.0 The Unified Field Theorem
Spaceail Migration, A New Way To Look At Things We Already Know.

First written by: Posey Lee Gilbert 06/23/73.
First published online in the original Pieces Of An Enigma 1993.
Republished online in Temple Of The Infidel 1997.
Updated 11/26/2011.


To begin with I must first say that the spelling of the word Spaceail instead of Spatial is intentional for it is necessary that I use expressions of my own creation in order to explain a phenomena that I feel has been too long over looked by Physicist and Mathematicians alike.

Spatial Migrations makes one to think of a migration of a people, plants, insects or animals into an area less crowded or confined.
I.E. Leaving the crowded cities for the wide-open spaces of the country, or the open seas.

Spaceail Migrations however deals with the movement of spaces within and through out all things material, from the micro to the macro, and the metamorphic changes this causes in said objects, and how this is at the bases and sole cause of all observable Quantum and physical phenomena in the known universe.

I.E. The much sought after Unifying Field and the death knell of the Big Bang, Expanding Universe, Dark Matter Dark Energy, and Strong and Weak Force Theories.

I only ask that those who are in the places to test my Theorem will do so and contact me on the resulting pros and cons of their findings at: Bplgeus@optonline.net
The basis of all that will follow is that one must understand that space, or nothingness, can be seen as both tangible, and intangible. That is to say that there is a state of nothingness that is physical and another that is nonphysical.
The tangible nothingness can be otherwise explained, as the presence of absence and this is simple to understand. I am not there with you as you read these words so there is a presence of my absence in the area you are in now. There are those who will say that actually I am there in the form of my thoughts that are being read now but I am talking about my physical "Not-Beingnity" or Absentia in your presence. So now my absence is a physical manifestation in your presence my absence is physically there with you and can only be removed by me physically entering into that area.

There is nothing else in all of existence that can remove you from that space of my not being there but my actual presence. So the mere presence of my absence has you now sealed into the level of the universe you now occupy and there is no force with in or out of that universe that can change that. The following demonstration will enable you to prove for yourself and others the actual Physiablity (the ability to be physical) of the tangible nothingness. One of the most obvious properties about tangible items is their ability to be moved about in real time and space. They can be added and subtracted so too can the tangible nothingness. Clear a small area on the table before you. To look at that area now most people would say that there is now nothing there, we know that there is air, dust and energies present we will consider that there is nothing there. Now take a pencil or any other object and place it in that space. You have just done what you've been taught could not be done. You have just subtracted nothing from nothing and in doing so you have just manipulated the tangible nothingness.
This is not a mind game but a fact, and why a true vacuum cannot exist within our universe, for once the tangible nothingness is displaced, it will always be replaced by something tangible be it matter or energy.
This applies to everything and is only used to show how physical a presence absence, or nothingness has. Thus all that is, is literally built upon the frame of all that is not. Before there can be one there first must be none. Only because all that which could be happening now is in the process of not happening now, can that which is happening now happen. This reads more confusing than it is. I will explain, because you are reading this article now, you are also in the process of not doing an infinite amount of other things in a cloud of possibilities that encircles not only you but everything in and outside of existence. With everything you do, you give shape and definition to this level of universe. Even in the process of not doing something you are in the process of doing the not doing of that something that you are not doing. For example because you are reading this now you are in the process of the not doing of sleeping, driving a car, running to escape a burning building, and so on. In other words, all the things that you could be in the process of doing now, but are not doing now, you are still performing the actions of not doing them. Because you are doing the not doing the infinite other things that you could be doing now, you are doing exactly what you are doing now.
Please note, the not doing I use here is not the same not doing as that which is spoken of by the Nagual don Juan in Carlos Castaneda's' wonderful books that not doing is a discipline this not doing is a way of life as involuntary as a heart beat.
So you see the path you set, through the cloud of possibilities not only binds you to, but also gives rise to all that we perceive in this level of universe. It can be seen now how just through the action of our being we give rise to all levels the have the universe seen and unseen.
Still before we get too big headed over our role in the creation of the universe we should remember we too are but part of the universe and so are also governed by the dictates of all else that is universe. The simple path made by a falling leaf also defines the shape of the universe and where we are in it. The path it makes through the cloud of possibilities also ties and binds us to our level in this universe. This is but a reflection of what is seen on the quantum level.
The clouds seen surrounding atoms are one and the same as the cloud of possibilities that surrounds all things. The point that an observed electron occupies in that cloud when it is seen was dictated by the observer and dictated what the observer would see at that time it was observed. The path that is taken makes just as real all the paths not taken. The tangible nothingness cannot be separated from that which is physical for it too is physical but lies hidden in the missing ninety percent of the visible universe. It is the journey of this tangible nothingness on its' way back to re-intangibility that gives rise to, and is the unifying field so long searched for by the scientists of our time. As stated earlier every particle in the universe is directly connected to all that came before it, and to all that does and does not come into being. Just as who you are and where you are in this level of universe is solely the result of paths, or trajectories both taken and not taken by a series of quantum particles as they came rushing into our layer of the universe.
If you could view the path that these particles took you would see endless strands of loops and tangles that seem to begin and end to restart again into and out of our levels of universe. I call these strands (Phygmental) trails they are the trajectories of every possible and impossible possibility that ever happened, is happening now, ever could happen, never did happen, is not happening, and never will happen, all happening at once in one point in space and time.
Like the digitized music tracks on a CD the symphony that is our universe is already completed from beginning to end. Every correct note played has been recorded as well as every pause and incorrect note not played. Even when the disc is just sitting in its' jewel case the music is beginning to play, is playing, is not playing, and has played all at the same time. Until it is placed into a CD player and the unit is then activated to us there is no music. In the same way until awareness passes through one of these Phygmental trails there is no universe.
These figments are the strands, or the super strings, that weave the tapestry of creation. The strands of the paths not taken are of equal importance to the paths that are taken for they by the presence of their absence confine, define and bind the edges of this grand tapestry.
Each of our life times if viewed through the quantum mind would also be seen to be one of the strands making up the threads of this tapestry, and so too are inseparable from the whole, anything done on one level has effectivity on all levels like a tsunami sweeping through all that is, is not, and will never be.
With this understood we have at last found the answer to that one annoying question that plagues us all that infernal eternal: "why do things have to be the way they are?" the answer to which is: "everything is as it should be for things to be as they are at this time. Dammit!"
Just as we are defined, and are made who we are, by events we did and did not encounter on our trajectories through the cloud of possibilities surrounding that which we call our life time, so too the place a quantum particle does or does not occupy with in an atom defines what form that it will manifest in our level of the universe as.
Here it can now be seen how the spaces or the presence of absence of a quantum particle defines the form that all matter will take in this level of universe. Be it energy, gas, plasma, fluid, or solid the points of space (Spoints or Spaceail points) or points of 0 "Absence" is what all things are mostly made of. In other words who we aren't is what makes us who we are. Likewise what things aren't more exactly defines what they are. Because space is the only thing in our universe that is continuous rather than to call it points of 0 I call this tangible space point 0 and from here onwards will write it as .0. When referring to the intangible nothingness I will use the term the 0, and at times simply 0.
Of course at this time you are asking yourself and rightly so, "What the hell is this fool talking about? "Tangible nothingness, Intangible nothingness, Spoints, Sparticals, Points Of 0, Point 0, O, The 0, and soon to come Essence O.
Why so many words to talk about absolutely nothing? Nothing is nothing and that's all there is or isn't to that!" but bare with me you'll find this all worthwhile. What is offered here is not something new but something we all know on an inner level but so far has not yet been fully conscientiously realized.
To put it metaphorically, we have been using a mop as a broom and a broom as a mop. True this method still produces a clean floor but if we use these tools properly we end up with a much cleaner floor with much less work.
We've been taught only that which we experience by use of our senses, or by the use of some confabulated device is tangible and is worthy of the focus of our attention. This attitude is fine when crossing streets, dealing and functioning in the every day life, this mop will sweep. However when we get into the micro/macroscopic areas of our living space the mop can't really reach into the crevasses to get down to the real nitty gritty so to say.
Even though you may have a dustpan at the ready, to collect the uncovered larger particles (the cosmic data). The mop will not release the finer particles of dust (the quantum information collected), without the numerical juggelations of quantum mathematics. However once the mop is shaken the dust particles become once again airborne to end up resettling in the cracks and corners else where on the floor.
While the wet broom well may reach into these crevasses to dislodge bits of grit (cosmic information), and dust (quantum information), it cannot absorb or pick up all the bits it has uncovered, and so leaves behind a filmy residue, that is unanswered questions on both the macro and the micro scale it then surmises that there are some things that we are not meant to know.
We have and have had the answer to our questions all along but because of our way of thinking have long been over looking it. The problem is in our search for the universal knowledge we have over looked nothing. In fact we have over looked it over and over again. We've been searching the cracks for answers and all the while the cracks were the answers. Once it's learned to, not to over look, but look over that which is not there and to see it in a different way we will find that that missing ninety percent of the universe is not missing at all it's just not there. Only then will we have finally found that which we have not been looking for, for so long. For in truth we never realized that we were looking for nothing and so discarded it every time we found it. Although we knew we had the answer when our equations worked out to equal 0, the true meaning of the answer went unrecognized. To paraphrase a friend of mine, "you don't have to know anything about electricity to turn on the lights in your home other than what switch to hit and who to call if it doesn't work," we know the answer should come out as 0, but do not know why it does, if it doesn't we then know recalculate. When all things rose out of, and remains in, and eventually will return to a state of absolute absence we should only expect to find 0 as the answer to all our calculations.
Thus there are spaces between the atoms of your body as there are spaces between the planets, stars, galaxies, and the multiple layers of the universe and it is through these spaces all things are connected and made one. Space being fluid acts as both particle and wave. It is at once both the smallest and largest portion of all things and so is the only omnipresent substance in our universe making it the long sought after and much coveted god force or the unifying field.
It was and therefore should be recognized as the first element. Just as before there can be one there must be none or 0. It was here before all that is and will be here after all that is isn't. Thus I refer to it as the Alphomegan when referring to it as the god force or creator, and the Alphomega when talking about it in purely scientific terms.
This is the intangible nothingness or essence 0 spoken of earlier. I call this intangible because we can't even imagine it. For by our attempts to do so we are trying to make it exist in the tangible universe to do so is impossibility. For this is a state of absolute absence and the most pure form of Nonbeingness.
Even in my reference to this state as one of Nonbeingness fails to describe it for in our attempt to imagine it we are trying to place or awareness in that state of nonexistence but for that state to be one of absolute nonexistence our awareness cannot exist there. To better understand what I am trying to express here, I ask that you try to imagine your awareness not existing. Some would say that they can, and are doing that, but to those I say if you were truly imagining your awareness not existing you could not be aware of it for your awareness would not be aware of its nonexistence for it would not exist. For it to be true nonexistence there can be no awareness to perceive that there is no thing to perceive. In order for something to exist there must be an awareness there that perceives its existence. Be it either the awareness of the object or the awareness of the observer of the object but in true nonexistence not even awareness can exist. In the process of our trying to put our awareness in this sacred space we find one of two things happening. One we wind up giving ourselves a big headache and saying forget it and moving on to other things.
Two we find ourselves observing this state of being as though we are seeing it from the outside looking onto a great dark pool that we can see the edges of but know if we venture into it we will never reach the other side for it is far more vast than it seems.
You are now looking into the face of the 0. If you force yourself into it you will find your mind wandering and your head filled with thoughts of other things and soon you will become lost in those thoughts and forget about your foraging into the 0 altogether, or you will become weary of what seems to you a waist of your brain power and time.
Actually what is happening is you have run into one of the most subtle defenses in the universe 0 is protecting its purity. You see 0 seeks to remain pure. For it to be absolute absence of presence it must keep out all interlopers so you'll find yourself journeying the pathways of alternate universes. Although you will think that they are just random thoughts or day dreams in actuality they are real places that exist in the cloud of possibilities that surrounds you. What will have happened is that your mind will have been forced into other levels in your spiritual core by the 0 that it, the 0, will remain pure.
It is the nature of the 0 to seek to remain pure that is the dynamics behind many of the mysteries now being explored in the particle accelerators, physics laboratories, and observatories. .0 is like all things else made mostly up of 0. It is in fact the first stage of and last stages of 0 as it manifests in this universe. Because space is fluid and behaves as fluids do when mixed with others.
To best explain this I will use oils to make my point here. Take a mixture of heated bacon grease (the tangible universe), vegetable oil (the tangible nothingness or ". 0 ", and motor oil "the intangible nothingness or essence 0 " and heat them. While these oils are heated they will readily mix with each other however once the heat is removed they will immediately start to separate as they cool down.
The bacon grease will become solid and float to the top. The vegetable oil will extract itself from both the grease and the motor oil to form a middle level, with the heavier motor oil then gathering at the bottom of the container. While threw out the mixture there will be some particles of oil that because of the heat will have temporally conglomerated into a mixture that will form another striation though it may be of a temporary state.
The same principal applies to Spaceail migration. Just as each oil seeks to reunite with oils that are the same as itself so does all spaces seek and unite with those spaces of like vibrational levels in their journey back to their purest form that of essence 0. Remember however .0 is present in everything even down to the quantum levels so it is a much longer process that is taking place.
Just as light waves are defined by the length of the pause with in the pulse so too matter is define by the presence of absence of a quantum particle. Shorten the pause in a wavelength and infer red become ultra violet. Add or subtract the presence of absence of a quantum particle and gold becomes lead, water, or cheese.
Be it in liquids, solids, or a gas .0 behaves the same as coagulating oils. Sparticals (Spaceail particles) start to migrate toward each other to form Spoints (Spaceail points), which later swell into structural cavities that eventually open into exterior fissures that release the .0 into the surroundings. It may be released as gases, fluids, and or radiation depending on the object that this migration is taking place in.
When this happens to a stone we say the stone cracked and never noticing due to our short life spans that the stone eventually literally dissolves into nothingness, as more Sparticals become Spoints that form cavities that become fissures as it continues to brake down.
As .0 is released the object becomes denser for now there are less spaces within it, but the more dense an object the higher its vibratory rate so the shorter its spaces and the hotter its temperature becomes.
The higher the temperature the easier it is for quantum Sparticals with in particles to escape and coagulate into Spoints thus heat is commonly generated during chemical reactions. Heat is the best catalyst and inducer of Spaceail migration because of its' microwave contents of shorter wavelengths and longer Spaceail points.
These Spoints instantly join with those present within the heated object much like a drop of water falling into the ocean becomes the ocean, smaller spaces entering a larger space becomes one with that space. Some of these spaces because of their specific vibratory rates (SVR) will, like the oils, clump at different points in the object creating cavities that brake open into fissures and cracks as the object cools. Some of the spaces on the quantum level due to the addition of or subtraction from their (SVR) will grow or contract bringing about chemical changes in the object. If the heat is high enough Hyper Spaceail Migration (HSM) will occur as Spaceail points swell within the atom causing the object to loose form or melt. If however, the (SVR) jump into and become re-fixed at new levels in which they are no longer fixed to material but now the energetic then total Spaceail evacuation occurs the object is disintegrated. Saying that this dose not happen when the object cools those pockets of tangible space will weaken the structure of the object will release the excess Spointal globules locked now within other forms of matter or energy. The object is left chemically altered because the remaining spaces now occupy different places on the quantum level. Spaceail migration is not only the basis of all natural and artificially induced chemical reactions, but also nuclear decay, metal fatigue, entropy and the ever present back ground radiation seen through out the universe. It is at once both the creator and destroyer of all things. As spaces on a quantum level migrate to form larger areas of space in an organism it ages and becomes feeble as the coagulating spaces start to form in the strands of DNA along chromosomes, the organism then begins to show the signs we call aging.
Eventually these spaces begin to manifest as disease such as cancer, arthritis, and brittle bones to mention a few. Just as in the other example high vibration causes the quickening of Spaceail migration, as so live fast die young is very much a true thing when it comes to this process. Thus the speeding rabbit will always beat the slow moving turtle in the race toward an early grave.
It should be understood that it is very rare that pure essence 0 ever leaves anything. As .0 seeps out of one form it is often trapped as another. We see this taking place as liquids, gases, and radiation that are released during chemical changes.
Eventually over eons of eons .0 does work its way to the purest level of .0, which is the state of essence 0. When it finally does reach such levels of purity it escapes into space where it merges with levels of 0 that like itself has been repelled from the countless other points of being that we see scattered across our night time sky or had that had laid hidden in the other paths not taken.
It is this river of eternal Spaceail migration that we interpret as the attracting force known as gravity. However rather than it being a force which pulls objects toward a certain center it is a pushing force. It is the repelling push of the surrounding 0 that crushes things downward and squeezes the spaces out of all things. It is the ever-growing weight of absolute 0 that binds our galaxies together and keeps them from flying apart from the velocities of their spin. Space seems to be expanding only because everything is being pushed inwards toward its own center. A stone sinks to the bottom of a lake because the water floats on it. See (.O the origins of gravity) recently I was watching a program that stated that, cosmologist say the earth will one day lose its' moon. They say that it will eventually fly off into space. How can this be? Has the moon suddenly accelerated in its orbit? It has always been my understanding that it, the moon, was to one day in the distant future to fall to the earth. What has happened now to change that scenario? How can the moon be breaking free the chains of gravity?
I now offer an explanation for this new discovery. This is not because the moon is speeding up enough to break the chains of gravity but because both the earth and the moon are being crushed toward their own center by the process of Spaceail migration, so why wouldn't the space in between these two bodies be seen as growing farther apart each year?
This is the same reason it is believed that we live in an expanding universe when actually the universe is both expanding and contracting at the same time meaning that it is doing neither of either.
If every particle of matter of every planet, star, and galaxy is collapsing in on itself or falling towards its' own center, would not without a point of reference for all of them, it seem that everything is flying off in different directions?
Say that galaxy (a) is collapsing faster than galaxy (b) would not its' Doppler shift be to the red when viewed by an observer located in the galaxy (b)?
If as stated earlier Spaceail migration is not uniform some galaxies may be collapsing at a much slower rate so the space between them may not be growing as quickly or possibly be drawn toward larger areas of .0 that have formed near by making the distances between two galaxies grow shorter thus making the Doppler shift now be toward the blue.
In addition because of Spaceail repulsion, or the tendency of .0 to join only with like levels of itself all matter and dissimilar levels of .0 would be pushed out of these spaces out of itself just as the oils in the earlier example would separate out off the mixture into like levels as they cooled.
To those in the galaxy of vegetable oil amidst those of motor oil it would seem that they are in an expanding universe too but actually they are just in a resettling mixture. The container they are in does not change its' size they only change their position in it.
The universe is not expanding but transforming as matter and non-matter dissolves back into the state of non being that it was cast out of. Much like some epic dream vanishing once the dreamer awakens for reality really is but an illusion. That is why it can be proven scientifically that nothing really exists.
I know there are eastern philosophies that have stated these things in their spiritual teachings and so Western scientist has ignored them, but I can show that this spiritual "Gobbitigoop" is a scientifically provable fact.
When we know that we live on a planet that is in constant motion around a star that is in constant motion in the arm of a galaxy that too is in constant motion going so many miles per second in the time it takes for us to say we are at any point in space and time that point will have changed and will be in the process of changing.
If one of the staples as proof of existence is that what ever the "it " is that is claimed to exist occupies a point in space and time since as we see this can never be done in this a non static universe then truly nothing exist.
My next argument is to prove that we inhabit an illusionary universe is that if everything is in a constant state of entropy then not only doesn't anything exist but also it never did, and never will. Again I state that this is no mind game but a scientifically provable fact and a perfect example of how our universe reflects the nature of the non-substance it sprang out of, that non-substance being the intangible essence 0 to which all things are in a constant state of returning to.
This brings us back to Spaceail migration. Once free of matter Spoints and Sparticals continue on a journey towards purity as they escape from one form to another they enter and exit other levels of the universe. So it's no wonder that energy can be found arising out of a vacuum. In reality the energy is coming from one of the paths not taken, or alternate universe of a frequency different to ours in the same way that the red photon is generated by a series of pulses and pauseal wavelengths. If the spaces of the pause are added to or subtracted from by (SPM) Spaceail pointal migration the color will change and instantly no longer occupy the same place upon the spectral ladder.
Let us say this red photons' wave length because of (SPM) has now shifted into the yellow to those photons of the red rung that photon would have just vanished while to those photons of the yellow rung it would just seem to pop into being out of no where although in truth it was there all a long but hidden in a wave length not accessible to the perceptions of those of the yellow realm before the shift.
Saying that this (SPM) was transitory and short lived and the photon returned to its' original frequency it would vanish like a ghost from the yellow realm and return instantly to the red realm. The same phenomenon as in the tale of the red photon takes place in particle colliders. The vibratory rate of a quantum particle is exhilarated in colliders that is its' pauseal spaces are compressed as it speeds around the ring. This being so it enters another vibratory rate. The instant it impacts with another particle the sudden halt compacts Sparticals with in both are into Spoints which are ejected as wave lenthal energies such as heat, light, nuclear radiation, and magnetic flux.
Now because its' pauseal spaces have been shortened by the forced (SPM) that occurred during the collision the remaining particles are smaller, more dense in addition to being fixed to a new vibratory rate and so have lost their anchorage to this vibratory level of universe. In the absence of powerful electromagnetic containment fields these particles will vanish to become part of an alternate universe on another vibratory level.
Some of the key signatures of Spaceail migration are as follows extreme densities, temperatures, and irradiation. All are present in the results from particle collisions, Spoints are shortened so the resulting matter is denser, and thus the heavier elements are always highly radioactive. (Radiation and SPM)
Heat and irradiation are released as (SPM) occurs in a sudden burst as pauses points compact into Spoints of various wavelengths. When Spoints of like kind conglomerate they then manifest as the plethora of frequency striations that have been recorded streaming out of particle collisions such as micro waves, x rays, gamma rays, photons and so forth.
This is because .0 rarely leaves anything in its purest form, and so it ends up re manifesting within other chemical mixtures or energies as it enters other states of purity until ultimately it does reach the state of essence 0. Much in the same way the soul is believed by many to reincarnate again and again until it too reaches its' purest state at which point it too can re emerge with that from which it sprang. This symmetry is not accidental, metaphoric, or coincidental but the fingerprint, the hallmark, and the signature of that which is the 0.
Even in the form of vibrational energies .0 remains trapped by the wave lenthal pauseal signature or the frequency that generates the rung that that specific energy occupies on the Spherospectural ladder. Thus the red photon will be red until the length of the pauses or the spaces in between the pulses of its' wavelengths are altered by the migration of its spaces.


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