Coincidences, Suppositions, And Revelations

Sometimes coincidence is the string that binds suppositions into revelations.
Although this article is about events that recently happened (last week at the time of this writing) I have to start at a point some five years ago, for reasons which will become apparent at the end of this article.

When I visited Virginia in1994 I had an infected ulceration beneath my right foot.
I then thought it was just a ruptured blister for it really did not hurt me though it was uncomfortable as all hell, still I kept it cleaned and bandaged and expected it would soon heal.
I used to do a great deal of walking then and thought I had over done it.
It was my last day there and I was riding with my father as he ran his daily errands.
As I was waiting in the van for my father to come out of the post office, an elderly very dark complexioned black man walked up to the window and said,
"Hey Butch!"
Then he began to talk excitedly to me as if we hadn't seen each other in years.
At first I thought he was speaking another language, but once I caught its flow I realized he was speaking English however with such a thick Virginian dialect it was almost unintelligible.
Now understand, I have family in this area, but because I rarely visited Virginia before my parents moved there I really don't know them.
This man was of the same complexion as was my Grandpa Oyl (short for Oliver) from my fathers side of the family so I thought he may be some of my fathers people.
If I had been in New York I would have told this disheveled looking man to get the hell away from me for I did not know who he was, but because I was now in Martinsville Virginia, and he had called me by my nicname I thought he just may be family.
I put aside my New York temperament and listened as best I could hoping my father would return soon and resolve the mystery as to whom this old man was.
When my father came out of the post office he looked to the man whom then abruptly said, "Welp, see you later!" and walked away.
"Who was that?" I asked my father as he got in the van and started the engine.
"I don't know, you were the one talking to him." he answered.
"He's not a relative of our family?" I asked confused.
"None that I know of." Pop answered.
"But he called me by my name Butch when he walked over, otherwise I would not have talked to him."
My father just shrugged, laughed and said,
"Maybe he calls everyone Butch, we got crazy people down here too."
That night I was awakened by a loud thump.
I could not sleep as it was, for I was anxious knowing I had to take that hated and dreaded bus ride back to New York the next morning.
I hate traveling by car, bus or planes, for I suffer anxiety and panic attacks when I am cooped up.
As I lay there trying to psych myself up for the next day I heard what sounded like human steps racing across the roof.
"Ahh, it must be squirrels." I first said to myself not wanting to think of the many other horrifying encounters I had in Virginia when I was a child, or my encounter with the Little Blue Doctor as I call it that happened on my last visit there some five years before then.
I eventually calmed myself and laid back down on the bed, then the sound came again.
"If that's a squirrel it has to be two to three feet tall, walking upright and taking human strides." I thought.
"Maybe it was a kid from the area." I said to myself knowing all the while that it couldn't be a child that was racing about the roof not like that at three o'clock in the morning.
In addition I knew that the roof was slanted at such an angle that no large animal or person could walk much less run across, or about it.
Then as if I was hearing it again, the words of the little old man by the post office came back into my head "Welp, see you later!"
Terror shot through me and danced like electricity on my tongue.
I jumped up, dressed, and raced downstairs into the kitchen, turned on the tv and waited for the household to awaken in the morning.
My next trip to Virginia was at the beginning of this year.
My sister Theresa paid my way there with her as a Mother and Fathers Day gift to my parents, so to say.
It should be obvious now that I do not ever voluntarily go to Virginia although I do love it, and my parents.
My father is now eighty five and survived a stroke last year, my mother is now seventy five and suffers from the same conditions as I but far worst due to her age.
I live on a fixed income, and can not afford the fare to and from there which they understand, but still they are my parents and though I call every week they do wish to see me.
Although my claustrophobia, anxiety and panic attacks, arthritis, spinal injuries, neuropathy, diabetic foot, and fixed income, all offer good reasons for me not to go visiting there, the fact remains that, even if I did not suffer these afflictions what keeps me most from visiting is my fear of the nights there.
So for me to go there it has always been solely out of respect of my parents wishes, or I was force too as when my sister paid my way.
My mother had been saying that my father had been constantly talking about how much he wanted to see me.
In truth we had not been close when I was younger for he was once an abusive alcoholic toward my brother Ralph and I.
It has been over thirty years since he gave up drinking and embraced the church, but since Ralph's death to Aids I think he feels himself the blame.
Although I have told him many time Ralph and I both loved him and not to think on such things, I know he does.
It seems he thinks on this even more now after his stroke, and my mother constantly worries about Alzheimer's disease which runs in his side of the family.
So needless to say when Theresa furnished the ticket there was no logical excuse I could give as to why I did not want to go, that to my father would not look like I did not want to see him.
At that time my foot was somewhat healed, well perhaps it would be better to say it had stopped draining and had closed up.
In the day time it was wonderful being there in Virginia with its fresh air and beautiful scenery and enjoying my parents company but when came the night and I had to go to bed then came the problems.
I slept in what was my baby brother Steve's room.
Steve now has moved out and basically uses the room for storage, and as a workshop.
It has a huge bed for he, much like I, is a large man, but there was no tv or radio, and there in was the problem.
I do not sleep without, for I can not sleep without, the lights on, or the noise of either a tv or a radio to cover the noise of silence for to me silence is never silent just as darkness is never dark to me.
I have recently learned from my mother that her mother, and her sister Marie both were the same as I.
As soon as I walked into the room that night to go to bed a loud tapping came from the wall by the window, moved to the corner wall then issued from the wall behind the beds head board.
I turned and walked out of the room and went down to the kitchen and turned on the lights and the tv and waited for morning.
I said to myself I was glad I was just there for the week end for I knew that I would be returning to New York with Theresa when she left that Sunday night.
The next night it was the same, and the following.
When Sunday came around I was already to go but then I saw how my fathers spirit had fallen when he knew it was time for us to leave.
I decided to stay another week after all my nephew was taking care of my pets and knew their was no real need for me to go back before the following week when I had a doctors appointment, so I staid.
That night my mother noticed the light coming from the kitchen and came out to ask me why was I still sitting up that late at night?
My mother sleeps downstairs for she can no longer climb the two flights to her and my father's upstairs bed room.
Reluctantly I told her about the tapping about the room, and she said that she had some sleeping pills her doctor gave her for those nights when backaches would not let her sleep.
I thanked her but refused them for I do not like tacking drugs to sleep.
She said if I was frightened I could pull out the sofa bed in her room.
I refused and told her I sleep alone at home so I am not afraid to sleep alone it was just that there was weirdness going on in the room and I would wait until the sun was up to go to bed as I did at home when these things happened.
I then asked if I could take her radio upstairs the next night and that perhaps that would help me sleep she agreed and it worked like a charm except for one point.
Because I am not too crazy about country western or some of the too damned loud contemporary music or today, I found a talk radio network to listen to, for it was the cover noise I wanted and not the music anyway.
Little did I know the Art Bell show was aired on that channel and I was later awakened by the tale of a man that had called talking about how he awoke to find himself confronted by a tall woman with huge black wrap around eyes.
That ended my sleep and I went down stairs to await the dawn.
The next day I did not go to sleep during the day, and went to bed late thinking that by doing so I would be tired enough to sleep the night through.
I went upstairs and found another talk channel and turned the radio up and said aloud, " Now let's hear you tap-tap rap-rap you son of a bitch!"
The radio instantly went dead and a loud tap-tap rap-rap issued from below the window, the corner wall, and then from above the head board.
My mother found me sitting in the kitchen.
I had tried not to disturb her when I came down but she had saw the light coming from under her door when I turned it on.
"I am not going back up there before it's light" I told her and before she could ask I said, "And I am not going to sleep in your room, Chucks room, or Pops room either!"
"I'll sleep tomorrow that's all."
She asked me one more time to take one of her pills and I did.
It was the best sleep I had for the week I was down there.
The next day my brother Steve bought over a small portable black and white tv and said I could have it I had no more problems sleeping after that.
From 10/4/99 through 10/19/99 I went to Virginia to visit my parents.
Normally I would take my big bulky video cam corder with me but this time because I knew I would be there awhile I bought more clothing so I could not.
Added to this also is the fact that my back has now gotten to the point that I can no longer risk over burdening it, and I now reluctantly have accepted the fact that I now have to take something for the pain.
As I was leaving I joked with my nephew whom was again staying at my home to look after my two dogs and cat,
"Now watch just because I am not taking my cam corder the skies will open and the ETs will do the Charleston along the edge of their saucer!"
Well there was no ET Charleston but plenty of UFO sightings and one strange dream or so I first thought it was.
I went this time to Virginia only because my baby sister Janet was coming from Seattle Washington and my older sister was coming from the Bronx.
It would be the first time in eleven years that we all would get together.
I was to be there a week before Janet came, and then Theresa was to come for the last two days and then I would go back to New York with her as Janet left for Washington state.
As soon as I walked into the bed room a loud rapping came from the window area.
It was day light so I was not so frightened by it but dreaded the coming night.
My fears were relieved when Steve bought his extra television over and sat it down by the bed.
For the most part my visit was uneventful but then I had the "dream".
As I was sleeping I felt my bed being tilted backward onto the legs of it's headboard, the two lower legs were raised from the floor, kind of like a rearing horse.
This used to happen a great deal when I was a teenager, sometime it would tilt upon to one leg and swing wildly about but it eventually stopped as I grew older.
I always sleep with the lights and the tv on because of these and other strange occurrences.
I was fully aware that this was happening but being the big macho man that I am I was terrified and would not open my eyes for I was afraid to see what was going on, and what was doing it.
I gripped the sheets of the bed for I was frightened that I would be tossed off of it and because of the injuries I already suffer to my back I did not need to go crashing to the floor.
As I lay there clinging to the covers in one hand and the side of the mattress with the other I realized the bed was not being tilted but I was being pulled up by my feet much in the way one lifts a baby by its feet when one is changing its diapers.
Then something inside me said,
"Stop fighting them, they are only looking at your feet."
I relaxed my grip on the bed clothes and the mattress and just let them do as they were.
I now know I have diabetes and have suffered that badly infected ulceration under my right foot which had opened up down to the bone since the summer of 1994.
I have been on the antibiotic Cipro for about three years and a half and at last my foot is finally healing.
I pause here just to speak to those that are diabetic or know of some one that is.
I am not a doctor but I do know if not for my taking this antibiotic I would have lost this foot and most likely the whole leg.
That is not a guess but a fact as I have been told as much by my doctor so I do suggest if there are any others that read this that are like me before you let them operate try to get your doctors to prescribe Cipro for you.
I no longer take this drug now, and I have suffered no side effects of having been on it or taken off of it as of yet.
I feel I should also add here for completeness I have also had to start to take two more drugs for the arthritis in my spine.
One is called Daypro for the inflammation in my vertebra and the other is Cyclobenzaprine a muscle relaxer.
I take Gyburide and Glucophage for my diabetes, and Zantac 75 for the acid that these drugs sometimes cause.
So I suppose one could argue this "dream" could have been an hallucination resulting from the interaction of all these new drugs, but I did not take drugs legal or illegal as a teenager when this first started to happen and did happen on a regular basis.
Now back to this event.
Although my foot is healing it still has a large callous over the healing area which I have been told by my doctor will come off on its own once the foot is completely healed, but because my wound was so deep and wide it altered the skeletal structure of my foot and my little toe has moved back some from the others.
I felt that what ever it was, it was comparing one foot to the other as if noting the changes in the right from the left.
I could feel something touching my feet but it did not feel like hands but just pressure like you feel air pressure when you put your hand outside the window of a moving car.
I could feel my feet indent as they examined the edges of it.
I am still very ticklish beneath my feet and can not bare to be touched there but as this pressure moved about my feet it did not cause that response in me.
I just calmed myself as best I could and the next thing I knew it was 5:00 in the morning and my older brother Chuck was calling me from the bed room door.
Chuck leaves early to walk to work and I asked him to wake me up when he got up so I could spend some time drinking coffee, and talking with him on the front porch before he left.
It was still dark and the sky had scattered clouds from the passing storm in the Atlantic, but between them I could see the stars in the cold dark sky.
As we were talking I saw what I thought was Jupiter unfix itself from its place in the eastern sky and start to move.
"Look!" I shouted " It's a UFO!"
As Chuck turned his head the object faded down until it could not be seen.
"It's gone" I said disappointed he had missed it and a bit uncomfortable that he maybe was thinking I had imagined it.
"Wish I could see one, I never have," he said as he stood it was time for him to leave.
"Maybe it will be clear tonight," I said.
"Maybe," he said as he stepped from the porch.
I stood and watched him until he was out of sight and went inside and returned to bed.
That night it was clear so I sat out on the porch and watched as the stars came out and soon after that Chuck came out to join me.
"See anything yet?" he asked.
His questioned seemed a bit of a taunt to me, but that could have just been the way I took it.
As if on cue one of the stars above us began to move.
"Look," I said " There is one!"
Chuck looked up and after a while he said,
"I see it but how do you know it is not a satellite or a SST?"
Again as if on cue the object began to zig zag, dart, stop and hover.
"Look at that!" Chuck exclaimed,
"That damned thing is stopping and standing still in the air!"
From 7:00PM to 9:00PM there was to be ten to eleven more of these objects that passed in all directions brightening up and dimming down as they danced their way across the sky overhead.
It grew late and we went inside.
We spoke about what we saw and he had to go to bed for the next day Janet was to come and we were to pick her up at the airport.
I remained up and went to talk with my parents for a while then I went upstairs to go to bed it was then that I realized I had not made the bed when I got up and as I started to fix the covers I saw that the mattress had been pulled a quarter of the way off the bed toward the foot of the bed.
It was only then that I thought again of the strange dream I had, had the morning before.
The next morning as I sat with Chuck having coffee on the front porch we again was treated to a sighting of another bright UFO.
Chuck again stated that it could be a satellite and again the object began to dance and then dimmed out.
That evening I saw an additional ten to twelve craft out of which Chuck was there for six sightings.
That following morning Janet was due to arrive but I found out when I got up she had called my mother and cancelled.
She, like I, suffers anxiety and panic attacks and could not board the plane.
Theresa on hearing this first said she still would come, but also then she cancelled a day later.
Monday night10/99 was my last night there.
That night Chuck, my father, and I saw one UFO together.
I left at 5:00 the next morning it was only when I sat to write this article about my sightings that all the pieces of what had happened came together to form one piece.
Just as the Little Blue Doctor had come to exam my back when I first injuried it in the early eighties my foot had been also examined by what ever it was in the room with me that night.

Encounters Of The Alien Kind