Baby Magic

Is there a time in all our lives that because we are so young and we have not yet been educated to the impossibilities of our realm that we can at times do things solely because we do not know they are impossible?
Here are two stories that my parents tell that have always made me wonder and left me at a loss for an explanation other than the one implied by the question above.
My mother tells of the time when I was a toddler just learning to walk and she was at work in the kitchen and I was on the floor behind her.
My father was sitting out front on the stoop of 1404 Prospect Ave talking to his friends waiting for dinner to be prepared when suddenly the screaming of car tires brought him to his feet to see what was going on.
My mother inside heard the noise and flinched in dreaded anticipation of that awful thud or crash, as we all do when we hear this sound, but lucky it never came, and so she calmly returned her attention to her cooking.
Seconds later there came a thunderous pounding on the door and she rushed to answer it.
Unlocking the door she was shocked to see my father standing there holding me in his arms.
He had just gotten me out of the street were I had brought all the rush hour traffic to a stand still.
He was furious and accused her of not watching me, but was at a loss as to explain how I got through a locked front door, a foyer door, a front door, and pass him and his friends as they sat on the stairs of the stoop in front of the building.
Especially being that I was not really tall enough to reach the door knob much less the three locks above it.
Then a week later my father was sitting out front of the building with me between his legs and his arms about me.
He was talking to his friends again as he was waiting for dinner to be readied.
As he was talking he noticed an old man coming across the street toward him gasped and jumped to his feet, while his friends stood wide eyed, mouth opened, and aghast as the man handed me to my father and said,
"Does this young man belong to you?" he then went on to scold my father,
"You should really pay closer attention to your kid he was all the way across the street and on his way up the block."
Neither he nor any of his companions could explain how I had gotten across the street when only seconds before I was in his arms.
It was years later that as I was baby sitting my God children Hakim and Shanequa.
I was watching TV when I heard a shuffling noise and looked up to see Shanequa toddle around the corner.
Thinking the crib had collapsed and maybe Hakim was suffocating in the nursery I grabbed her up and raced into the bed room.
Hakim was asleep and the crib was fine, how Shanequa had gotten out of the crib I never found out but she would pull this little mystery many times and it was never discovered how she did it.

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