The Moonship UFO


The pictures you will see in this section came from a picture taken by the astronauts of the Apollo 11 as it was on its way to the moon and and while they were there.

I suggest you order this picture for your self from them and blow it up for yourself that you will see that what is shown here is in the pictures that they will send you.

The picture you will receive will look nothing like the pictures you see here for the object in the picture is very small.

Actually it will be smaller than this in the original picture it will be about the size of the icon for this picture once you download it.

I used a series of enhancers to blow it up to the size and lighten it to the point you will see it in this article.

So the skeptics will yell,

" With all that "enhancing" you did it shows you are computer savvy and therefore could have embedded those images into the picture so how can we believe anything you show here is not tainted?"

To them I say,

" Get the picture and do the work for yourself! "

Another point of information here expect them to send you the wrong picture first you must be persistent about getting this picture and no other they will eventually send it to you for $15.00.

If there is any tampering with this picture, other than enhancement, it was done at NASA and not by me.

The other fact is if I can find these things why haven't NASA?

Why is there only this tiny little blow up available to the public?

Some claim it is a discarded rocket booster but would not the astronauts know that?

Why waist tax dollars taking pictures of space junk?

Why would NASA knowing this still list it as unknown?

Then if that is ever found to be so then you have to ask them and yourself

" Why? "

I first took the picture to Kikos to have the object blow up for I have no scanner of my own then I sat about blowing up the picture they gave me.



Please do not waist my time saying it looks like a goblet of wine or grape juice.

If this turns out to be that, then it is your tax dollars at work, but I no way think this is that, having said that,

If you have the ability to study the edges of the object and to will see the stars go to the edges or just study the pictures in this section.

In the full picture by the way there are other objects below this object but this is what Kikos blew up and what I could afford to have done.

If I ever get a scanner I will do the work over myself and blow up al the other things that are present in the picture or you can saying you get the picture from NASA for yourself.





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