The Black Flakes


I had what I call a dream in which, I woke up on a table surrounded by very tall thin bulbous headed entities with large black apple seed eyes.
They were in long luxurious silk looking robes and it seemed they did not have mouths or noses in fact they seemed to be no more than big heads with eyes.
I don't know if I should call them Greys.
I hate using that name anyway but I really don't remember their color for everything looked to be in black and white because of the lighting.
It was kind of like a washed out movie, or a third or forth generation bad copy of a bad copy of a video tape.
In this dream I woke up as they were pushing their hands into my abdomen and up under my chest cavity.
I could feel them moving things around inside of me it did not hurt but felt uncomfortably weird then they would pull out and organ and walk/glide away with it.
Their movements were graceful and dance like as if they were doing some kind of rehearsed musicless ballet, and yet I was also reminded of priest by their flowing robes and the way they held my parts in their hands as if in prayer.
Then they would return with something dark and push it into me and massage it around with in my chest, in an area just below my breast plate, that I honestly thought to be my heart.
Then they would remove something else and walk away with it.
What gets me is how calmly I lay there and let them do this and how I was not frighten of them though they to me were horrible looking beings, with their bug eyes and long spider leggity like fingers.
I turned my head to follow one of the entities to see what it was doing with the part it had taken and saw that it was walking over to another table were there lay what looked to be a body of one of them with its skin stripped off.
I felt oddly sorry for it, and I said to myself,
"It's one of them it's dead.
They are trying to save it, to bring it back."
A two millimeter of clear jelly covered the entire body which seemed to be full of what I would call black caviar.
The entity pushed my part into the body and with both hands scooped out some of the black substance, then came back over to me and pushed this gelatinous mass into me and massaged it in again.
Then, it was as if a veil had been lifted from my reasoning and I thought,
"Fool, they are trying to bring it back alright, but with your parts, you shit head!"
It was only at this point that I became frightened, and I began to scream and tried to fight it then next thing I knew I woke up.
I was sick to my stomach and race to the bathroom and began to throw up what looked like black flakes or ashes of burnt paper.
This has happened off and on since then with out me having the dream, but it is always the same substance and it always looks the same.

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