Encounters of the Alien Kind



For a long time it has been the practice of UFOlogist to just study the objects seen hovering in our skies for design and structure.

Thus far no attempt has been made to focus on the behavior of these objects as being part of an attempt to communicate a message to the observer of the a fore said craft.

The following are true accountings, pictures, and video clips of events that occurred over a time ranging from when I was a child up until present day.

Over the years I had seen many UFOs with other witnesses, though I later suspected I but never could prove to me I was an Abductee.

The South Bronx where I was raised and live for thirty four years seemed to be a hot spot for these kinds of sightings and paranormal phenomena.

I knew that as I was growing up I often had terrible nightmares and strange events that occurred about me but never really saw their connection to alien intervention or abductions.

Still that was not a thing I believed in as a child having been taught by my mother that UFOs and Aliens are science fiction stories that are made up like fairy tales.

Even though some of my nightmares back then would today be looked upon as classic abduction scenarios by most investigators, back then these things were not as well known as they are today.

It was to take my move to East New York Brooklyn, before the veil of self imposed blindness dropped and my eyes were opened to a much wider view of my reality.

This enabled me to see the connections in what I once thought was just a plethora of bizarre seemingly unrelated happenstances.

One of the main reasons for this was for the first time I not only saw an abundance of UFOs, but I was able to capture their images on video tape, and so was now able to study them over time.

I never tied the horrible "Dreams" that I and my siblings had or the strange sometime Fortean Events that I had experienced to UFO and alien activities.

Even when I and my best friend Mark experienced missing time during a UFO sighting from the roof of my building, we did not know enough about the subject of abduction to think something like that could have happened to us.

In fact we thought we had only been gone about five minutes to the roof to watch the silent pulsating blimp like object passing low over our heads.

It was his then high school sweetheart/future wife Valerie that alerted us as to our having been gone a long time.

Still to this day we only remember seeing the red and white pulsing object coming toward and hovering over us.

Our looking up and seeing its underside noticing it seemed we could see the stars through it as if it was transparent at points.

And that its underside was only visible when the red and white capsule shaped light under it pulsed on.

The light was white on its right side and red on its left as it approached us.

It seemed to hover a bit over us then we suddenly were watching it silently slip way to the South East its white light to the left its red to the right.

We knew something had happened but what we did not know or talk about until years later after I heard of T.M.T.P or what is called The Missing Time Phenomena.

Still I was not convinced that I had ever been abducted but for the first time began to think it was a possibility.

When I first read Whitley Striebers Communion I was shocked at that the descriptions of some of the entities in the book, and some of the events described so matched my and my brothers Ralph and Chuck's nightmares and experiences that I gave copies to them to read.

But it proved too much for them, and they both refused to finish it, and gave the books back to me.

There identical reactions told me that some of the things I had been encountering during my life may very well have been aliens and not what I once thought they were, but I was not sure.

It was not until one of the nightmare entities, or Dream Demons as I and my younger brother called them was video taped in 1988 by Mrs. Gina Jones of North Carolina that I began to think that I should think about aliens and abductions as being an answer to some of my lifes mysteries.

Still I just added it as a possible possibility but not the only explanation as to the things I had experienced.

It took not only my having an abduction that left evidence, but also a soul shattering encounter on a dark road in Brewster New York, to finally force me to except that I and my family had been dealing with these beings all my life.

This lead to my eventual transformation and my understanding of the way these entities had and do attempt to communicate with those they have contact with via a language I call Quantumantics.

However, far more important to me was that this transformation presented me with the whole and terrifying truth, we are not alone in this universe.

It is one thing to believe that but it is a far more chilling thing to know that, my many life long encounters all had been real.

That they were not just the intense nightmares, or the imaginings of a child in a darkened bed room.

They all along had been what I secretly knew them to truly be Encounters OF The Alien Kind.

In the articles that follow below I go into deeper details of the things spoken of above I use personal experiences and things I have discovered along the way to aid you in understanding how I came to know the things that I do, your belief however, I leave to you.

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