Killer Nuns From Outer Space!

One of the main reasons that it is often postulated for the "need" of a UFO coverup is the occurrence of panic because of the Orson Wells radio production of War Of The Worlds.
Now let us suppose that, that story instead of being about evil murderous Martians coming to commit genocide and conquer the Earth, instead was about a group of beings coming to Earth to put an end to wars, starvation and disease.
Would that panic have occurred?
I doubt it.
So why should that case be used as a test case for the human reaction to visitations from other worlds?
Would not the same panic happen back then if reports came over the radio that a group of Nuns had come from the sky in flying wafers and were killing people with their laser powered rosaries and death ray shooting crucifixes?
What panicked the populous back then was not that these beings were said to have come from another world but, the way these beings were depicted.
I use nuns here not to smear or cast dispersions on the Catholics, but only because Nuns had always been to me the best representation of loving and gentle people.
Frankly any one or any thing could be substituted for the Martians and the out come would have been the same blinding fear.
would it not?
Had that tale be written the other way around the clogging of the city streets would have come from people rushing into the cities to meet the Martians.
It was all and is all about perspectives how these beings are presented to the public.
Because this story was a horror story about hostile monsters from another world and it was mistaken as a real event, fear and panic was the results.
That same fear and panic became the selling point for most of the movies and stories about alien contact and it has become ingrained within us, and to quote Hamlet,
"Aye.... there's the rub."
I myself even though I went through a transformation still at my core fear these beings what ever they are where ever they come from even though they have always returned me physically unharmed.
My trauma came about from those space monster movies that I still love to this day, and how I was treated by those that I tried to tell about my experience.
True this does not dismiss the cases where people and their families have been physically injured or mentally scarred by their encounters.
I am sure that the same has happened to animals that we have captured and studied over the years, and will happen to those that we meet when/if we ever get to be a space voyaging species.
Heck we all have heard of or have had earth doctors mess up during medical exams and operations too.
So why shouldn't we expect any less from those from other places in our universe?
What may be at the root of our fear is that we fear that they may be more like us than we are comfortable with.
We expect that their intentions are as ours.
We know that when or if we ever become a space fairing people our conquest, planetary rape, and species extinction will continue on other worlds, just as it is did on ours.
No we do not fear that they will be different from us but just like us.
All that having been said, they still scare the hell out of me, but I do not know if it is fear of them or fear of how they look now.
In my life I have met deformed and horribly disfigured humans that invoked the same reactions from me until I got use to their appearance, or to know them on a personal bases.
I can't say it will be the same with these entities, but I do think this should be taken into account by the media and the government.
It was because of propaganda that many Japanese women, committed suicide at the approach of the terrible American troops.
It was the American propaganda that saturated the war movies of the late 40s and 50s of the fifties that made it take most of my life to come to trust Japanese men or any other men of Asian descent.
I had for a long time wondered how I could so love a culture, and recognize the beauty of the women but could not come to grips with a hatred that raged into me as the sight of the males of their people.
Then it came to me one day as I was watching one of those old war movies.
With that realization I decided that I would no longer watch these movies for I did not like being manipulated by what I saw in them
Just as it did/does the Asians the propaganda secreted in movies, books, jokes, tabloids, and the popular media in general also did the same to the Native Americans, Germans, Italians, Arabs, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, and poor whites.
The propaganda from the early years still places an unfair burden on the backs of Abductees and Experiencers alike.
We are the butt end of cruel jokes and commercials, as in the commercial that asks,
"If aliens are so smart why do they abduct stupid people?"
What has this got to do with anything they are selling?
The object is not to sell anything but a point of view of those that are behind the
Well threatening them didn't work, ignoring them didn't work, lying to them didn't work, harassing them didn't work, so lets make them the laughing stock of the world.
Let us make excellent movies and hoaxes and incorporate in them real facts and footage.
Lets leak half truths and blacked out documents.
Let us only give it to some and not to all like that they will fight among themselves and start discrediting each other.
Then once enough have come forward and signed on to these ideas and documents lets expose it as a hoax and discredit them all in one blow.
This has happen so many times over and over again so much so as to still keep most real Experiencers silent about their experiences and encounters.
That is my fear about all of this hoopla over the discloser project.
I am happy to hear and read about it, but in truth I do not have a need for, or care if the governments of the world do or do not give "Full Discloser" about the truth of UFOs and ETs.
I already know the truth.
Although I doubt that any government will ever completely do so.
Still I hope that they will do so.
If for no other reason than to get this nonsense over with.
That way we as a race can start to speak openly about these matters, as it is necessary to do for the full truth to come out and be known to all.
Otherwise we all will forever remain trapped in the darkness of our own fears and slaves to our prejudices.


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