A Possible Explanation For The Gina Jones Tape


This letter was sent to me by one of the visitors to my site.
It is well written and thought out and I think he offers another way to look at this tape and therefore I add it to this section.
I encourage any others with plausible explanations please to feel free to contact me


Dear Sir,

I felt that I should tell you my opinion on what I saw on your website at

I feel you are most likely the victim of a hoax, on this one. I spent a
little time in South Carolina and I was surprised by the appearance of one
of the local wildlife. I was told it was a "Wolf Squirrel", so called
because of its large size. The blurry picture at the bottom of the page
looks like, to me, a large squirrel, sitting at the base of a hanging bird
feeder. The white line at the right could be the pole to hang the feeder

At the time, Ms. Jones may have thought it was a cute photo op, but due to
poor resolution, it looked like something else. I have attached a couple of
photos of squirrels that may help encourage the imagination here.

It is apparent that you have spent a lot of time on your site and setting up
links to others. I'm also aware that you have received some ridicule and
criticism. (I went to SciFi.com/happens) I am not here to judge either
way. This stuff interests the heck out of me! But, I am among millions who
would look for hoaxes. We all want the truth. I won't speculate on the
veracity of your reality either. If there's one thing that I have learned
from philosophy classes, all of our perceptions are different from each
others. What you see and hear are different from my reality.

There is also the underlying reality that surrounds us all. Imagine the
world of a dog, for a moment. You are surrounded by giants who place food
at their feet, pet them and say things in varying tones. Is this our
reality? No, but it is a reality.

Thanks for listening!




Dear friend (Deleted for Privacy) @usa.com:

Thank you so much for your well thought out and written letter.
I am in total agreement with you about realities and that is why I opened my site.
Because of my weird and frightening experiences and encounters I am looking for other answers and so I am open to criticism and contrary thoughts.
I'd much rather believe that I have been having some kind of seizure than to know that what I been encountering and experiencing over my 49 year lifetime is real.
I can well understand your point about it possibly being an animal, but it is as hard for me to believe that, that thing was a squirrel as you find it hard to believe it was a Window Peeper.
I do not believe in three foot squirrels.
I have those same little creatures running around my window every day being an animal lover I watch all the programs I can about animals and I have never heard of a three foot squirrel!
If I had a better tape and the Internet and computer graphics was better you would see that the entity glides not hops up into the window.
It has hands, legs, and a black outfit on.
When I blew up the tape and looked about I also discovered there are two more of these beings in the yard.
Their hands and long fingers can be seen moving in the other window.
Now I do not say this tape could not be hoaxed for anything can be hoaxed.
But if it is a hoax it was done with puppets and not giant squirrels from hell.
If it was hoaxed, and I at present do not believe it was, the hoaxer had to know something about the nature and the movements of entities that I saw and experienced in the South Bronx from 1955-1967.
What we were seeing back then were not squirrels of any size.
Back then they were the same hight and almost the same stature as was I.
If it was a hoax then someone that knew these entities were real had to be behind it, some one with a great deal of Knowledge, time, and money to invest in such an accurate portrayal of the way Window Peepers operate.
Still at this time I can no longer place things on my old site at Geocities, but I have a new site on NBCi that will be opening soon and I would like to post this letter and pictures there so that other may read them and consider an alternative thought about the Gina Jones Tape also.
In fact on the original tape they postulated that it could have been a squirrel, a monkey, or their cat.
But if I had a good copy of this tape and a better way to smoothly run it over the Internet you would in no way think that it was a squirrel.
Thank you so much for your thoughts and please feel free to write to me anytime about anything else that you see at my site and may have questions or thoughts on.
I like the way you think and the fact that you also are looking too separate the hoaxes from reality.
Our reasons thou different, our goal is the same.
That is why I often end my articles with the statement
I don't want to believe....... It is much better to know!

Thank you again.
Your friend,
Posey Gilbert.

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