Mrs. Stones' Ghost


I am 34 years old and live in Rochester, NY.
When I was a child about 8years old we moved into a home that a very old woman had to sell because she couldn't keep up the maintenance of the house any longer.
I remember her name it was Helen Stone.
About one month after we moved in, I woke up in the middle of the night, I had the bedroom door open and could see into the hallway.
I saw a white female figure walking down the hallway coming toward my room.
I thought it was my mother so I said, mom?
No answer.
As she got closer I noticed that it wasn't my mother at all,
she looked much older and had some kind of night garment on her head, I also noticed that she seemed to be floating and transparent.
I rubbed my eyes to make sure that I was fully awake.
She was still there. At this point I freaked!
I started yelling for my mom and dad to wake up.
She immediately vanished.
My parents tried to calm me down and said that I had a nightmare.
My parents found out a day later that Mrs. Stone had just died the night before.
A neighbor who was a good friend of hers told us that she
really missed the house and had a difficult time dealing with her new surroundings.
My parents did not tell me she died because of the ghostly incident.
One week later the same thing happened.
My parents seemed more concerned this time and my dad let me sleep in bed with him and my mom slept on the couch.
While I was laying in my dad's bed I saw the same old woman sewing something in a rocking chair right beside the bed.
I was practically paralyzed with fear,
I watched her for about 30 seconds and prayed that she
wouldn't turn and look at me.
I was too scared to scream.
I poked my dad who was snoring beside me, he was sound asleep. Finally I mustered up the courage to scream and she was gone. After that everything was fine for a few weeks.
Then, one night I had my best friend spend the night.
He woke us all up in the middle of the night crying.
He said he got up to go to the bathroom and as he walked down the hall there was an old woman in the doorway smiling at him. He was so distraught that we had to call his parents to pick him up, he wouldn't stay.
The next day my father called the priest at our church.
He came over for dinner and then he blessed each room of the house at my parents request.
It never happened again after that.
When I was older my dad finally told me that Mrs. Stone died
the night that saw the ghost.
He also said something that gave me the chills.
He said that he told our neighbor about the incidents years later.
The neighbor told him that Mrs. Stone spent most of her time in her later years knitting in her rocking chair in her bedroom, which was now my parents bedroom.
I still get goose bumps remembering those occurrences.
Looking back at it now it seems intriguing but it still creepy.

Although not as bad as the incidents of sleep paralysis that I experienced years later.
But that's another long story, truly terrifying.

Thanks for listening,

Shadowland Adventures