Do UFOs Really Spin?

Some UFOs do spin and other UFOs do not spin but they do generate a field of energy that spins about them and gives them the appearance of spinning.
This is why they can change their directions so fast at such terrific speeds.
Much like a spinning top or tornado does, because it is spinning any direction can be moved without loss of speed or momentum, for in truth by its spinning it is already traveling in all directions.
This is also why saucers are known to do that strange little angular tilt before shooting off in a straight line.
This spinning field of energy not only displaces gravity but, also causes a phenomena that makes light from them bend around and off of them.
To we that are looking at them from the outside of the field, all points of the craft are visible at one time, giving it the illusion of being a quickly spinning, fully metallic disc without windows.
This is why in most tapes and pictures of them they just look like a blurred solid discoid object.
When this spinning field is lowered it seems the disc is spinning but in actuality the light from the disc is being bent around it, but because the only way we can view all points of an object in our understanding of how things work is for the object to be spinning, that is how we interpret what we are seeing.
When the field stops or slows down enough for us to see the craft then it is seen as being still for the light from it behaves as usual, it travels in a straight line, so you then only see the part that is facing toward you.
This Bending Light Phenomena (B.L.P) I believe may account for some of the erratic dancing and yawing that I have seen them do also.
I do not know if this is done as a way of protecting themselves from direct assault by making them a harder target to hit, or if it is a by product of the spinning field.
Because of this many say these are probes and cannot carry any living entities for their jitteriness and sharp turns at such high speeds would cause serious injury to the occupants of these flipping, darting, dodging, craft, but not so.
The injuries spoken of do occur in our vehicles and craft, but solely because of the way our craft and vehicles operate.
They are propelled, and we are carried with them and so are subjected to inertia and G forces.
Thus like water in a glass we and our insides crash and splash about as the glass that contains us moves.
Now imagine that if instead of the craft accelerating and we getting carried along with it, everything including us is accelerated with that craft, as one unit, at the same instant.
So these craft generate what I call a (Field Of Mobility) or (F.O.M)
Within it there is no jerking pulling or tossing about of the occupants no matter what maneuvers the craft or vehicle does, for all within the craft and the craft itself will always be moving at the same speed and direction at the same time.
Unlike when we are in a bus or a train and it begins to move we are tossed backwards or forwards until our bodies speed (field of mobility) matches that of the vehicle and then we cam freely move about until the speed of that vehicle again changes.
How "They" deal with the Bending Light Phenomena on board these craft when within the spinning F.O.M I can only guess.
Could be it's done by computers or maybe like a two way mirror it depends on what side of it you are standing on as to what you see.
In other words on one side you see the reflection of light off the mirror, while on the other you see the light that passes through the mirror.
I think that the latter is most likely how it works.
They also have the ability to what I call Color Cloak themselves that is to say they wrap them selves in the reflection of the sky and become invisible to the naked eye, but not to the video cam corders all which pick up infrared.
To prove this to yourself just take your video cam corder and have someone point and fire a remote control at you.
Through the viewer and on the tape you will see the light of the remote though your eyes will not.
If you gray screen your tapes you will still be able to see them if they do Color Cloak while you are taping them.
I have examples of this at this site if you are interested.
Knowing that they can manipulate light they thus can also become unseen by creating what I call a (Field Of Invisibility) about them, still if you know what to look for they still can be seen especially if they are moving, in this state they appear a little lighter than the area about them.
I have not built any saucers, nor intend to try to, but I have in my life time observed, and video taped many of them close and far and that is where my understanding comes from.

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