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A Place Of Darkness


Sin Of The Gods


Obituary of Colman von Keviczky

Fools And Babies

What's Mars Got To Do With It?

The Curse Of The Gods

Sins Of VanDaniken

Secret Governments And Sacred Sites.

The Conspiracy Of Silence.*Updated 5/17/01.

Cover Up?

Aliens, And Bombers

Half Truths,Whole Lies


Believers, Infidels, Blind Chickens And Broken Clocks

The True Monsters



Encounters Of The Alien Kind


Little Boy Lost *12/30/10

The Myth Of The Myth Of Flying Saucers

The Strange Meteor*

How The News Media Handled My UFO Case

Twenty Six Things All Abductees Should Know

Coincidences, Suppositions, And Revelations

September Sightings What A Doozy!

Do UFOs Really Spin?

The Kermits*(Updated 05/10/02.)

Menthings in Black

About The Watchers

Attack Of The Window Peepers

Beamships Over Brooklyn?


Ghost Shards, Implants, And Little Blue Doctors *Updated 10/6/2003.

The UFO In The Clouds


A Sky Within The Sky


Quantumantics Part Two

The Long Dream

About The Nonts*(Updated 3/2/2011)

The Lady From The Roof*(Updated3/21/2001)

The Hall Ladies Incident

Strange Days Indeed

The Moonship UFO

Two Beams Or Not Two Beams?



Shadowland Adventures

Alan White's ClamShip UFO

Alan White Man Of Many Mysteries.*(Updated 3/2/2001)

Mrs. Stones' Ghost

The Visitor

Pauls' Tale

Pauls' Log


Within The Cracks Of The Paranormal


The Danville Wildman

The Doll Game

A Baby In The Rain

A Blue Dream And A Green Caddy

A Tale Of Two Ghost


Baby Magic

Butch's Ghost

Chuck's Dog


From The Other Side Of A Dream.

The Return Of The Other

The Phone Pixies

Nonts?*(Updated 3/2/2001)

Ralph's Pin

Hypnosis, Just Say No.

Mr. Gonzwell What Was It?

Oops Did My Navel Pop Out Again?

The Big Bird

The Blue Snow *(Updated 5/10/02)

More On The Blue Snow

The Darknessness

The Dark Of Day

The E. Ville Ghost

The Grey Shadows

The Invisible Cat

The Bus Stop Visitation

The Golden Light

The Tree

The Popes' Nose

Time Is Relative



...Ye Old Movie Palace.....


Gallery of the Unbelievable


Ye Old Movie Palace


Ghost Shards, Implants, And Little Blue Doctors

Day Light Disc

Old World UFOs

N.Y.C.M.U.F.O.N Investigation.

Rocket Dance

What's Mars Got To Do with it?

The Face Of The Smoke Entity

The Heart Of Gold

The Rings In The Park

The UFO In The Clouds

The Gina Jones Tape

The Gina Jones Tape An Explanation*

The Window Peeper

The Full Window Peeper Picture

The Moonship UFOs

About The Moonship UFO

Light Blasted Moon UFO.

Moonship UFOs And Figure

The Other Moon UFO And Apollo 11 UFO

Aliens Aliens Aliens

The Window Peeper At 400%

Window Peeper Face At 4000%

Light Blasted W.P face at 4000%

Light Blasted W.P. Pixilated

The Window Peepers Face.


Another NASA UFOs

Sky Lab UFO

The Return Of The Gods

The Face Of The Smoke Entity

Grey Screened Smoke Entity

The Smoke Entity Collage

The Unseen UFO

Two Beams Or Not Two Beams?*

UFOs In The Old World



The Video Archives


UFO And Contrail Movie

Beamship Movie*

The Beamships Movie*

The Gina Jones Tape

Black UFO Movie

The Skyroglyphics Movie

Strange Meteor Movie

Little Blue Doctor Animation

John Lennon UFO Animation

Bigfoots' Ghost Animation


The Reading Room


A New Unified Field Theory

.O The Origins Of Gravity

Gravitational Repulsations


The Silver Cord*(Updateed5/14/01.)

Creation By The Fall Of A Leaf*(Updateed5/14/01.)


Understanding The Alien Updated 6/27/2000.

Higher Magnetics *(01/31/02.)


Letters To The Infidel

A Request For Help






The Temple Of Zappinaum.

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Poseys Music Box

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The Blue Pages

The Blue Pages DSL

Pieces Of An Enigma











Flute Sing

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