The Cover Up


Last week as I was walking through the park returning from an errand I had run I was accosted by one of the workers.
I did not notice him at first for I had my walkman on and was lost in the music so he raised his hand and waved it which caught my attention.
I lowered my headset and returned his greetings and he asked,
" Are you still having encounters with those things? "
To which I answered,
" Yes but I can't drag one in by the hand nor can I bring you a flying saucer!"
I was defensive for I knew that all along though he was polite toward me he did not believe in ET Visitations.
Then he asked,
"Where do they come from?"
I simply said that I did not know for I never really speak to them for I do not think to when I am in their presence for they scare the hell out of me.
He then turned to a gentle man siting across from him and said,
" Two years ago if he told me he was being visited by aliens I would have walked away from him but not now for I have been seeing things."
I was taken aback by this for that is what he first did when I spoke about this to the park keep two years ago he was polite and smiled and walked away.
He asked me if I had read The Gods Of Eden a book I was familiar with but had not read and I asked "Is that about the Annuanki and the creation of man by aliens?"
He said yes and I said I may have but I have read so many books on that subject that they have all ran together.
To my surprise began to explain to the other gentlemen about the books and I realized then he was serious about what he was saying and asking.
I explained that the problem with this phenomena is we rarely get any evidence or than that we can paste together from many different sources, and any evidence we do have is either hidden or covered up, and he agreed.
I brought up what had happened to the other park keep when he took my films of the circles to the department of parks how he was moved the next week.
How when I a week or so after the circles appeared in the lawn asked a worker about them he panicked and claimed he knew nothing about it and jumped into his truck and drove off.
How even though there was a new athletics field just built in the park, a soccer team was allowed to destroy the main lawn in the park where the circles were.
How all the park keeps had been pulled out of the park the same week the circles appeared and were told to stay out of the lawn.
Then I asked him why did they dump all that stuff in the big lawn?
"They want to cover it up! ", he said, " The Department Of Parks told the soccer team to go and play in the main lawn. "
I almost fell over on hearing these words.
"They have been trying to cover things up all along," he said.
We talked a little more but then he had to return to work.
I went back yesterday to tape what they have done to the lawn and the circle area so that you can compare what the lawn looked like when the circles were new and growing in to what the lawn looks like now that you may draw your own conclusions
A point I would also like to add is that earlier that same day, as I was leaving the park going on my errands a huge black unmarked helicopter buzzed low over the park.

Please follow this link to see what the park looks like now.

Into The Darkness