The Moonship Hoax?

In the 70s I started to hear about the astronauts having reported a UFO that followed the Apollo 12 to the moon.
In the 80s I read George Leonard's Someone Else Is On The Moon.



I was then convinced the stories I'd been hearing were factual and I wanted to know more, it was then that my search for these alleged pictures and more info about these reports truly began.
I later met a gentleman at the Whole Life Convention In Manhattan, he had heard me mention to a speaker that I had tapes that I made of UFOs out in Brooklyn and asked me if I would come to dinner at his home, also in Brooklyn and show him and his family and some of his friends my tapes?
I did agree and after a long and pleasant meeting and conversation as I often did in those days, because he showed a genuine interest in the subject I gave him the videotape I had made for our meeting.
Understand this gentleman was actually skeptical about the UFO and Alien Abduction Phenomena in general, but his teenage daughter was terrified and had nightmares about it.
I told her about my experiences and my later transformation once I learn to understand how they spoke and why they did as they did.
What really seemed to calm her was when I told her that they do not randomly come out of the blue and snatch up just anyone.
I told her that being that no one in her family had ever had this experience, chances that they would now come and grab up her or any one in her family was doubtful so there was no need for her to worry, they would not come to take her.
This calmed her fears and I said if she was ever frighten no matter what the time it was that she and any in her family could call to talk to me.
I was later to receive a letter from this gentleman thanking me saying his daughter was no longer frightened, or having night terrors and was sleeping through the night much better now.
To my surprise he sent me a copy of the Apollo 12 UFO and all the information on how to get the picture and the documentation for myself.

In the early 1990s I first placed these blow ups on the Internet at UFOSSI, in several other UFO and Alien Abduction sites, and I finally opened my own site Pieces Of An Enigma on AOL.
Then as now I asked that others get the picture and do like I'd done blow it up and tell me wat they thought it was that I was seeing in the picture I got back only one reply.
It was from a skeptic.
He wrote me saying it looked like a badly photographed wineglass of wine, grape Juice or Kool Aid in a dimly lit room.
I had to laugh and agree that it did when looked at in a certain way.
This skeptic was later to become my first Internet buddy and would later open one of the better websites on the Net called The Fourth Density.
After a bout of sickness and a computer crash I came back online and found I had loss contact with my friend.
Desert Storm had broke out and I assuming that him being young he had joined the military as he once said he would times being as they were back then.
After much trouble with AOL I left them and moved to Prodigy I moved my site to Yahoo Geocities then came 9/11, and suddenly I started to have troubles at my site there with vanishing files, missing JPEGs, MP3s, HTMLs and limited space issues I joined Optonline for better uploading time, and moved to Simplehost then, Jumpline now, for the unlimited space they promised my ever growing site now known as Temple Of The Infidel in which I now conjoined my two other sites of art and music, along with my updated site the New Pieces Of An Enigma.

Original Unprocessed Copy

Then 2012 I posted my picture at the Paracast Discussion Forum and some new friends there sent me this picture and alerts as to what my picture truly may have been.


"Posey that pic has been proven to be a fake long ago, its part of a Saturn V rocket stage".

These interesting links below were also sent to me:


Although these articles posed some good arguments on both sides of this case, still I was left with even more questions than answers.
The more I read and thought about it I had to agree that the picture may have been used misleadingly by others, and that I may have been taken in by the stories that had been circulated since 1969, but then so had the news papers, TV shows and the world media in general.
The thought of this enraged and embarrassed me, had a charlatan named Bob Dean hoodwinked me?
Had I unknowingly been misleading my readers all these years?
Still now knowing this, I must state the picture is not a fake unless NASA was sending out fake pictures to those that applied for them.

I then started to think more about that picture.
What about the stars seen between the long appendages?
Would not the body of the Saturn V have blocked the view of background stars?
Well, what if it was an alien craft with those appendages hanging or protruding below it?
What the hell could they have been for if they were really appendages?
Why did this thing have pigtails in truth had puzzled me for years were they antennae or what?
Why would they be so long?
Then as I looked again at those crazy pigtails a thought came to me that I had seen something like that before not back then recently not too long ago, but where?
Then I had a eureka moment, could they be tethers, like the one in the STS-75 NASA debacle likewise serving the same purpose as NASA was attempting?


What about the other things in the area beyond this object?



What about the other unknowns shown flying above our planet, and about our Moon that have been photographed and taped by Nasa astronauts?



And let us not forget the loads of other anomalies, like structures photographed on the Moon and elsewhere in our solar system?


What of all the new planets now being found out there in, the great out there?


Not to forget my own sixty years of sightings and interaction with craft that were real, and were witnessed by police officers, cab drivers, doctors, and the crowds of just good old John Q. Publics in the streets of the South Bronx NYC during the 70s and 80s that stood watching gape jawed and shocked into silence below, and along side of me?
Those weren't damned hoaxes!
Those had been the real fucking deal!
Another thing about the UFO if this was the Saturn V what or who the hell is this?



It looks to me to be a little humanoid floating outside of this thing. If this is the Saturn V then Houston really did have a problem one of their technicians had been caught up in Apollo 12s up draft, that or ET was checking out the big piece of space junk.
All I did was to enlarge the picture what you see is what was there in that picture, and was not Photo Shoped by me.
By increasing the dot matrix I was able to keep the images reasonably clear, and prevented pixillation.
And so me knowing this truth I decided it would be foolish to accept what I believe may be just another NASA lie.
To those skeptics and debunkers out there that I know are going to piss themselves and claim that this is a hoax on my behalf?
To them I say, "Get the goddamned picture, do the work and prove it so, that or just shut the fuck up!"
I know my truths are true because I experienced them first hand or I did the work myself, while these scoundrels and scallywags and pismires can only speculate, belly ache and slander those that like myself have experienced and therefore know the reality of the things that are out there hiding within the cracks of our limited awareness and misguided hubris, things that in their heart of hearts these Scheissers best pray that they never do come to know.
My reasons for building this site are stated clearly on my Welcome page, but for those that may not have read them I reprint them here.

Greetings and welcome Infidels and Believers alike.


This temple is devoted to disbelief, or better to say, to a special kind of disbelief.
A disbelief that comes when things you once believed are shattered by first hand experience. Beliefs pro, and con require and are solely sustained by faith. Experience, cancels Belief and replaces it with first hand knowledge. Once you have your first Paranormal Encounter your shield of belief falls away, and your sword of disbelief splinters.
The moment you encounter a Quantum Event, Belief transforms into Knowing, and you are thrust into a totally new universe, a universe far more vast than anything you ever dreamed, or dreaded.
One in which you will stand naked, and exposed, one that is as aware of you, as you are of it.
You will have then become an Infidel, a Disbeliever, for your beliefs will have been ripped from your grasp and replaced by an all too terrifying Knowing, a Knowing that repeatedly tells you, "You know nothing at all." A Knowing that no amount of ridicule, or berating can loosen, or shake. Once you truly Know, the beliefs of others pro or con, will no longer matter to you.
Their snide remarks and taunts will find no target within you.
You'll become impervious to the snickers and side glances.
There in is the power of Knowing over Believing.
Beliefs are pliable, and easily manipulated, but that which you have truly experienced becomes part of your being and so part of the woven fabric of the universe. That being so, it then can never be altered or undone by the lies, innuendos, or beliefs, of others. Thus true experience makes infidels of us all!
The things you will read here are shared here not to challenge your beliefs or to entertain you, but if you are persuaded to look at the universe about you through a wider window that is good and if you are entertained in the process, well then that is even better.


Now comes a tongue wagging gaggle of clucking chicken shits demanding that I remove my pictures from the very site that I built and pay most dearly for and freely offer to those that instead of being enslaved to beliefs pro or con, wish to hear from those that know for they have experienced, and therefore have full first hand "Knowledge" of the very things that these debunking dim-witted nimrods claim they wish to "Know" about, while in truth they wish only to disrupt, debase, and discourage the flow of experiential exchange, and intellectual discourse, all the while offering only useless speculation with out making any effort, or doing any work to prove their point.
Factually I am no more inclined to do as they ask than I would be to redo my home because someone does not like black walls, and think white walls would better suit their taste.
Still because they have so kindly shared their views with me, and I find that they do contain some validity to them I have now shared them here with you.
I however agree with them there has been and is a hoax being pulled on us all, but who the perpetrators are I still cannot say, and so I now leave it to you to decide.


I also now submit a page I stumbled over on the Internet for those that branded me as a hoaxer, because I dared to call one of my tapes of two UFOs passing over my home in Brooklyn Beamships.
I had only done this because that was what Lee Elders called them upon viewing my tapes.
In truth before then I had never heard of Billy Myers or of Beamships at the time I was taping them.


Enjoy it, I know I did.




For the unobservant I use UFO as I use the word fish to denote both singular and plural.
As in one fish, two fish , red fish, blue fish,
The words I use before the term UFO can dictate the number of UFO.
I saw a UFO today, but then again in my life time I've seen many UFO.




Now as for those that find my freedom of thought a bit abrasive I too have one of these.

Only I never thought I'd ever find a buntch of back biting bastards to give it too.
Silly me.

The Moonship UFO