There are things in life that we must believe or have faith in the existence of.
God, Spirits, UFOs, Aliens, Monsters, Dimensional Rifts, Missing Time, and all things paranormal, or supernatural fall under this title, for most people have not truly encountered them.
Thus must they be listed under beliefs.
Then there are those things that we have experienced and know to be true.
These things we no longer have to have faith in being so.
Belief vanishes the moment they are confronted by the real event or things once believed in.
Thus, true experiences makes Infidels of us all!
I stopped believing in UFOs the moment I first saw them, my first thoughts were I don't believe this.
I haven't believed in them since then, for I knew they were real.
Aliens were different however for me.
I had encountered them for most of my life, but I believed them to be evil spirits, demons, and bad dreams.
It was not until I was bodily taken from my bed, carried into a wall of darkness, that transported me and them to a park some three blocks away from my home, that my beliefs began to crumble.
The next morning when I found myself awaking safely in my bed I believed that my fore nights experience had been like all the other such lucid dreams I'd had during my life time.
Even though it had been very clear and very real seeming at the time, it was just like all those other such crazy dreams.
Only when the next day I was guided to the rings left at the site I'd been taken to, did all my previous beliefs in such matters shatter.
I then not only knew what had happened, but what had been happening all my life.
Then and there I lost all my former beliefs about such things to become the nonbeliever I am now.
Although knowing this is far, far more frightening than believing else wise was, it is still far, far much better to know.
This Temple is devoted to things I and others like myseif no longer believe in, for we have experienced them first hand and so, now know them to be real.

Posey Gilbert

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