Gravitational Repulsations


I was recently sent this information in a letter and it seems there are others that have come to the same conclusions as have I but through other avenues.
My understanding comes to me solely through my understanding of the Universal Number Given to me by the Woman On The Roof.
Below is from a letter I high lighted in green sent to me by the UFO New Letter Group UFOSSI.
I high light in blue my comments to the articles above them in green that are only the parts of the letter that pertains to my article on gravity, but I print out the full letter for those wishing to read it in full, and or to contact, or maybe apply to the news letter.



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AntiGravity Propulsion Experiments

A number of experiments have been performed over the last several years,
which have seemingly shown some form of gravity control or closely related

We are collecting here as many of these experiments as possible so that
hopefully something will mesh together and help us towards the goal of
finding a practical AntiGravity propulsion system.


Dr. Podkletnov
Tampere University in Finland

Experiments in 1992 in Finland seemed to show that the Earth's gravity
could be shielded with a superconductor configured in a certain manner.
This experiment, by Eugene Podkletnov, at Finland's Tampere University of
Technology, apparently created a reduction in the weight of objects placed
above a levitating, rotating superconducting disk:


Pete L. Skegg's Science and Space Web Pages (Quantum Cavorite)
Richard Hoagland's Web Site
Bill Beaty's Web Site



Tom E. Bearden

Tom Bearden has said that he along with Mr. Sparky Sweet have produced
'antigravity' from a lab-bench test set-up. The power-to-weight-ratio was
said to be approximately 500 watts of electrical power per pound of lift at
100 Hertz.

Swedish Assoc. for New Physics - Tom E. Bearden Files
Tom Bearden articles in Virtual Times
Keely Net -Tom Bearden Resources +
OverUnity Web Pages - Tom Bearden Resources+
The Esoteric Physics Homepage - Tom Bearden Scalar Electromagnetics
The Esoteric Physics Homepage - Tom Bearden AntiGravity Article



AntiGravity Evidence from Cosmology

An international collaboration of top-ranked cosmologists, called the High-z
Supernova Search Team, made a surprising announcement in the journal
Science this past February (Science, Feb 27, 1998, pages 1298-1299).

The scientists reported that empty space may well be filled with a repulsive
force of as yet unknown origins. In support of this antigravity theory, the
group cites data on supernovae. The researchers maintain that the
seeming brightness of these distant, exploding stars suggests that the
universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate--an acceleration that the
standard big bang model could not account for were there no antigravity.

Scientific American Magazine - May 1998, page 26
Science Magazine - Original Report


I was shocked to read that this train of thought was out there having sent my article to most of the physics departments with hopes to find answers or verification with them.

Seems no one really read them as I expected they wouldn't but at least I do know I sent this information out before the article above was printed.

Elsewhere at another time I will reproduce and post the responses I received from the institutions I sent my thesis to.


Dr. Marcel Pages

In 1959, Dr. Marcel Pages proposed a theory at the International Congress
of Satellites and Missiles, wherein gravity is not caused by the attraction of
the Earth, but is caused by the repulsion of the Cosmos. Accordingly, the
force which we call gravitation, he called 'sheer concentrated protonic

He supported his theory with a design of an antigravity machine which
liberated itself from the force of gravity by an electric field rotating at the
speed of light around the vehicle. This rotating field also suppressed mass

His design principle was tested successfully on small pieces of mica.


This is exactly the effect I was speaking about in Spaceail Migrations the repelling force is the weight so to say of the Absolute Nothingness or Essence 0 seeking to remain pure.


Liquid Mercury Mass Effect

An experiment was preformed by Dr. Majorana in which he surrounded a
measured mass with a sphere containing ten tons of liquid mercury. He
noted an apparent loss in weight of the experimental mass and concluded
that the loss was due to an absorbtion of gravity waves by the dense

Oscillating Liquid Mercury Effect

Another experiment involving liquid mercury entailed a test set-up wherein
two weights were balanced on an extremely accurate scale balance.
Underneath one of the weights, a quantity of liquid mercury was caused to
oscillate by a high-powered high-capacity pump. With the pump in
operation, the balance indicated a minute loss in weight of the mass
located above the oscillating liquid mercury. However, the ratio of input
energy (via the pump) to weight loss was found to be impractically large to
be able to develop any useable antigravity mechanism.



COMMENT: Possibly a combination of electrical energy and liquid mercury
could induce useable effects on gravity ? CNC


Foucault Pendulum Abnormalities

The Foucault pendulum exhibits an effect such that the plane of the
pendulum swing does not change. The apparent rotation of the plane of the
pendulum is actually caused by the rotation of the Earth beneath the
pendulum. Therefore the pendulum arc should show an apparent rotation of
one cycle every 24 hours.

Dr. Maurice Allias conducted some remarkable experiments with some
pendulums several years ago, during which a cycle was found which was
between 24 and 25 hours long. Allias's experiments were performed with a
very high degree of accuracy with continuous readings of about a month,
and in two widely separated locations.


Also, during a total solar eclipse, the plane of the pendulum swing was
noted to shift approximately 15 centesimal degrees exactly at the start of
the eclipse. Near the end of the eclipse, the plane again shifted and
returned to the normal periodic cycle it had been following previous to the
eclipse. This gives a very definite impression of a screen effect.(CNC)



Astronaut Edward White
Gemini Space Excursion

During Astronaut Edward White's extravehicular excursion while in orbit
with the early-days Gemini capsule, he noted a physical phenomena which
was unexplainable by Newtonian mechanics. He was able to rotate his
body by extending and retracting his arms in a twisting motion. Newtonian
mechanics says that the body should return to its original position once all
motion has ceased, due to Newton's Law of Conservation-of-Motion.

If angular momentum is not conserved, then a device can be built around
this anomalous principle to give a linear thrust for use as a propulsion
system. In fact, more than one device using this principle have been
constructed over the last several years. One is known as the Dean Space
Drive whose mechanism uses a counterbalanced set of rotating eccentric
weights. The axels of the weights are moved linearly by a solenoid during
each rotation. Resultant thrust is produced in the same direction that the
weights are moved. The weights are essentially made to change orbit,
giving up momentum in each cycle to produce thrust.

Two other devices that have been built and patented apparently utilizing the
same principle, are the Cook Drive and the Kidd Drive. These three drives
are not truly 'antigravity' drives, but are certainly excellent candidates for
advanced aerospace propulsion systems - a giant leap up from the current
Neanderthal-level 'Roman-Candle' technology !

See the References below for further details on all of these propulsion

Norman L. Dean - Patent(SpaceDrives Web Site)
Norman L. Dean - Patent(SpaceDrives Web Site)

Robert L. Cook - Patent #4238968(IBM's Patent Site)
Robert L. Cook - Patent #3683707(IBM's Patent Site)

Alexander D. Kidd - Patent #5024112(IBM's Patent Site)


Volcanic Effect on Gravity

About 10 years ago, a man was caught too close to a sudden outburst of
volcanic activity on the island of Hawaii. He was escaping in his car down
the volcanic mountain when the car blew a tire. He had to stop to change
the tire so he could continue his fast escape. When he opened his car trunk
to get his spare tire, his tire iron "Floated" out of the trunk !!! He was able to
grab his tire iron, change the blown tire, and make good his escape.

COMMENT: This sounds like a demonstration of a moving-mass/ gravity
shield connection with some sort of temperature factor. CNC


Here is an excellent example of how Hyper Spaceail Migration can effects gravity in as much it is also the cause of magma with in the Earth.

As Micro Spaces or Spoints move out of one form of matter to migrate into another in the form of Microwaves which generate heat "radiation", that we been taught causes the stone to melt,

Actually it is the stones quickened braking down as Hyper Spaceail Migration begins that causes the melting, or better to say disintegrating, that generates the heat not the other way around.

In such areas gravitational effervescence will manifest in different wavelenthal clotages, bubbles, or pockets of gravitational, electric, magnetic, and photonic phenomena of various degrees ant one of which could well account for the reported floating of the tire iron.

There in is the connection of the moving-mass/ gravity shield and the temperature factor.


Dynamic and Radiation Field Effects
by Gravitation

One phenomena which may be noted as a common denominator
throughout these experiments, is the apparent existence and utilization of a
'gravitational field' or 'matter field'.

This field is akin to an electromagnetic field, but so far has been shown to
be associated predominately with matter. There are apparently two
definable parts to this matter field, a close-up 'dynamic' field effect and a
long-range 'radiation' field effect. The equivalents are demonstrated in an
electromagnetic field.

If this matter field exists, and it seemingly does, it must be closely related to
the well-known electromagnetic field, since matter and energy are
considered interchangable ( e=mc2 ). The fields (electromagnetic and
gravitational) must therefore be connected by a certain set of functions
such that one can be made to affect the other.

The Biefeld-Brown experiments seem to utilize this connection most
effectively - while all the experiments give clues to the ultimate solution.


The gravitational field and the electromagnetic field are all generated from the same source that being Spaceail Migration it is both the 'dynamic' and the 'radiation' field and runs unbroken between them making them all at once the same thing.


Steve Wingate

California Director

Anomalous Images and UFO Files


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