Fools And Babies


A few months ago I had the opportunity to go to a symposium at the Wanwright Manor in Long Island where Mr. Sitchin was answering questions put to him by the audience, when my turn came I asked him, how he thought the world would react to the returning of these gods and explained to him what I had heard at the UN about the Scorched Earth Treaty and asked if he knew of it.

My question seemed to take him by surprise and he silently squinted at me for a matter of noticeable seconds his lips moving ever so slightly as ones sometimes does when they mumble unconsciously to themselves as if he was trying to ask him self where he had seen me before or was asking himself how I had come to know of this treaty, then he just looked up and said " Next question."

After going about the room and answering the other questions he announce " Well I think I have answered every bodies question ." and prepared to end the lecture I immediately raised my hand and said "You did not answer mine."

" I think I did. " he argued but I insisted he did not and he again asked me what was my question which I then repeated and he again silenced and squinted at me once more with his lips mouthing the unintelligible and finally he just said, " I don't know about that. "

When the session was over I was swamped by those from the audience that had heard my question and wanted to know more.

It was as I was speaking to them that Sitchin's driver and attendant walked over to me and said, " He knows about that but he was "told" not to speak about it for it could cause panic if people knew."

He then turned and followed Sitchin out of the room, and a few moments later a tall heavy set fellow built much like myself walked up to me and said " Sitchin knows about the treaty but he was "ordered" not to speak about it, if you want to know more about it step outside with me and I will tell you."

I thought about the surrounding woods and the lake not to far from the Manor where the symposium had been given and said that I would speak to him but first I had to answer the peoples questions that were there at the moment.

I think I would have went with him outside but as my Mother said " God protects fools and babies " and so I was never allowed to go outside by the group of people that had swamped me after Sitchin's lecture.

While I was still talking to the group Sitchin returned to gather his belongings and leave and once again stopped to stare at me as I stood talking to the little group that remained asking questions, then he left.

True Sitchin may have just been trying to remember where he knew me from, for we had met before I knew who he was, that had been on the Jackie Mason Show some years before, I was confronting the well known skeptic and debunker Philip Class who at that time was also a guess.

I never got a chance to speak to the tall man again who had asked me to step outside, nor did I see him again, or had I noticed him before the lecture, as I know I would have for tall people take note of each other for we stand above the crowds so to say.

I also can not shake the feeling that Mr. Sitchin wanted to say something to me but because of the crowds that pursued him those about me and the presence of the tall man he felt he could not, or was it just an example of God protecting fools and babies.

The above article was written Sat. Jan, 30, 1999. 8:47PM

Earlier this morning, Wednesday February, 23, 2000 5:53AM.

I was surfing the net when I can across About.Com a wonderful and informative site about the UFO/Alien phenomena, to my delight I found that the site had recorded interviews with Zecharia Sitchen.

In one of these interviews was the Sightings Talk which I listened to at the very end the interviewer asked Mr. Sitchen if he thought their was any of the Nibiru still living among we of the Earth?

Suddenly I heard the same deafening silence from Zecharia as I had heard when I asked him about if he had heard of the N.W.Os plans for the return of the gods.

You must hear this to understand what that sudden silence of Mr. Sitchin's screams.


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