A Glitch In Time.

It first happened on the Winter solace of 1993.
My friend Carolyn and I had went out on sort of a walk about in lower Manhattan.
Our first stop was at DC TV a video studio in the Chinatown area.
Back then we were working on Space Bridge our first venture together a cable network tv program.
Carolyn was dropping off the tape for some last minute touch ups before we were to take it to be aired.
From there we decided to walk to The World Trade Center which was maybe about a quarter of a mile from there.
Both Carolyn and I enjoyed walking and it was cold but not too cold for a walk.
We had only really got to know each other a couple of months before then through the S.P.A.C.E Group Gatherings we both attended.
After dropping off the tapes we started off toward the Towers.
Although it was not freezing it grew chilly after sunset so we walked relatively brisk.
As we reach the Twin Towers I suggested a place that we might sit and have a coffee and something to eat.
To our amazement we discovered our fifteen minute walk had cost us three hours of our life, although to us it could not have been anymore than thirty minutes at the most.
Try as we may we tried to find the place the missing time had went but we could not find anyway that so much time could have gotten by us unnoticed.
Both of us being Abductees we were well aware of missing time but we did not remember anything odd really as we walked.
True we both did remark about how the streets were some what empty for it being so near the Christmas Holidays.
I did remark about how funny the lighting looked in the area, but we saw no craft or anything else that would put us in the mind that we had been abducted.
There were no holes in our memories of what we did as we were walking.
There was no missing pieces, it all was a continuous flow from the time we left DC TV till we reached the W.T.C.
We did stop and have coffee and a doughnut but the place was closing and we could not have been in there for more than fifteen minutes before we were shooed out by management.
From that point on our walk had been uninterrupted and nonstop.
We sat awhile in the Eatery going over and over our walk trying to find the missing time but never did find it after awhile we decided to walk back to her home in the East Village.
As we reached the City Hall and Brooklyn Bridge area I again remarked about the strange way the light looked in the area and got a bit spooked by it.
Spooked enough that we did change the course we thought we would walk to one that was a little better lighted and more traveled.
As we walked we talked and found that our lives before we had met almost paralleled the others, and the night was full of synchronicities.
Every time we mentioned a bizarre event, it would suddenly pop up in our in our life our real life as we were walking.
I had lost my brother, and best friend, Ralph to aids some years before and Carolyn had lost her best friend John who was like a brother to her to aid some years before.
As we were talking about this we spotted an area we could sit down and rest a moment, and Carolyn wanted to smoke a cigarette.
I suffer from a sciatic nerve as does Carolyn and so we both saw a little triangular park we went over and sat down.
I saw talking about Ralph's passing and looked up to see that the place we had decided to stop was donated to a Ralph Chin I believe the name was.
Once we were rested, we stood and started on our way again and I was telling Carolyn how Ralph and I as children had started a gang called The Hexers.
What made us unique was that I drew comic books about our group and in it we were each super heroes.
Our gang however read books and talked about philosophy, religion, music, dance, art, science, and magic.
We greeted each other with a jester we took from the Doctor Strange comic books but got it wrong and later found out that we greeted each other with a sign language hand signal meaning I love you.
I was called Cyclone and Hawk and was the lord of the winds, of all gases and the cold.
Our friend Gary was called Blazeon ( Blaze on) and Nus ( Sun spelt backward) he was the lord of heat and fire.
Ralph was Blizzard and Niar (Rain Spelt backwards) and was the lord of rain and thunder lightening ice and all things liquid.
We became the biggest gang in the area because everyone wanted to be in my comics.
Carolyn laughed and said that John's favorite movie was one called Liquid Sky.
That moment I saw this strange shadow and said "What the hell is that?"
It looked like a stream of rippling darkness that was running across the pavement in front of us.
We both puzzled it as we walked toward it and to our surprised saw it was coming from a window that had a small man made waterfall running down the glass.
We both laughed because of the synchronicity of what we were talking about when we came upon the store Ralph being Niar Lord of the water, and John's love of the movie Liquid Sky.
Then we looked up and saw that, the name of this store was "Liquid Sky!"
We laughed and tried to see what this strange store sold we could not see through the glass with the water running down it so we went to the door and was greeted by a sign that read "Greetings Space People."
The store sold UFO tee shirts and space alien related items.
We roared with laughter and continued on our walk.
We were hungry and tired now and again needed to sit down warm up and eat something more than a snack this time.
Every place we went to had drunken collage kids with loud blaring music, and we wanted to sit and talk to, not shout at, each other.
Then Carolyn said that she knew a good place to go to eat called Cooper Square.
We headed there but as we were walking in, she suddenly looked puzzled and said,
"I don't know these people."
I shrugged and thought, "So what I don't know them either big deal."
Outside of all the waiters and a waitress being blonde and dressed with white shirts, turkey red vests, black pants with black sashes the place looked like any other restaurant to me.
Outside of the cook looking like Sadam Husane everything looked fine to me I could not understand Carolyn's concern.
We went in and sat at a booth and ordered full meals with the works.
We talked about our experiences and I told her about the stories I had written and one I was working on.
She told me about the books she had written and had published, and we talked, and talked, and talked.
As we were talking I noticed the clock on the wall was broken because it was not moving but that was ok I knew I had a watch.
I later looked up and was surprised to see it was working but very slowly and went back to eating my dinner and talking.
Four hours later we were full and talked out and ready to go home and call it a day.
As we were paying our checks Carolyn asked what was the time and looked to the clock.
I said "That clock is broken."
I looked at my watch, and my heart jumped into my throat.
"Carolyn" I asked, "How long would you say we been in here?"
"Oh about four hours." she said as she handed the cashier her money.
"According to that clock and my watch," I said
"We have only been in here forty minutes."
Not only according to my watch, and that clock, but every other clock we passed on our way back to her home we had only been there forty minutes.
So in that day, we had lost three hours, and had them returned with an hour to spare.
In the three years after that I was to return to Cooper Square many times with Carolyn but was never to see that first crew I saw there that night.
I later realized why Carolyn reacted as she did, she was a regular there.
She always ate there, and every waiter knew her, and she them.
Cooper Square was a Greek restaurant all the waiters had black hair, all were male, all wore black vest, black pants, with black sashes, and white shirts.
No turkey red anything no female waitresses.
I became friends with the one of the waiters Gus, and I asked him if they ever wore red vest or had blond waiters or a waitress, and his answer was no never.
That however was only the first glitch in time that Carolyn and I experienced.
Another came when we were walking home from Cooper Square down fifth street and I remarked to Carolyn how much I hated that block, because it was always so dark even though it was well lit.
The light seemed to fall and pool instead of spreading so the shadows were pitch black.
Her friend Eric had, had dinner with us and left maybe a half hour before we did.
We left at 12:00am.
I had got in the habit of watching the time since our other episode so I knew we left at midnight.
We walked back to Carolyn's house and as we entered Eric asked,
"Oh did you guys go for a walk?"
"No" Carolyn said "we left a little after you did."
Then she suddenly said, " Oh my God Posey look at the time."
It was 3:00am, the walk from Cooper Square was only fifteen minutes or a half an hour if Carolyn stopped to smoke a cigarette which we are not sure she did for it was freezing that night.
Again we did not have a break in our memory of walking from Cooper Square. When I left Carolyn's home a few moments later I had to buy, and drink a full quart bottle of water, because I was so parched.
I later found out so was Carolyn.
For some reason we had seemed to become dehydrated on that fifteen minute walk.
We soon after that stopped going to Cooper Square.
Now this brings us to just last week.
Carolyn and I were having dinner at Odessa another Greek restaurant in the East Village or E.Ville as we call it.
We were eating and talking as usual, and Carolyn as usual, lit up a cigarette and took a puff on it, and we were talking and Carolyn lit up a cigarette and took a puff on it, and I thought to myself didn't she just light up a cigarette, and Carolyn said, "Didn't I just light up a cigarette?"
We looked all over the table the floor there was no other cigarette but the one she had just lit.
We both know she had lit a cigarette before lighting another cigarette.
Had we witnessed a loop in time or had the writer of our lives changed it's mind and rewrote the scene but forgot to delete the other line before writing another?
What do you think?
If you have or you know of someone else that has experienced this kind of Glitch in time please email me.

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