Gonzwell My Inheritance?

Often I am asked why is it that I have had so many encounters not only with strange beings, but with so many other aspects of the paranormal?
To answer that question I think it is necessary to look at my family back ground.
There is an oral history of these encounters that go back on both sides of my family for over one hundred years.
I have found out that some of these same entities have been encountered by others of my family long before they had names to call them, so they called then demons, evil spirits, and ghost lights.
Today we call them aliens and U.F.Os.
Though all of my family has encountered them at one time or the other I seem to be the only one willing to talk about it, and am the only one that is actively seeking to find out more about what we have been dealing with.
Because there is Native American (Cherokee) and African in my blood from my fathers side and European, Native American and African blood from my mothers side, I feel some of my encounters may have been of a shamanic nature.
My grandfather Ole would plant his crops when the moon was full.
There is a story that one of my distant relatives from my African grandfathers side was a much feared Witch Doctor or Rootman as they called him.
He was not only feared by his own family but the other blacks, and some whites of the area also because they said he worked black magic, and summoned demons.
Once, as the story goes, he was picked up by the police for they found him out walking the roads late one moonlit night.
When they asked what he was doing out after curfew he showed them a burlap bag of roots and weeds and said that he was out gathering some things he needed.
They handcuffed him and took him to jail as they did to all the "Negroes, and Coloreds" that they found out after curfew in those days to be basically sold to any white person that chose to pay his bail.
The way it worked back then, he would then have to work for that person until he paid them back the money they had to pay for his bail.
This was back in the late nineteen thirties early forties, so what they were paid for this work they had to do, was next to nothing.
This meant that they could work for almost a month before the bail was paid off, for they only made a few cents for a weeks work.
Well Elieh was a big man, as the story goes, so they were going to put a high bail on him.
They had heard about his strange ways from other blacks that they had locked up.
So when he told them he was a Rootman and that no jail would hold him, the sheriff laughed and had him shackled, while still handcuffed in a cell.
He told Elieh if he could get out he'd would let him go, providing that he went straight home and kept the curfew from then on.
The story goes that the sheriff and his deputy returned to his desk laughing and as they went to sit down, they saw that Elieh had silently followed them back to the front desk.
He smiled at the two shocked officers and said, "Hea' be yo cuffs Sheriff.", and he lay the cuffs on the table.
He was not only allowed to leave and return home, but when they again found him out gathering roots and herbs in the moonlight as they would again, and again they let him be.
True or false I do not know, but I do know it was one of the strange stories I heard told when the family was together.
So I do know there was someone in my family line that did practice voodoo or root working.
My great grand mother Martha whom my mother is named after, had visions and knew when death would strike within the in the family.
My mother too has visions but she hears a death knell or sometimes she hears
"The Last Breath "as she calls it when some one in the family is going to die.
My Aunt Pearl and my mother would see lights when death was coming for someone in the family.
Once as they were watching the lights my mother and her sisters drew frightened and Pearl said to them,
"Don't yawl be afraid of them lights, this time they are coming here for me."
She died that night of walking pneumonia.
No one knew she had it.
My sister Theresa use to see a light she would refer to as the Light Of God.
Janet my little sister is a whiz at calling numbers, and as a baby once opened a combination which no one had the numbers too.
Her son Jerry has future views and premonitions.
In his last days here on Earth Ralph was altering reality.
Yes I know how that sounds but it is true, there was a building that he would move from one corner to the other each time I came to visit him in New Jersey.
Unfortunately toward the end he seemed to loose control over this ability and would walk around a corner and have to take a taxi to get back home.
Chuck has encountered strange animals and beings.
Steve too seem has had strange encounters.
As for me my site speaks for itself.
It seems I have been given the full gamut of these experiences.
So it seems only logical that some of my weird encounters could truly be an inheritance that is passed from one member of the family to another and this time I am the one that received it?
With that in mind could the bird like creature Gonzwell have been Elieh's familiar?
Did it come to me because I was the one that the inheritance was strongest in?
Some say I was blessed, while others say that I am surly cursed.
Blessed or cursed is there really a difference twixt the two?
I say it is neither of either, it is just simply my inheritance.

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