I read your story from the list, and really enjoyed it. Those must have
been some incredible experiences! This is just my own opinion, but I
did notice that there was a common theme, of someone suffering and
asking for help. I get the feeling that you have strong psychic
abilities, and so spirits are drawn to you. Perhaps there is a message
that it is your direction in this life to use those powers of intuition
and compassion to help others in need; in other words that you have been
chosen as a teacher and a healer.
Just my 2 cents,


Friend Morgan, thank you for writing.
You are very observant and yes I agree with you.
Once as a child I made a wish that I would be given the power to help people and I do feel some of the events in my life may be directly related to that one wish.
That said, still the path I walk is not as a teacher, but a student.
For I feel that the best learned lessons are those that Self has taught Self.
I am not a healer, but an aid to healing, for only Self can heal Self.
I live my life as a guide, for I can only point out to people lessons they may have over looked, and aid them in seeing that all things in life, both good and bad, are gifts, and that nothing happens to you, but everything happens for you.
It is up to Self to find the lesson in all that it encounters, learn it, and then grow, glow, and go on from there.
Take care and feel free to write any time.


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