Pauls' Tale

A tapping, delicately, on my back.
I am sitting up on a table, feeling gentle taps on my back, watching a series of images; myriad tables receding into infinity, like two mirrors facing each other.
Farmers milking cows; on each table, a person is sitting up and examined by a
small, slim, white, intent, fragile, large eyed creature.
Their fingers probe lightly, gently, purposely, like playing a piano.
They are milking Chakras or Kundalini nerve centers, seven along each person's
Their touches stimulate hidden DNA sequences as well as retrieve and store data and information along the length of the spinal chord, along a library of nerves.
Like ants milking aphids they spend careful time and effort, gently, delicately,
fingering each spine in a long sequence of tables, like marionettes playing human
These manipulations of spinal nerves initiate secret, as yet unbidden DNA
sequences, which dangerously age and disease and trouble the somatic body and mind of an Abductee.
After an incident my finger and toe nails have to be trimmed twice every day; early sequences causes acceleration of aging and growth of certain cells.
There are horrible psychic and emotional results from activation of these spinal sequences too quickly as well.
Inter dimensional leaking occurs; one senses other wordly creatures and flirts with the beast of madness, itself.
What is subtly being programmed, stored and retrieved In our spinal chords?
We are Manchurian candidates of stellar proportions.
Inter dimensional bleeding through into our dimension?
Pranks predominate.
Objects disappear to return days later in strange places.
I entered the back of the house, passed by enormous four foot wide, four foot tall flower pots, each weighing as much as a man, blooming red with tropical ten foot tall canna plants.
I opened the back door and entered the vestibule into the kitchen; I could not take
another step. Glancing backward over my shoulder, I saw that both pot were turned over, the enormous elephant ear-like leaves sprawled to the ground, in a fraction of a second.
The despair and confusion and poltergeist shock was so profound, that I stopped and prayed aloud for a spiritual sign.
"God, if there is a spirit world and it is real, and I can ask for protection, send me a sign: God, send me a white bird, up close and personal, in my face, on my window, as a sign"
I put my whole heart and soul and angst into this prayer and minutes later, busy
else where, I forgot it, as it promptly receded into the recesses of my mind.
The next day, on route to work, following the same path I always drive, I made a
right turn and over the street of cars I saw a cloud of some one hundred gulls, hovering, wheeling, circling overhead as if attracted by garbage or dumpsters, although none was in evidence.
As I glanced up at the raucous flock, one white gull swerved to within an inch of my windshield, glossing passed and made eye contact with me. It lasted maybe two seconds.
Preoccupied with driving and having totally forgotten my fervent spiritual request from the night before, I drove on, momentarily startled, but dully unaware of it's significance.
After a strenuous day at work I returned home, lit a prayer candle and began to
voice again my special request for a sign when I remembered the morning gull.
I HAD asked for a white bird on my window, up close and personal.
Had I been given that sign the very next morning?
I decided to be skeptical but not cynical. If I saw any gulls in the area anywhere while in transit on the way to work for the next two weeks I would know it was a coincidence or a quirk of fate not a sign that I asked for.
Why was the black eye of that bird, which whizzed passed so fast, so fixed in my mind?
For two weeks, each day, I scanned the horizon and landscape for a sign of gulls
hovering, as I believed a flock so large would certainly reappear somewhere.
I never saw one bird. I decided I had been given a wonderful sign and it has given me the courage and the confidence to feel protected in this fight against the unseen harassing entities.
I've noticed the strange coincidence when I'm out, driving; street lights blink off as I approach or pass and stay off.
This has happened often enough, even several times in one trip around the neighborhood, to lead me into wondering whether either my car or I have been involved in energies that blow out city street lights.
Sometimes after one or more blink out, in evil recognition of my difference I feel like Jack Lemmon in, "Bell, Book and Candle."
The feeling of being watched eases when I'm outside. Often, the feeling of evil
seems associated with the house itself, as though it waited for me all day.
Distracted with thoughts of transition between work and home, driving home, the FEELING of evil would hit me viscerally, as much as a few blocks from home, when there was nothing conscious to precipitate the fear, as though there were an entity, powerful and aware, inside, waiting for me.
There was a heaviness, and oppressive foreboding atmosphere that focused on the
whole house, especially my bedroom upstairs. I felt a flush of a powerful unreasoning fear that both children were murdered, lying in blood in their rooms, by some intruder who came in after I left for work and before they left for school.
The unreasoning crazy fear was supported by vivid metal pictures of gore and bloodied, sprawled children's corpses.
How could something so evil, so fearful, so illogical possess me with stomach crunching anxiety.
I realize now that this is why the are called negative thought entities.
Only after timid exploration of the whole house, would I calm down enough to wonder why I would ever think such a thing, or let it overcome me and possess me with terror.
They affect my dream thoughts sequences in the same negative harassing ways.

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