A Eulogy For A Most Excellent Witch


Everything about Carolyn was big.
Her stature, her smile her laughter, her kindness, her gentleness.
Her heart, her love of adventure, and most of all her love of life.
She was Coven Head Witch of the of The Vida Wicca,
I was enchanted when I first heard her laughter.
It was as familiar to me as my mothers' kiss.
It rang in my soul like the bells of Christmas Morning.
I knew even before I saw her that we had known
and loved each other long before we met.

When we met the second time it was at a Space meeting.
She had just introduced her self to the group as a psychic.
"Psychics!" scoffed I "They tell you no more than you already know!"
She looked at me and gave that great laugh of hers and said,
"But of course, where do you think we get our information from?"
And it was then that I knew she was the real deal.

Once upon finding out that she was a witch I playfully asked,
"Are you a good witch or a bad witch?"
She looked over her cup of coffee with those big beautiful gray eyes
batted them flertively, gave that wonderful cackle of hers and said.
"Me, why I am an Excellent Witch of course silly boy,"
It was then I knew that we would be together.
As I know now we'll be together again.









By:Posey Gilbert