Hypnosis, Just Say No.


I tell most people who I speak to about this do not go under hypnosis for your remembrances can be tainted by the hypnotist depending on how they feel about these things.

I know this to be true from an experience I had in my late teens.

I brought a book on self hypnosis which also taught you how to hypnotize others.

I was thinking it would help my recall for the coming regent exams in school.

Hint, studying does more for you.....

Anyway I asked my friend Wilson if I could try to put him under.

At first he was a bit put off by it but I explained that I was only going to see if I could put him to sleep and showed him in the book where it says you can't make anyone do what they would not do normally so clucking like a chicken was out.

(After I bribed him with the promise of getting him anything he wanted to eat no matter what) He agreed, and I had him lay down on my bed and focus on a red dot I had put on my ceiling.

I then began to try to put him under but he never went to sleep.

While I was talking to him my mind was on what I was going to do once I was finished.

I wanted a pizza and was thinking I wanted it with mushrooms extra cheese and heavy on the garlic with a grape soda.

My friend was a Kentucky Fried Chicken fiend so I knew it would be a bucket off twenty pieces so pizza was out.

After about an hour of trying I gave up and said,

"Lets go get something to eat what do you want?"

You guessed it he wanted a pizza heavy on the mushrooms cheese and garlic with a grape soda.

The thing is he did not only disliked mushrooms but also garlic.

This was the first thing that stood out in my mind for it was a complete reverse of his nature before that time he might have asked for a pizza but never with mushrooms or garlic.

Sausage, pepperoni, ground beef, yes but never those hated mushrooms.

It was not only that but there where other things that had crossed my mind during the time I was trying to put him under that he had acted on later that day and was still influenced by even years later.....

These were things only I could recognize for I had never given voice to them.

There was no way he could have known that scared me so bad that I never bothered with it again.

Today this has become big news and is now used to discredit any one who has been put under hypnosis and regressed as having false memory syndrome or being influenced by the investigator.

After my abduction in 1991 which was the one that made me realize that all the other encounters I had, had since childhood were real and not vivid dreams because it left physical evidence, I started to seek out a Hypno therapist after reading a book about abductions.

I was still against hypnosis but the encounter and the realization that it was real caused me to suffer sleeplessness, panic attacks, and to develop bells palsy.

Even though I had been video taping UFOs over my home and seeing them over my area for four years before then, even though I had, had an near abduction where I saw one of the entities that would later abduct me appearing as if it was smoke or fog in the yard across from me and by the way I only saw it because my German shepherd Lady, two malamute wolf mixes Tica and Luna, Pit bull and wire hair terrier mix Shadow, and his and Ladys' offspring Cyn all saw it first and started to bark.

Even though there were incredible events and things that followed this, that I have documented on audio and video tape, in hindsight, I now see I was literally being told I was going to be visited, but when it came it was like a landslide and I was almost mentally crushed by it.

All of this was spoken fully of in my article Skyroglyphics.

It was the weight of this that for a moment caused me to let my guard down and seek help from a Hypno Therapist I contacted Dr. Jean Mundy.

Every time I made and appointment when the time came I canceled it, I could not get over the thought of what had happened to my friend Wilson when I tried to put him under.

Finally I contacted Walt Anderson of MUFON and he eventually sent and investigator out to hear my case and see my evidence.

I was later invited to a MUFON conference in the TRX Building in Manhattan one of the guess speakers was Dr. Jean Mundy.

She is a small woman well to me she is I stand six foot four, she must be under five foot tall maybe four foot five.

During her lecture she was asked if she ever went under while trying to hypnotize others to my shock she said,
"Yes all the time."

It was then I thanked God for my listening to my own misgivings.

This to me is like, let's say you and I are driving a big rig cross country and I say to you,

"I am tired, will you take the controls while I sleep?"

To which you then say,

"Sure I will and in fact I will take a nap along with you also as I drive."

Now let's say I had let her put me under, and as I know I do I have some horrific memories things I still remember with out hypnosis, from the time they happened, say that the reason I don't remember everything is not because of aliens making me forget them but because my own psyche knows this is much too raw for me to view at this time.

Now one of the most feared entities that I and my brother Ralph encountered as we were growing up we called the Window Peepers.

This too I have written about in the article

Attack Of The Window Peepers A Glossary Of Terror.

They were small things big heads, huge cat pupiled wrap around eyes, long arms and fingers, slight bump of a nose with slits for nostrils and a mouth.

As I was later to be shown, as I wrote about in an article called Quantumantics The Language Of The ETs, I have a uncontrollable rage of anger and fear toward these things because of the things these entities did during our encounters.

Now let us suppose, while under I came upon this rage and while still under looked at Dr. Mundy she stood the approximate height as did these things.

What could she do against a six foot four three hundred and seventy five pound man raging in terror of his life and bent on the destruction of his tormentor, while sitting there with her eyes rolled to the top of her head too?

There would be no one in that office that could control this big rig she would have been torn from limb to limb and I would be in jail or hell by now.

This is why I warn against hypnosis for it puts not only you in danger but those that do these things in danger too.

Thank you for your time.

If any one reading this article has ever encountered or heard of these entities or phenomena please contact me by email or just post your story at this site.


Thank you for your time.



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