The Beamships Movies


On this page you will find excerpts I made from a much longer tape, much too long in fact to place at this site in one piece.
Thus I have cut the tape into a series of very short sections that you may view them.
I have enhanced these tapes.
The color and sound has been removed, they have been darkened for the purpose of allowing you to get a better look at the objects.
No you will not see any ETs waving at you from portholes, you will only see what I saw as I taped.
I can tell you they were not birds or balloons or light entering my lens they were very shinny points of lights.
Some of them altered their colors from green gold, to red gold, to orange gold, to electric silver blues.
They also would pulse off and on and at points would seem to vanish and reappear altogether.
They went with and against and across the prevailing winds at the time I was taping them and the date and time is present on these tapes but because they are blown up it does not show up in these excerpts.
At times they would give messages in the form of metaphors which I can only show if I included the sounds which I deleted from these tracks for the sake of lowering their Megabytes.
I sacrificed sound in order to be able to place more Video excerpts online for know.
So for know you will have to take me at my word or not as you feel.
Being that I pay for my space online and am on a fixed income I have to do as I must to get the most information out.
Please understand I am not asking for money nor will I entertain any offers of such so if you got it to spare give it to charity.
At this point I am not interested in selling my videos or sending them to anyone for closer examination unless I go there with them and sit in on the process having already been burnt by TV Tabloids, M.U.F.O.N, The Dept. Of Parks, a few well known UFO and Alien Abduction Investigators and a so called Abductee support group.
You can read about these things in other articles at this site two of them being
The True Monsters and Half Truths And Whole Lies.
That all said however please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my tapes or just to talk of your own experiences.


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Two Beams?


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More Views Of The Beamship

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