The Darknessness

There is a phenomena that sometimes happens in my home I call it the Darknessness.
This is when a darkness sweeps through my home.
It starts in the kitchen and moves through the room I call the Guess room across the living room through my foyer and into the bath room.
This darkness turns out all the lights and off some of the power to the electrical equipment in my home but not all of it.
It normally happens during the day with out warning.
When it happens I suddenly find myself in a place of a Darknessness that has no ceiling walls or floors.
Then suddenly I am back in my home.
When this first happened I was working at my keyboards.
I had several drum machines running and three keyboards.
They all are computer operated and all on the same power line.
Ah ha you say you simply tripped a circuit breaker by running everything out of one panel.
No the panel is connected into the living room but all the other things are run out of different circuits in different rooms and they, the computers, are on a circuit breaker cord that will trip if they draw to much power or their is a power surge.
Power surge or brown out?
No the lights that went out in the Guess room was sunlight coming through the window.
Plus when everything went dark I could still hear one of my drum machines playing though I could not see it and it sounded like it was far away and somewhat echoed as if it was in a cave.
Oh I must have blacked out you say?
No I have blacked out before from my low blood pressure but I did not fall like I did when I blacked out, but instead I remained upright and was fully aware of where I was though I did not know where, that where I was, was.
When I popped back into my living room or better to say when my living room popped back my drum machine was still playing though I had to turn on and reboot all the other computers I was using and remember they all were on the same line.
Plus the fact is though it is fast you can see the movement of this Darknessness.
The speed of darkness is equal to the speed of light is it not.
Light is instantaneous and so is the darkness, but not the Darknessness its fast but you see its movement.
When it would happen in the backyard at night I could see it sweep up the backyard as all the night lights in the other yards down from me would just turn of and back on as it flowed up toward me.
I have seen this Dark place before in fact I was carried into a darkness like this by Smoke like entities that took me from my home in 1991.
The Darknessness is darker than the regular dark if you were in a pitch black sealed room and it moved through it you would see it.
That is why I use the term Darknessness to describe it.

If there are other out there that have experienced this phenomena or has heard of it before please get in contact with me at.

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