UFOs, Half Truths, Whole Lies, And Hidden Agendas

When is the truth a lie?.............. When it is only half told.
The truth like an arrow in flight, if it deviates by a plus or minus .0 degrees, in any direction, will not hit its mark.
True it may come pretty close, may fall with in acceptable boundaries, but more times than not it will miss the mark altogether.
Seems to me people always say they want that arrow (the truth) to hit dead center bulls eye all the time, but because of hidden agendas though the aim, was true when the arrow was loosed, the arrow ends up being deflected by things beyond the archer's control and never is a solid hit.
It is time for people to realize the government is not the only one that, under the guise of looking out for the public good or doing the right thing, because of their actions, turn whole truths into full lies, for a half truth is still a whole lie is it not, for there are no such things as half lies, lies are lies, and that is that...
Today the UFO and Alien Abduction Phenomena has finally stepped from the shadows and has taken its place in the full light of public awareness.
Now we see flying saucers and aliens used to sell us any and everything from A to Z.
This is good to some extent for now people from all walks of life are finally taking an active interest in this ancient phenomena.
Still I feel we have a long way to go before we will ever, if we ever, make heads or tails out of the riddles of UFOs and ETs.
Today they are being called everything from Angelic to Demonic, to Ascended Masters, and this can well be understood because the phenomena crosses all of the boundaries of the paranormal.
If we are ever to get a handle on this slippery " perplexation " we must be willing to toss aside old ways of seeing and believing and be willing to look at things that we have been over looking either because of our fear of being ridiculed as fools by our government, gullible by the scientist, or heretics by our church.
All the while these very same institutions claims it is for the good of the public that we forget this stuff and go on with our lives for it will drive you crazy, send you into a cult, or to hell.
So far depending on which of these three institutions the investigators hale from this phenomena is viewed differently.
If it is a government investigation it will not tell all it finds out because of National Security.
If is a scientific investigation anything of a non tangible nature will be ignored.
If it is a religious group anything that smacks of paganism, E.S.P, witchcraft, or magic will be excluded.
Thus in the end, none of the investigators ever allow themselves access to the full scope of the phenomena they are trying, or at least claiming to try to investigate.
It all depends on the mind set of the investigator that the True Experiencer tells their encounter to as to the spin that will be put on it when the a fore said Investigator retells and retails the Experiencers story.
Very often those points of the Experiencers experience that clash with their ( the Investigators ) belief systems will be left out of the report or twisted to mean something else.
Sometimes this is deliberate but at times it is accidental for the Investigators more times than not is not an Experiencer, and so over looks the subtleties of the encounter for the more sensual or sensational points of it.
There in is the problem, for as I have learned because of my many encounters, the ETs tend to speak more to that part of the mind we call the sub conscience for that is the realm of the Quantum Mind.
It is because the Investigators focus mainly on the realm of the Linear Mind ( the physical ) they often over look the deeper meanings and obvious messages and information that are sometime passed during the encounter.
The Linear Mind speaks person to person, The Quantum Mind speaks Species to Species.
I will explain by using the Betty Hills encounter for that is well known.
Betty Hill was given a book by one of the beings she encountered, which she wanted to keep as proof that what she had experienced was real, and was told she could keep it, but the book was taken away.
She was shone a star map that she was told was useless for her if she did not know where she was located on the map.
A needle was put into her navel and she was told it was a test for pregnancy, but she knew that, that was no pregnancy test she had ever heard of.
When these actions are viewed Linearly , that is to say in the context of the every day mind of her time these entities were deceitful tormentors.
Today we know that the star map she was shone was accurate and did pinpoint the area that she was told the entities came from Zeta Reticula.



Today the needle in the naval is a well known pregnancy test.
The book she was given as proof of her encounter was the not the one they took away but the one that was written about her encounter which contained all of the proof she would need to verify its happening.
Most of the procedures done to her and Barny, today are being practiced even to the taking of DNA by scrapping their tongues which is now done to prove fatherhood of children today.
Had Betty walked of that craft with that book in her hands that she was given it would have meant nothing compared to the information she walked off of that ship carrying in her sub conscience.
The Linear minds of that time word have just looked at the book called it a fake and tossed it to the side and her story would never have been told, and even if it had because the book would have been branded a fake her story would have drew little attention.
When the entity was speaking to her it was not only speaking to her Linear Mind but her Quantum Mind too in other words to her Racial Mind and so to the mind of all Mankind.
Remember too that Betty was not the first this was done to, Airships were seen long before Airships were created.
I speak more on this subject in another article at this site for now I return to the subject at hand.
These subtile messages are always over looked by the Investigators for they operate only in the Linear Realms of the Tangible there needs to be a broadening of the scope of these Investigators if any useful understanding is ever to come of these experiences.
Is there any wonder that after all these years still none seem to be able to make heads or tails of this phenomena?
How can this be?
If the truth is not told in full then it is a lie, and a lie even in the guise of public good, if it is presented as the whole truth, is of no good to any one.
It has been my experience that any time some one sings that public good song it really means what good from the public I can get.
Remember two wrongs won't make a right, but it takes only three rights to make a left.
With in my quest for understanding of this phenomena called UFOs, I have run into this time and time again, groups start out with one intention but end up doing the opposite of what it started out doing.
Maybe its because I have "too" many encounters, of " so " many types, that those that think they may have had an encounter, those that have had one encounter, and those that wished that they had an encounter, or as many encounters as I have, grow jealous of, or feel threatened by, what they think is a far more interesting, and exciting life than they have experienced.
So often I am told by UFOlogical Salieries to edit, or shorten my story because
they think my life time of experiences as being like a Mozartic Opera and so has,
" Too many notes. "
Well I am sorry, but I paid attention, and took as many mental notes as I could, and only those notes that were needed do I write.
I am often warned by family, friends, and other well meaning people,
" Oh, you should not speak of this, oh you should never speak of that! ", but because I am the one that has experience " This ", I am the only one that knows, if I don't tell of " This ", when I speak of " That ", it wont make sense of either " This ", or " That. "
Thus my whole truths are halved, my light is hidden under a bushel, and I now aid in the spread of confusion rather than clarity.
Light that goes no farther than itself still leaves you in the darkness.
So it is, with half truths and whole lies they are of no use to any one seeking clarity, and are as sea water and mirages to one dieing of thirst.
Sea water ( half truth ), though water ( partially true ), will not quench your thirst (give you full answers ), but instead will make continue to drink ( obsess ) till you burst ( Go crazy ).
While mirages ( whole lies ) promises you ( misleads you ) if you go a little farther your thirst ( questions ) will be quench ( answered ) till finally you die of your thirst.
Just as the oceans and deserts are one and the same for both offer illusions that
they contain ( pure water), so are halve truths and whole lies both give illusions of having (whole answers).
Once the truth ( pure water ) is diluted ( cut ) it is no longer the truth (pure).
Thus there is no difference between half truths and whole lies they are the same.
People who have had real encounters are thirsting for complete information ( pure water ) but are given instead half truths ( sea water and mirages ).
This is what I see going on in the UFO phenomena people have drank sea water (half truths) till they've burst, " Gone Crazy ".
Such may have happened to the well known Long Island UFO Researcher John Ford who would to prove that he had a piece of a crashed UFO, was caught trying to leave radioactive material on a government officials' property, with hopes that he could later claim that the official was contaminated by the material left at the crash site.
I was part of the program "CNNs' News Talk Live " when the red faced Researcher bellowed at a skeptic that had just offered a half million dollars for any one that could prove that a saucer crashed in long island,
" You'll have your proof before the week is over! "
Then only the next day he was arrested as being part of a conspiracy to plant radioactive material on the officials property.
In fact it was I that called the sheriffs Dept. to tell them they should contact CNN to pick up the tape.
I saw his video footage of what he said was an exploding UFO and like the others of the audience saw what seemed to be simple fireworks,
If my memory serves me correctly the date of this explosion on the tape was July Forth.
I did get a glimpse of bits of quilted silver foil like objects he had in a brown paper bag and I was not impressed, how ever I myself have eye witnessed a silver disk that did have such triangular quilting to its silvery hull, but these triangles were too huge to be carried in a bag you'd need a crane. (
The Quilted UFO)
The same night I saw this object slowly rotating over my back yard I was later to find out when I reported it to Phil Lord, and Sal Amendola of NYCMUFON was the same night it was seen in Long Island.
My feelings was he heard about this craft, and tried to duplicate its' hull but misunderstood what the true eye witness had saw.
His intentions may have been good, but the way to hell, as they say, is paved with good intentions.
His good intentions only succeeded in muddying the waters, and giving the true Experiencers a harder path to walk, and more nonsense to explain.
Others have followed the mirages of false prophets into the desert to perish of thirst, as happened with the " Heavens' Gate tragedy ".


A blatant lie is easily seen and will be ignored, but half truths people will believe.
This is why half truths are the weapons of choice for hidden agendas for they are easier to make people except, and so if you keep halving the truth eventually it will be a complete lie.
If you put a frog into hot water it will immediately jump out for it will feel the heat.
If you put a frog into cool water and gradually turn up the heat it will stay there till it cooks, for it will not notice the gradual increase in the waters temperature about it until it is too late, and so it also goes with truths.
A good example of this is seen every day on the news.
Anchor persons, and weather forecasters now are screaming about the damage being caused by storms generated by El Nino, but what's caused this natural phenomena to go crazy, is global heating, which is caused by green house gases, generated by big money making business.
Why don't they talk about that instead of fluff and how much a new movie is making?
Simple because the total truth is ugly, to stop doing this means sacrifice on all levels, loss of convenience and money for all.
I too like others would love a world where we do not pollute or destroy the natural habitats of other species that share this world with us.
I however; also like flicking a switch and having light and entertainment fill my heated or cooled home, and pushing a lever to discard my waist rather than going into the bush in the night with a torch and a shovel, or having a bucket by my bed.
The total truth is we have long had things that could end most of our destructive ways, but we aren't using, or researching them, for they have " low profit margins."
What if we had went with Tesler rather than Edison?
We could possibly now be riding around in craft that accessed the free non polluting energy all about us and possibly now be the pilots of the very craft we now stand and marvel at.
I know some say we are already doing that, but think how far we would be if we were designing, rather than reverse engineering them.
With such access to the free universal energies we would have had by now the ability to build floating cities.
Our wild life would no longer be so much flattened litter along our road sides.
Green house gases produced by oil burning cars and like kind devices would not now be tossing our world wide weather systematic patterns into chaos.
We would be inhabiting the planets through out our system rather than occasionally chucking a flaming metal spear at them, and not talking about designing nuclear powered engines that will bring our pollution to the stars.
The total truth is no one wanted to invest in free energy, who could make money off of that?
In Roswell we, " Had to be protected from the total truth." and now they don't dare tell it for fear of repercussions so now the government, " Has to be protected from the total truth."
What if the full truth was told back then and public relations had been set up with these entities?
We would not be now caught up in the controversy surrounding Alien Visitations and UFOs.
If we had been allowed to know the full truth about Tesler and Roswell by now the would not be worried about deadly weather, the melting poles, the hole in the ozone, mutating frogs, strange and new diseases arising from the fallen rain forest floor, for we would now be tapping in to the flood of energy all about us.
We didn't do that back then, and so we are where we are today, wondering about tomorrow.
The fact is we do not know now if we have passed the point that we can save our selves, even if we stop all the things we are doing now that hurt our environment.
Some scientist say we have passed the point of saving ourselves and our world from biocide, the total extinction of life on Earth, and that's the total truth.
The truth about the truth is it is never pretty, but pretty damned ugly, when seen in its total completeness.
Yet to speak of only the beauty of the truth, and to ignore its ugliness, is to lie about the truth altogether is it not?
I once belonged to a so called group for Abductees named S.P.A.C.E.
Once during a UFO symposium at the Roosevelt Hotel In New York, they rented a space to give a lecture about UFOs and the Alien Abduction Phenomena.
I was surprised, bewildered, and hurt I had not been asked to be on that panel.
It hurt even more when I was asked by my friend Elle why had they not asked me to speak for I had so many encounters and had made so many video tapes of UFOs that I would have been perfect for that.
I said it was ok at least like this I was able to roam freely about with her as I pleased, and did not have to worry about setting up or showing my tapes.
One of the Abduction panel members on stage stood and spoke of her " Dreams " of being abducted and meeting her soul mate on board a flying saucer while upside down plastic cows drifted by the windows.
Chairs started squeaking and doors started slamming as real Abductees started to leave the room.
Another member of the Abduction panel went into a long tale of how he was an alien within a human body and that he remembered in a pass life he had been abducted by aliens from another world and was planted in his mother of this world.
In other words he was an alien that had been abducted by aliens in a pass life and had been implanted in his mother so he was now a hybrid in this life....... Huh?.......Yeah that's what every one else said too.... and the squeal of chairs and slamming doors increased.
The next member of the panel, a reverend, rose and told of and how he had, had encounters and they had lead him to re exam some of the writings in the bible.
He was well received and some people started to return.
Then the floor was opened to discussion and a statement was made by a young man that,
" Why is it that with all the video cam corders and cameras today are there no videos being taken of UFOs if they are so real?"
The eyes of the panel turned to me and I felt obligated and raised my hand and was called on by Harold the founder of S.P.A.C.E and the panel head to speak.
" I have tapes." I said " I have eight hours of tapes of these things night and day. "
" Then why haven't I seen them on TV?"
"Well the media won't show them," I said " I have an audio tape that I made the day after my abduction of me calling around trying to get some one to come out and view the site, CBS was polite and said, Don't call us we'll call you, NBC said Hold on and hang up, Fox said they knew about the circles that were left at the site but they were not interested in doing a story on them."
The young man to his credit said " That sucks, I would have liked to heard that and seen your tapes."
Harold smiled and said that " We will have him on our panel next year."
Where upon The Self Proclaimed Abducted Alien Hybrid now in a human body hissed,
" Well video tape can be hoaxed too, they don't prove anything!"
This took me by surprise and I was ready to answer him but a quick,
" Thank you Posey. " from Harold brought a speedy end to that.
Then GOD struck again, a lady raised her hand, was called upon, stood, and said,
" I am an Abductee, and I have been having a hard time of it, but I have heard that there is a transformation that sometimes occurs to Abductees can any one up there tell me about this? "
The silence that came from the panel was deafening, and their faces reddened as they looked from one to the other, then finally Harold stood and said,
" There is one person here I know of that can answer your question. "
He had to call on me again, for he was there at my encounter and later witnessed my transformation, I will not go into it here but if you are interested the article can be viewed elsewhere at this site it is called, "
Quantumantics The Language Of The ETs "
After I was finished not only this woman but others there thanked me and said I had help them so much by me sharing my encounter with them.
I came there not knowing that what I was carrying was going to be used to help others.
I was later to receive a letter from Harold, thanking me so much for my help at the UFO Symposium and my Co producing a Cable show called "SPACE BRIDGE" for the S.P.A.C.E group, and then was afterwards to find out that I had been kicked out of, or dis- invited as they called it from the group by the adore mentioned self proclaimed Abducted Alien Hybrid.
" Why? " you ask.
" Sea water, and hidden agendas." is my only guess, nothing more nothing less.
I later found out that this was because I and my friend Carolyn had been called on more times than they to be on, Tv shows, to speak to real Abductees, and the popularity of our cable show, we were deemed a threat and were said to be attempting to take over the S.P.A.C.E group.
With our expulsion from the group most of the true Experiencers and true Abductees left the group also.
It was by the will of this Self Proclaimed Alien Abductee Hybrid, and The Dream Lady that I was not invited to be on the panel to speak in the first place, but both of them had forgotten there is a far Greater Will than theirs at work in this universe.
True, I could have got up and walked out of that auditorium that night and, let them stew in there own excretions, but I knew then, as I do now, everything is a gift of GOD.
It was GODS' Will that opened the path for me that, that woman be there to ask that question, and that I not be on the panel that basically made themselves look like fools, but instead be called up from the audience and introduced as the only real Experiencer of the phenomena they were their to speak of.
That which is given freely to you by GOD, should be shared just as freely, unpolluted, and in total with all others that would know of it.
Had I not told my truth as it happened and in it's completeness, but stood up and walked out, or shortened it to spite those that did not have me on the panel, it would have done no one any good, neither them or me.
Please understand it is not because am a saint or anything like that, that I did this.
It was by my experiences that I was taught years before to not question sometimes, but just do things that at that time does not seem to make sense for you to do at that time.
During the Viet Nam war, I was offered many places to go to avoid the draft in the summer of 1971.
I met some kids from upstate that tried to get me to leave and go to Canada, or Europe with them but turned their offer down saying I trusted GODS' Will to guide me what to do.
Although I was against that war I told them even if I was drafted, I would go to jail, rather than fight in a war I did not think we should be in, but I would not leave my country because it was in a war that I did not agree with.
I would rather be punished by the laws of our government, for going against them then live under another government.
What if that one did something I didn't agree with what was I going to do run away from that one too?
If King and Ali could go to jail for their beliefs then so could I.
I told them all if it was GODS' Will, that I go to jail for my beliefs, then so be it, if it wasn't GODS' Will that I go to jail, then I wouldn't.
I told them that I did not feel I would go to the war, or to jail, for my " Voice " had told me so, but I had no idea of how either of these two possibilities would not come about.
My friends wished me luck as I did them as they all left for their separate destinations.
I heard from only one after that whom said he was living in Montreal and doing fine but he missed home, then never again.
When it was my time to register at the draft board, I went like the law said I should.
I sat in White Hall Street like all the others did, listening to those rich kids around me talk about how they had doctors, lawyers, and psychiatrist, that would readily write them letters that could get them off, or that they would go to college to avoid the war.
I was thinking to myself that I had no doctors, lawyers, or rich relations that could help me as didn't most of the other minorities like myself that were there.
As I saw it, I was healthy, I was strong, I was jail bound, or hell bound.
When I went in to be psychologically evaluated and was given the profile sheet to fill out I filled it out fully and truthfully, though I was at first hesitant to answer some of the questions but did any way.
It was a question as I remember asking if I ever had nightmares or something like that I felt great if I tell them of my nightmares and the things I saw they would take me straight to the nearest mental ward, but because it was put before me I knew it was GODS' Will that I walk this path too, and so I filled it out fully and honestly.
I handed it in and was told to stand in line to see the psychologist.
I told the psychologist of my many strange encounters and of the things I saw as I was growing up, like the dream demons as I called them then and UFOs.
I told him of the glowing blue snow I saw fall when I was two.
I told him of The Lady and the two men in silver one pieced suits, that landed in a flying saucer on the factory roof out side my window when I was six, and how she would sometimes speak to me telepathically then as she dose to this day.
I told him of The Window Peepers, Mr.Gonzwell, The Monsters face in the mirror, The Shadow Things, AARRON, and the vanishing man to mention just a few.
I was called back the next day, and sent to set down before him again.
He tried to scramble around what I had told him the day before.
But because I had told him the full truth, as it had happened to me, try though he did, he could not trick me, trap me in a lie, nor trip me up.
You guessed it I was promptly labeled a nut, deemed unacceptable for the armed service, given a draft card labeling me as such, and so was never called into service.
Soon after that the war ended, and all those that had left the country were stranded where they'd fled to.
Since then I have never let the threat of retaliation, or the fear of being called insane, detour me from walking the path that I know GODS' Will has placed before me or giving full testimony about it.
As a result of this I always write, or tell of my experiences completely and try to include every aspect of the encounters no matter how crazy or bizarre they sound.
I am often asked when I am lecturing about my encounters as I am sure you and others are too,
" Why does so many things happen to you and not to me? "
May be it is because I will tell them as they happened, despite the reactions I will receive, for I trust that this is what I am suppose to do.
You see the fact is, I know that in the end it is not about me, or what I want, but about something far greater than I could ever be, or hope to conceal, that being The Truth.
I have no hidden agendas other than finding answers, that may be hidden in the encounters of others that will only speak freely for they are in a place where they feel they may freely speak.
You never know what part of an encounter will click to an others and give you both a larger piece to the puzzle.
If you are truly looking for the truth then look at the whole truth and not the selected prettier parts.
You got to turn over those rocks, go into those dark caves, brave the dangers of the steaming jungles, and reeking swamps to see that which is the full face of Creation/The Truth.
You got to do, and let be done, things you do not agree with, or want to be done, if the truth is to manifest.
Jesus looked upon the Truth to come that was the Fathers Will and said,
" Wouldest that I could pass this cup away. "
All He had to do was run away, but he knew the full truth for it had shone itself to him in its full horror and glory, and because he knew that truth in full, he did not run away, for only by his not doing so, could that truth which was GODS' WILL be made manifest in this world.
Judas too knew the full horror of the truth, and he too could have run away, but for this Truth to be made manifest, he too, had to do, what he had to do.
In the end both of their paths were in the service of The Truth that was GODS Will.
If Judas had not betrayed Christ as was GODS' WILL, and therefore Christ was never crucified there would be no Christianity today.
So then by betraying Christ was Judas doing the Will of Christ's Father in having his son killed?
If Christ knew that if he did not flee Judas would betray him, by him telling Judas was he trying to get Judas to flee and there fore was trying to go against the Will of his Father?
See what I mean, how can we hope to judge in such matters?
This is why we should not, and can not judge, for our eyes rarely see beyond our time, for The Truth that is GODS Will, will ever lay outside our vision for only GOD knows, why GOD does, what GOD does!
I write my articles as I do for that is the way they occurred and that is all.
I do not add to, or detract from them, for I do not know what part may help me, or some one else.
I only ask that they are read and or printed in full as they are written then let GOD judge me and my doings not man.
Today can not bring judgment against tomorrow, just as yesterday can not bare judgment on today.
What we know to be truth today, was not true yesterday, what we will know to be truth tomorrow, is not true today, we all know that do we not?
The fact is, that is the only truth we can ever know for certain.
If we are ever to understand, or get a better understanding of this Phenomena of the UFO, I feel all should tell their experiences in full, as they happened, the good the bad the ugly, and how they felt about it despite the consequences.
Even though, I don't agree with all I have read in these many articles that I receive, I read them none the less.
I keep those that I feel make sense or adds completeness to my understanding, what little there is to that, and then just delete the others.
I would never say this or that should be banned or kept out of UFO forums or discussions.
Today dogma and intolerance is eating our rights away as we just stand by silently watching those that do not speak for us, say they do.
It always strikes me as being funny, how those that have put their lives at risk, and have lost family defending the rights of our constitution against out side aggressions all seem to fall silent when the threat to these freedoms come from with in our own borders and the hallowed halls of our government itself.
The freedom of speech is the basis of the American way is it not?
Expunge this from the constitution and all the other freedoms will vanish shortly there after for you will not be able to speak out against the removal of any of the others.
Funny how this is the very one that is under attack today.
Interesting how in the " interest of public good " censorship is being touted as the only way to save Americas' soul.
The half truth is there are a lot of things being said and done under the guise of being art and free speech that even I a proud liberal minded person do not like hearing said or being done.
The other half truth is censorship will put an end to this.
Still a half a truth and a half a truth no matter how well they are matched and well blended, is still a whole lie.
The whole truth is censorship will silence all the peoples and not just those few that we don't agree with.
Our wills, will go unexpressed, unheard, and our freedom then will be the next.
This is why I don't censor myself when speaking on my encounters, even at times that I know what I say may rub some people, wrong or cause me problems later on.
For what do you keep out and what do you keep when speaking of this subject?
Telepathy is the same as spirit voices in the old days, and channeling today, is it not?
When we look at TV, computers screens or our digital watches are we not gazing into crystals?
How many people walking the streets today have been brought back from the dead?
Would not email be called Spirit writing just a mere hundred years ago?
Human DNA has been mixed in with pigs to make them grow leaner are we practicing cannibalism when we order bacon and eggs?
Substitute blood for humans is being made with cows blood is that animalism?
There is not one thing we do on a daily basis today, that in the old times would have not have gotten us stoned or burned at a stake as being a heretic or a witch, yet did not Christ say,
" Greater things than these, shall men do. ", and are we not doing them now?
The total truth of the truth is, the truth (GODS' Will) is too vast
and much too potent to ever be contained, restrained, or detained.
It will manifest on all levels in all its beauty, splendor, horror, gore and glory in the end despite half truths, whole lies and hidden agendas, and all those that try to block it will be washed away within the flood of its coming.
If you are truly out to investigate this phenomena you must be prepared to look at the full truth and tell it in entirety even if it makes all that you hold sacred a lie.

Thank you for your time........

I don't want to believe........ It's much better to know.

Into The Darkness