Has Any One Seen One Of These Before?


Below you will find some pictures of an object I pulled from below the skin of my back on 3/28/99.
I am currently working on a full posting about this object and events that lead up to this.
As is all of my postings, it is long and intricate so I decided, it would be best to just let you view the pictures while am working on the article.
Awhile back I was given a chance by
Dr. Roger Leir to have what I know to be an implant that is at forward the base of my neck just below the throat, removed, which I turned down.

For I still don't know what it was put there for and how it may effect me to have it removed.

But yesterday something happened and so I will share this with those that may be interested in such things.

I will not go into the full story behind it now but will just post this picture of an object that I pulled from below the skin on my back just below my rib cage.

What it is I for now will leave to you to decide.

I have blown it up so that you may get a good look at it.

As for now I have no intentions of sending it to a laboratory, or sending it away.

I only post it here now to see if any one else has ever seen or extracted such an object from themselves before.

It is smooth as glass and feels like hard rubber or plastic and is about three centimeters long, and maybe one and a half centimeters wide.

I have been aware of it being there for a few years now but it only recently began to bother me and that was what caused me to start "picking " at it.
I am scared to Death that " They " or " The Guys " will show up and take it.
As long as I do not see them fine.
For as you know from my article "
Quantumantics ", I can't handle the sight of
" Them " or the strange energy They generate.
I know they will get it some how as they always do, for, for years I have found small strange objects under my skin or about the house just to have them vanish or something happens to them.

This is the first time I had the equipment to document it before it vanishes and may be it will not, and this is why I will not send it to a lab or give it to anyone to exam.
When it comes to things like this I trust no one.

For now I would like to hear from any one that as I have earlier mentioned had seen such an object before.

Do not write me about it being an apple seed or some other such nonsense I am only looking for real answers.
Please if you have extracted such an item from yourself, or know of another that may have, or have seen such an object like this one before, or have had some kind of medical experience that will lead you to think this is a natural object please feel free to write me and let me know.






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