When the coincidence of a coincidence is too much of a coincidence, to be a coincidence, it is not a coincidence.



Four O'clocks, Marigolds, and Morning Glories

Back in 1989 when I first started to have my sightings out here in Brooklyn at the same time I began to get the longing to have flowers in my back yard, this was odd for although I do love flowers the moment I smell them they give me terrible headaches.
Still I was driven to have flowers and called my parents in Virginia and asked that they send me up some seeds to plant like that I could have a little bit of them with me.
I used some plastic buckets and an old chipped porcelain pot to plant the seeds in for my back would not allow me to bend over and do any real gardening, that and I have an uncontrollable revulsion to Earth Worms and Night Crawlers.
I planted Four o'clocks, Morning Glories and Marigolds for they really did not have powerful scents but were beautiful flowers.
They bloomed and one evening as I was sitting out back sky watching I heard the firing of guns there was a drug war going on out here at that time and so I stepped down into the basement for shelter and called my dogs.
As I did this I heard the ricochet of a bullet and a loud ping and that ended my night watching.
Two winters later as I was cleaning up the dead and dried plants, I moved the porcelain flower pot and found a bullet, it was a dumdum.
If I had not planted flowers two years before, I would not have used this pot, had that pot not been out there when I raced into the basement, that bullet would have went through my head.



The Nondream Dream.


Once I had what I call a dream in which, I woke up on a table surrounded by very tall thin bulbous headed entities with large black apple seed eyes.
They were in long luxurious silk looking robes and it seemed they did not have mouths or noses in fact they seemed to be no more than big heads with eyes.
I don't know if I should call them Greys.
I hate using that name anyway but I really don't remember their color for everything looked to be in black and white because of the lighting.
It was kind of like a washed out movie, or a third or forth generation bad copy of a bad copy of a video tape.
In this dream I woke up as they were pushing their hands into my abdomen and up under my chest cavity.
I could feel them moving things around inside of me it did not hurt but felt uncomfortably weird then they would pull out and organ and walk/glide away with it.
Their movements were graceful and dance like as if they were doing some kind of rehearsed music less ballet, and yet I was also reminded of priest by their flowing robes and the way they held my parts in their hands as if in prayer.
Then they would return with something dark and push it into me and massage it around with in my chest, in an area just below my breast plate.
Then they would remove something else and walk away with it.
What gets me is how calmly I lay there and let them do this and how I was not frighten of them though they to me were horrible looking beings, with their bug eyes and long spider leggity like fingers.
I turned my head to follow one of the entities to see what it was doing with the part it had taken and saw that it was walking over to another table were there lay what looked to be the body of one of them with its skin stripped off.
I felt oddly sorry for it, and I said to myself,
"It's one of them..... It's dead..... They are trying to save it... To bring it back."
A two millimeter of clear jelly covered the entire body which seemed to be full of what I would call black caviar.
The entity pushed my part into the body and with both hands scooped out some of the black substance, then came back over to me and pushed this gelatinous mass into me and began to massage it in.
Then, it was as if a veil had been lifted from my reasoning and I thought,
"Fool, they are trying to bring it back all right, but with your parts!"
It was only at this point that I became frightened, and I began to scream and try to fight them off, next thing I knew I woke up.
I was sick to my stomach and race to the bathroom and began to throw up what looked like black flakes or ashes of burnt paper.



The Amazing Jhet


When Jhet was just a puppy she used to amaze me.
I am a musician and a composer, and at times when I was working on some of my pieces Jhet would bark and though there was no microphones open or even connected to my boards her barks would come out on the tape of all my dogs she was the only one that had this nack.
One night as I set working at my computer Jhet was laying beside me when all of a sudden she jumped up became very agitated and began to bark at an arm chair.
My other dogs Lady, Luna, and Cyn did not stir or react to her so I took little notice of it
I told her to be quiet for it was about 4:00 AM and I did not want her to wake the neighbors for I just thought she was doing one of her puppy things and paid no attention to it and, went back to working on the computer.
Jhet continued to bark a little more but then suddenly laid down and went to sleep.
As I was working out of the corner of my eye to my left I saw what looked to be a child very pale in a night shirt standing looking at me in the middle of the floor of the kitchen.
As I turned my head to look at him it moved with just enough speed to keep out of my line of direct site but the kitchen is small and it looked like it went behind my laundry bags.
I looked to the bag and saw a silky looking material sliding down the side of,
then going behind the plastic bag.
"Oh," I thought "One of my white silk shirts has fallen out of the bag."
Then it struck me " What silk shirt? ...... Since when do you have any silk shirts?"
I stood up and walked over to the bag and looked behind it there was nothing there white, silk or otherwise.



The Frying Pan


For awhile now things have been happening in my area and home.
Lets start with my stove one day after receiving a visit from my friend Bernard.
I made a quick dinner for us of hamburgers and home fries and afterwards I took the ride with him back to his home for I wanted to talk to him a little more for we had not seen each other for some time.
After leaving him I went to see my dear friend Carolyn to have dinner with her being that I was already in Manhattan.
Then afterwards I returned home I was greeted with the scent of cooking as I opened the door I thought my nephew Adrian had returned to my surprise I found he had not and too my horror I discovered the stove had been turned on and my frying pan was now not only full of a tar like substance but was also covered with it.
I know you say well you left the stove on after you made dinner but no I turned the jets off and we were there another hour and a half before we left.
If the stove had been on I would have noticed as my kitchen is open to the living room and there was no smoke or flame seen when I was in the kitchen.
However for sake of argument lets say that I had left the stove on I had been gone about five hours surely that pot would have burst into flames before I returned and what was the tar like substance on and in the frying pan and if it was cooking oil why did it not ignite and how did it get on the outside of the pan?
The other weird part of it is I have to light my stove by hand, because I have the pilot light turned of.
Of course I am grateful it did not for surely my two dogs and cat would have perished in the fire.
But after that every time I turned around the stove was on and not lit so the threat of gas poisoning and or explosion were a high possibility.
If my pilot light was on it would have surely happened.
I began to get worried that maybe I was doing it or something, you see to turn on my stove you have to push in the knobs and turn so I knew it was not the dogs or cat doing this by brushing against them.
When my nephew came in a week later I warned him to watch the stove and told him what had happened, and he too began to find the stove on at times when no one was near it or had used it.
It was then that this phenomena stopped.



The Paper Cuts

Next I started to find razor thin paper cuts on my hands and fingers, not just on the fronts but the backs also.
At first I ignored them but soon they were happening so often that again I began to think maybe I was doing it on some subconscious level, or was it aliens, or visitors from some other realm?
Yes I do have a cat but no I do not let him scratch at me nor do I play with him with my hands.
I decided to pay attention to when these cuts would first show up and I found that when I found a new one it was always in the morning after I was getting up from bed, but there was nothing on my bed that could cause such clean thin cuts.
No it again it was not my cat for my dog Shade jealously guards me when I am asleep and will not allow the cat "Puss" or Jhet to enter my room.
Nor was it him that could make these little slicing marks on me.
When my nephew came back a week later I said nothing for I did not want him to think I was doing these things to myself nor do I like to say that everything that happens is Alien inspired.
Plus I did not know how to tell him in away that I would not influence him to start having the same things happen or think that the same things were happening to him.
Then one morning as I sat at the computer he came from my room where he had been sleeping with a puzzled expression while looking at his hands said,
"Posey, you know there's something going on in that room, every time I go to sleep in there, I wake up with these little paper or razor cuts. "



Cats And Shadows


During the months of these occurrences I had become overly frightened of the backyard for two reasons.
One is I saw a huge rat out there one morning and two is I had before then started noticing a deafening silence or " The Listening " had started to happen out there during the early hours of the morning 2:00 am through 5:00 am.
I spoke to my nephew about it and he said that he had noticed it also but not just out back but the entire area is like that at times.
To add to this fear I kept catching glimpse of the Black Things I used to see as a child as they would leap over fences and dart out of sight.
Now understand I knew they were around for I can feel them, I get very cold when they are near and I shiver as if I was at the north pole.
My muscles become so tense that they literally hurt and that had become a regular occurrence.
I went back to the sleeping patterns that I thought I had shaken with my transformation at Magnetic Mine Road some years before.(See Quantumantics)
Once again I would not or could not go to sleep before the sun rose.
Plus the paralyzing fear had returned, there were points at night that when I was walking back across the basement when coming back from walking my dogs I could feel something looking at me through the darkened windows and my legs would become rubbery with terror to the point I could barely make it back to the stairs.
My back began to and still is giving me more pain than usual which I think could be due to stress among other things.
Because I do not want to slide back into the state I was once in I now force myself to go out back when I felt these shivers coming on me hoping that one day maybe I can learn to face these things what ever they are face to face.
After awhile I just said well maybe you are writing about these things too much and it is on your mind all the time now.
As a result those that regularly visit my site will notice that I have slowed down in my writings of my paranormal encounters over the last three months.
During this time also was the point when I pulled the implant from my back.
The truth be known, I honestly think that, that is really at the root of some of the terrors I am going through now.
When I one morning saw that there were two black cats visiting my backyard some of my fears were relieved, for I thought maybe it was them in conjunction with my faulty vision due to my diabetes that cause me to see what I thought I was seeing dart about the back yards and over fences in the night.
Gradually I started to come out of it to the point that I will go to bed now when it is dark then came last week.
It was about 4:50 AM when I decided I would try to go back to bed, my back had been hurting me enought to make sleep an impossibility so I had got up.
Because I knew I would more than likely sleep late I thought it would be good if I gave Jhet and Shade a quick run outside before I turned in.
As usual they raced out in the yard ahead of me and as I turned to watch them for there is a hole in my gate they could squeeze through I caught a movement in the over grown yard one yard down from me it was silent, swift, and black.
I saw what I thought was one of the black cat jump down from the window and race through the vegetation and jump over the fence into the other yard.
When it hit the ground it jumped again but this jump carried it on to the roof of the two story house, where it raced out of view toward the front of that house.
This was all a matter of seconds and had happened so fast that I did not realize what I was seeing until it was too late.
Well there went my cat cause and my courage too.
I called my dogs inside and raced across the basement and upstairs to my apartment.
It took me awhile to talk myself out of my panic.
True it was dark and I was not focused on it and I was somewhat in the frame of mind that I was sleepy and my vision is blurry.
Yet Jhet nor Shade noticed it and I know Jhet to be very alert to these things from previous experiences for sure if it was what I thought it was she would have warned me.
Finally sleep came.
The next day when I went out to walk the dogs I was surprised to find that, that building owner had now chained a full grown Doberman Pincher to the area below the window, I am now back to staying up till sun rise before I go to bed.
When the coincidence of a coincidence is too much of a coincidence, to be a coincidence, it is not a coincidence.

Within The Cracks