Alan White Man Of Many Mysteries.


Alan White "shortened from Whitehorse" is a very good friend of mine and part of the Moonstruck Group that I am a Co-founder of.
He is a composer and song writer.
His songs "After The Lights Go Down Low." is now a R&R/Jazz standard.
As recently, as last year 1999, he became known world wide as the man that pays the lowest rent to live in one of New York Citys' high rent districts in upper Manhattan ($99.99)
The originall owner of his apartment house back in the sixies signed a document declairing that Alan's rent would not exceed that amount for as long as he lived in that apartment.
This document has been challenged over the years in court by others that have bought the building and has been found to be legal and binding.
Why his former land lady did this she did not know, but Alan does.
"It was a gift from an Alien." he will tell you and give that infectous slightly devilish laugh at your befuddlement.
He then will tell you, it was a gift from aliens.

This was not the last time aliens were to play a roll in Alan's life, for three years later he was to meet and give shelter to a female Venusian named Viv, that had landed in Central Park eight years before then in 1960.
I heard of this reported landing when I was in my teens and living in the Bronx.
However the newspapers and the media labeled it as a hoax and spoke no more of it.
Still over the years, I have met many that have repeated the same story, and some have said, although they did not see it land they were actual eye witnesses to the low flying craft as it passed over Manhattan.
Last year Alan went back to Viv's landing site and took pictures showing that the effects of her craft are still evident today.
This alien, he called "Viv from Venus." which by the way, is also the title of a musical that he later wrote about his time spent with Viv.
Viv had once appeared on a very popular late night talk show called,
"The Allen Burk Show." on the tv channel back then known as Metromedia channel 5, but today it is called the Fox Network.
This was where as a adolescence I first heard of and saw Viv, she was not well received by Allen Burk and as I remember he had her ejected from his show.
This was one of the things Allen Burk often did to guess that spoke about UFOs and (ACEs) Alien Contact Experiences.
Her tv appearances on this widely watched show was to later cost her, her job and her living space.
I am assuming here, that it was during that time that she must have met Alan White and he took her in.
Viv one day moved out of Alan's home and where she has gone to this day is not known.
Alen also is the possesser of another strange artifact, which he refers to as,
"The Alien Map."
It was left to him by a dying given friend.
The origin of this map is not yet known to Alan and still remains a mystery.
Now one more mystery has been added to Alan's Fascinating Gallery.
After having his apartment renovated Alan was took pictures of his home.
On receiving the pictures back from processing he discovered an image in a wall mirror.
I will not go into what he says it is but I will present here three pictures made from his original picture and I will let you comment on them as you wish, if you wish.

Alan's Story In His Own Words


The Mystery Mirror

By: Alan White

Even though I have been an Experiencer since a teenager, unlike some of my Abductee colleagues, I have never caught an alien being in the process of materializing through a glass serving as a portal until recently.
I refurbished my apartment, with new furniture, newly done floors and beautifully painted kitchen, living room ,and bathroom.

I decided to take these pictures of this transformation to send those friends and family who I'm sure would not be coming to see me in my metamorphised cacoon
But when I developed the pictures, to my shock and complete unexpected surprise there was this figure in the act of materializing in my mirror, which is made into the wall in an oval shaped of colored tiles.
This is the north wall to the outside, the only outside wall to the apartment.

Plain to me is this stick looking being not complete as yet in form, but coming through an oval portal, with one foot crossed over , and most of its head through the portal.
A burst of energy above its right temple, evidently propelling this being though the dimension of its origin.
I looked for traces of the reflection, not really believing what I was witnessing.
But another mirror to the medicine cabinet on a parallel wall which reflected the lower part of the big tile mirror, showed no signs of the figure.
Which should be in it!

Scrutinizing this mystery further, weeks later, I discovered another face at the feet of this materializing form as though it was coming up from another dimension rather than down or linear.

Talking to other Experiencers and showing the picture of this strange happening
I have been told, when you change your environment as drastically as I've done the extraterrestrials who are familiar wit you, come to find out why you have had this sudden change in consciousness.
I have never felt their presence in this particular situation, But I am blown away by the Mysterious figure in my mirror.
What do you think?

Small Scann

Closer Scann

Lighter Scann


Alan in his own words Viv from Venus


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