Mystery On The Twenty Second Floor


It had been a warm day and Mark and I had spent most of it at band practice.
Mark and Valorie, his girl friend back then, his now wife of today, were going to a party at Val's girlfriend Pat's apartment on the twenty first floor of my building.
I myself never cared much for crowds and parties, gave them the walk and ride up to the twenty first floor.
Mark and I stepped onto the patio to speak about the next rehearsal while Valorie continued onto and into Pat's apartment.
Mark and I were speaking for a moment when over his shoulder out of the darkening west I noticed a slow moving slowly alternating light pulsing red and white.
Thinking it to be a low flying blimp I pointed it out to Mark and commented on how low it was flying.
As it neared we noticed that this blimp was not only absolutely silent but the fuselage had to be transparent for it was only visible when the alternating lights below it shown upon it.
Having never seen such a blimp before Mark and I went to the roof of the Project to get a better look at this new kind of blimp.
We walked over to the southern wing of the building were the object was headed toward and stood there watching it approach straining our eyes to see if we could make out the outline of the balloon part of the craft.
As it passed over we could only see the stars of the night sky but where the lights reflected off of what should have been the hull of this device we could still see the stars hazed through either red or white depending on the color of the light that was shining.
It seemed to pause for a second about eight or ten feet right above our heads, and then suddenly we were watching it now some distance off in the East slowly moving over the Washington Ave Projects.
We then went back down to the twenty first floor and I walked Mark to Pat's apartment and dropped in just to say hello.
As we stepped in Valorie angrily shouted, "Where have you two been all this time?!"
"We just went up on the roof for a moment to watch this blimp go over" Mark said.
"What do you mean all that time?" I asked " It could have been no more than five or ten minutes since you came in."
"No you guys were gone longer than that." Valorie protested and Pat agreed.
Me and Mark just looked to each other puzzled by Valories' reaction but thought no more about it.
Although Mark and I knew we had seen a UFO that night, this happened back in the early seventies when there was not as much talk about alien abductions, so that was never a thought that entered the our minds.
I, years later, asked Valorie how long she thought Mark and I had been gone and she said it had been about an hour or so.
These days we look at that event quit differently.


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