Higher Magnetics

By: Posey Gilbert 01/31/02.


Often it is stated that UFOs can accelerate, stop, climb, drop and turn at so sudden and sharp of rates of speed that they cannot possibly be manned by living entities and therefore must either be remote controlled, operated by computers or perhaps robots.
In some cases this is used as proof that these things could not be craft or do not exist at all because the G. Forces and laws of inertia involved in such maneuvers as those that are reported would surely kill or crush any living entity within the reported craft, if not ripping the craft itself apart.
If one thinks in terms of travel as we of Earth are used to dealing with in day to day life, I can well understand how these things could be thought.
One need not only to think of the tremendous G. Forces placed on those brave or foolhardy men and women that allow themselves to be launched into space onboard rockets.
One needs only to have been among the legions of those even braver or more foolhardy men and women that rides the New York City Rapid Transit System.
The moment the subway or bus pulls off one finds themselves propelled in the opposite direction.
If one is walking the same direction as the vehicle is moving one finds themselves frozen in mid step until their body achieves the same rate of speed as the vehicle, or unable to stand upright without holding on once the vehicle turns or stops.
We all know it is the properties of inertia that causes this.
Yet at onetime this same property was used as an argument as to why a train that traveled over twenty-five miles an hour could not be used to transport people.
Skeptics of the times said that they would all be crushed together at the back of the train.
Well, saying that the train would start off at 25 mph yes indeed this would happen but trains start off at a much slower speed and gradually get up to speed allowing the occupants bodies to slowly come up to speed to that of the train.
The same holds true for all of our forms of transportation, they all start at a tolerable rate and build up to its maxim speed.
As long as it is done in such a manner then we pretty much can go to any speed we like until we must make a change in our direction, acceleration or deceleration.
Because of inertia, a sudden stop or sharp turn of the vehicle will cause anything not belted down within it to continue going in the same direction or end up being tossed about and colliding with the internal walls of the turning or the stopping vehicle.
Unfortunately this also counts for the insides of our body.
Thus even if we are seat belted tightly into a cushioned chair we cannot belt our soft innards to keep them from wanting to continue in their original direction of movement.
Because of these so called "Laws Of Physics" involved with inertia we feel that we are limited to what maneuvers the vehicles that carry us can do.
Thus we take this into account when we design our craft, and so we think these limitations imposed on us by these laws must apply to other beings where ever they may be from and rightly so.
However, there are other conditions under which these certain conditions can be overcome.
To explain how this can be done I will use the following example.
Take a glass of water and slowly move it.
Instantly the water within it will either ripple and pile up in the opposite direction of movement.
Should you suddenly propel it in any direction the water will spill out.
The same holds true if you should suddenly stop it.
Yet if you freeze the water and make it, so to say, one solid piece with the glass container then you can move it in any direction or any varying speed, and stop as suddenly as you wish without the water being effected in anyway by the forces of inertia.
The same principles can be applied to any vehicle that we can build without having to freeze the human passengers to death in the process.
All we need is a binding force that will like freezing make the craft and the occupants one solid piece.
"What force can that be?" you ask.
Magnetism is the simple answer.
If everything on board the craft, and the craft itself is within a super magnetic field this field will cancel out the effects of inertia.
Thus everything within this powerful field will move as one solid piece as long as the field is active.
The effects of G. Forces will be negated, as will the effects of gravity.
Sudden stops turns and accelerations will have no effects on those within this powerful field.
Thus one could go from 0 to 1000+ mph and those within this field will not even feel the movement of the craft to them it will seem as if the craft is not moving at all.
There will be none of the sickening side effects caused by the splashing about of fluids with in the eardrums, or pressures on the brain, heart, or other internal organs.
We already know that everything can be effected by a magnetic field if that field is strong enough.
If we can make a clump of soil weightless why cannot through a reversal of this process we make a magnet hover over the ground which leads us into the building of anti gravity units.
There is not one reported phenomena about UFOs that cannot be reproduced by using a strong enough magnetic field.
Whether it is the stopping of electrical devices, lifting cars, lifting people/cattle, or lifting water it all can be scientifically explained by the use manipulation super magnetic field or beams.
Even to the observation of these being walking through walls can be obtained by the magnetic manipulation of matter on the Quantum level.
The strange photonic phenomena surrounding UFOs such as their shifting from brilliant hues of chromes and silvers, to jet black, to their shifting into a "color cloaking" mode that matches the sky making the device invisible, to them becoming truly invisible, to them shifting through spectrums of colors that we have no names for, all of this falls under the blanket of manipulations of Higher Magnetics.
Saying that we are not already doing so, it is time for us to stop arguing about the possibility of these crafts existing, and to actively start the serious research into Higher Magnetics which will surely led us to the building of these devices for ourselves.
If we are ever to leave our mothers' womb and take our place in the stars, Higher Magnetics is a field we must begin to make serious research into, as obviously someone out there has done along time ago.

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