.

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Please note although we are open we still are under construction. 

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