Menthings In Black


Back in the mid seventies I awoke one morning as I was being carried back into my fifth floor window in the Bronx by what looked like three little black robed entities I could see no face in the opening of the robes but they were not there long enough for me to really look at them.
One held my shoulders and two held my legs.
What was funny is though they were carrying me in they were setting me back into my body that lay on the bed.
As they were doing this my room mate Jaen shifted in his bed across the room and they panicked and dropped me then fled out the window.
I cussed them for as I looked down I could see my "Spiritual Legs" were not inline with my physical ones and said " Those stupid bastards they did not put me in right."
I could move my head and neck but nothing else below it.
Then I saw Jaen rise from his bed and I thought if I could just get him to look at me he could tell me if I was asleep or awake or laying there with my eyes fixed on him.
I tried to call him but my throat was frozen, I tried to will him to look at me but he just got up and walked out of the room and did something he never did before or after then he closed the door.
I lay there and struggled some more and became afraid with the thought of
"What if I can't get back into my body."
I became enraged with the thought that it was because those idiots had not put me in right that I was now paralyzed, and began to struggle more and more as I tried to move my Spiritual Body back into alignment with my physical one.
I was hoping Jaen would come back into the room and see what was happening with me because to be frank I was still thinking this had to be a dream or I was really half in and out of my body.
At least if he had left the door open Ralph or he would see something was happening to me and come in a wake me if this was a dream!
I heard him come to the door and saw the knob turn then pop I was back in my body, and he opened the door.
I was furious at him and asked him, why didn't he look at me when he got up.
He of course answered as I would have answered him if he had asked me such a stupid question.
"Why would I want to look at your ugly ass in the morning its bad enough I have to look at you at all during the day"
I told him what happened and then asked him why did he shut the door when he left.
This was the summer and the apartment was hot but with the door open there was at least a breeze that came through it so why did he close the door?
To that he had no answer but gave a shrug, and the three grunts that means "I don't know."
This has never happened to me again but I have never forgotten it or those three little Men-things in black robes.

Encounters Of the Alien Kind