What is it about the paranormal that once it is encountered and experienced it is as if all the flood gates have been opened?
Why is it that once you have looked into the face of the Quantum Universe it will no longer allow you to unfix your gaze, or turn your attention away?
Clinging to you like a film it coats all things that come in contact with you.
For years it can lay dormant hidden within the cracks of everyday events then suddenly these cracks chasm, vast, deep, dark and cavernous before, and within you.
In that instant you are changed for you suddenly become aware of just how thin what we call reality truly is and realize we have spent our life walking on rice paper.
That even our universe with all its vastness and weight, floats upon and is supported sole by the surface tension of non awareness, and that once that onion skin thin film has been pierced all that is held solid and tangible falls away to reveal its true face, that of the illusion.
Like the play of, pulses and pauses, light and shadow, ones and zeros on a screen can create convincing images of sounds, and sights of things and places that are not really there.
That it is just the blinking off and on of atoms in the cosmic binary code that creates our grand illusion of self and universe, and in this blinking we are neither the 1 or the 0, neither the mirror or the reflected, neither the yin or the yang, but only a ever changing ever moving point of perspective arising from the interactions between the two ever moving ever changing points between the tangible and intangible nothingness in truth Awareness is the illusion, the absolute nonbeingness, the essence 0.
Could it be that the paranormal is just an attempt of Awareness to alert us that we are just dreaming a dream, that we are dreaming we are a part of?


The Reading Room