How the media handles UFO and Abduction Cases.

It is easy to see why many people do not come forth with their experiences and encounters when one reads the article above written by Ms. Mittelbach for the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS SUNDAY MAGAZINE SECTION.

I was contacted by her for and interview which she told me would be even handed and fair, the fact is the interview was very fair, but it is what was later done with the information that I felt was unfair.

Although she was told completely the story of my abduction and shown the video tape of the UFOs and the tracings left behind she wrote the story as if was a hoax I was trying to perpetrate.

Though I explained to her the fact that I first thought I had , had a very intense nightmare up until I was lead to the rings left in the park the night before at the very site I thought I had dreamed I was abducted to she made no effort to draw the connection to the fact that the rings appeared in the area I had been taken to.

My attempts to get some one from the media to come out to verify the presence of the rings was made to look as if I was trying to get them to "bite" at my story as if it was a hook and I was trying to reel them in.

Yet how many times are Experiencers asked," Why did you not contact the media to see if you could get some one to come out to verify your story?"

But if you do this it is looked upon as being an attempt to fool the media, and the fact is some of the media I contacted knew that the circles were there but chose not to investigate the story.

My evidence was given to N.Y.C.M.U.F.O.N because they were the only UFO investigating group still functioning not because they were the ones that bit.

Even there they never did anything with the evidence I had gathered that I know of.

It was not like they investigated it and had any result pro or con as to what caused the rings as the closing line of this article suggests.


Encounters Of The Alien Kind