A Blue Dream About A Green Caddy.

In my life as this site will attest to I have had many strange events happen to me.
Of all of them however the one that stands out most in my mind as the most confounding deals with a type of dream I occasionally have.
Some people have told me these dreams are called Prophetic Dreams before, and because in others like this I have moved sideways in time, people have told me they should be called Remote Viewing or Clairvoyant Dreams.
Then at other times these dreams are metaphorical.
None of these can I do on command and they all have happened to me at times when I am just coming out of or going to sleep.
So I know there must be some type of alpha, beta, or "theta wave" I think it is called or something like that, involved in it.
What ever its cause is I don't know, but I have come to, for my own reasons, to call all of these types of dreams "Blue Dreams"
There is a long story behind why I do so, but I will not go into it here now.
The short of it is, these dreams begin with me going to a turquoise window and looking through it, that tells me to pay attention to this dream for it is now manifesting, or will be manifesting.
That is what made this nightmare one of my most terrifying, the fact that I knew this dream would or had came to pass.........
Early one morning in the early seventies I had a terrible dream.
In it, I was standing by a pole on a quiet street when I saw my younger brother Ralph, who was in the army at that time, was a passenger in a sour apple green Cadillac with white life saver tires that had just turned on to the block.
Suddenly the car hit a puddle of water and started to spin out of control and began to slide toward me.
I could plainly see Ralph through the window of the car as it slid toward me.
He was looking right at me his eyes wide with terror and yet surprise as if he had not expected to see me.
I was horrified that I would be crushed by the pole and the car when it hit and I awoke on its impact.
I was wet with perspiration and my heart was still pounding with the perceived approach of my death in the dream, but also that I knew I may have just witnessed my brothers death as it happened or it would happen.
Of course that ended my sleep, and I got up.
Later that week I was sitting in the kitchen thinking about my awful dream, while watching my mother working at the sink, preparing dinner.
I was debating if I should tell her about the dream or not, when suddenlyin the middle of cutting up a chicken, she stopped, dropped the knife she was using and said,
"Lord, there is something wrong with my baby, I don't know what it is but there is something going on with Ralph!"
Before I could say anything to her about my dream, she went to the phone and called Ralphs' army base in Seattle Washington.
I held my breath as she waited for the phone to be picked up on the other end.
Finally she said,
"Hello I am the mother of Ralph Gilbert and I would like to speak to him."
Suddenly I heard a stream of expletives coming from over the phone and finally Mother said,
"Ralph what in the world are you using that language on that man for, he was very polite to me."
After a few muffled buzzes came over the phone she laughed and said,
"Ok that explains it then, I want you to call me when you get out."
Seeing she was going to hang up I asked her to let me speak to him and she said "He is on his way to jail so you can't talk long."
Then she handed me the phone.
I only had time to say,
"Ralph beware of a sour apple green car with white life saver tires."
He answered only, " Too late I'll talk to you later, bye."
The phone was hung up.
"What happened to Ralph?" I asked.
Mother said,
"He got in a fight with a soldier and they both were being tossed into jail until they cooled off, he said he would be coming home when he got out next week."
When Ralph came in from Seattle needless to say I bombarded him with questions.
First of all I asked him what had happened that he had to go to jail.
He said there was this racist Sargent that challenged him to a fight, but he would not except it, for he knew to hit a superior officer was a serious offense, and told him that.
So the Sargent then said,
"Oh you're hiding behind my stripes huh boy?
Well, I tell you what I'll take off these stripes and then we will see who's the man and who is the boy here!"
He, the Sargent, then ripped off his stripes.
Well after he recieved a thorough beating from Ralph, the Sargent then had Ralph arrested for attacking him, but because witnesses confirmed Ralphs' version of the story, both of them went to jail until each dropped charges against the other.
As Ralph was being taken to be locked up and was walking pass the desk in the stockade the phone rang, and the soldier at the desk picked up the phone and laughed and said, "Gilbert, your mother's on the phone."
Ralph thinking the soldier was taunting him, flew into a rage began to cuss him until the soldier said,
"No, no Gilbert, your mother really is on the phone!" and handed it to him.
Then I asked him about the apple green Cadillac with the white life saver tires, and he said,
"A week before I spoke to you my friend, Private Love and I was in his ugly ass sour apple green Cadillac with white life saver tires riding around his home neighborhood and the car hit a damned water puddle, started to spin, and started to skid toward a street light.
Then Ralph gave me the strangest part of this incident.
He said Private Love told him to brace himself for impact and,
"Suddenly I was standing behind the street light watching the car slide toward me and when the car hit suddenly I was back inside the car!"
He said the car was totaled but he walked away from it with a chipped pinky finger nail.
The Pvt. Love was hospitalized from his injuries and would have come back to New York with him, had he not been so badly injured.
"But it doesn't end there," Ralph went on to say,
"When Private Love did come around I went to visit him he and he said,
You know Bones (Ralphs' Army nick name) something really weird happened just before we hit I turned to tell you to brace yourself and you were not there.
Then when I looked back to see where we were going to hit I thought I saw you standing on the side walk behind the light pole."
I then told Ralph about my nightmare and described to him the street and the events as I saw it happen in the dream.
Ralph laughed and said
" Damned your good, that's just how it looked to me when I was standing on the sidewalk, watching the car sliding towards me."
So I now turn this true but bizarre event over to you the reader and now am asking you for your explanations as to what this type of event should be placed under?
I also ask if there are any others that have had a like kind experience to share it with me.


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