A Baby In The Rain


It was during my fifth year after I was injured on my job I was reduced to
living at sixty percent of my salary from the eighty percent I was receiving while
I waited for my disability case to be settled in court and socail security to contact me as to the status of my case.
My room mate Jean had just got married and moved out and Ralph had died a year before.
I had a dollar and a token to my name and I was going out to get a loaf of bread.
As I stepped out of the front door it started to rain and I saw a woman with a bundle in her arms standing down from me looking up at the tenement up from me.
When she saw me she walked down and started looking up at the building next to mine.
I looked away from her and started to walk pass.
"'Cuze me...." she suddenly said and I turned toward her.
I saw she had a baby in her arms.
"My baby is sick an I got no money and I was wondering if..."
I looked at her and noticed her nose had dried blood under it.
Her eyes were sunken and her cheek bones were prominent.
"A crack addict!" flashed through my mind.
I grew angry and snapped ,"I ain't got a damned thing for you!"
I walked into the street to put a van between me an her.
My anger was because of two things.
One was because three times since I came to live in Brooklyn I had walked up on crack addicts talking about babies they or others had taken and sold or were fighting over the money they had made by taking a baby and selling it.
I know what this sounds like but it is true I reported it but no one listened to me
so that was that.
And part two was all I had was a dollar and that was for bread so I would have something to eat at least.
Then I thought you don't know what the deal is
She could have been hit by a boy friend and any way you do have a token and that baby should not be out in the rain.
I walked around to the front off the van a to give her the token but she was gone.
There was no place she could have went the doors are all locked on our avenue and she did not get into the van....


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