The Phone Pixies

Once I had a dream that as I walked into my bed room my bed was covered with beautifully colored leaves.
As I walked in they all took to the air and began to flutter about me.
"Oh", I said a little startled by what had just happened," They are butterflies!"
To my surprise they began to giggle and laugh with voices that sounded like high little tingling bells.
I held out my hand and one fluttered over and sat atop my finger tips, and then I noticed it was not a butterfly at all but was a little woman with brightly colored wings that protruded from the back of her little chiffon dress.
She sat with her legs down in to my palm.
I noticed then that they all were these little creatures they all were about three to six inches tall, they all were bare foot and delightful to look at.
"Your a Fairy?!" I gasped, " And this must be a dream."
All of the little creatures giggled when I said this including her and she said,
"No were are not Fairies we are Pixies we are similar but we are not alike.
Just like you are asleep but this is not a dream."
She then stretched out her foot and said,
"See we are almost just like you look at my feet"
I did she had human looking feet like those of a woman with tiny little toes and tiny little painted toe nails.
Then she reached out her hand to show me they were like humans too and her finger nails were painted also.
She was so small I was afraid I'd hurt her if I touched her, but she said that I should not fear, she would not break, and for me to feel her fingers, hands, legs and feet so I would know she was real.
I took her hand between my thumb and pointer finger and was shocked that I could feel little bones in them she moved her hand and griped the rise of my finger tip.
My amazement amused her and they all began to laugh at my wonder and bewilderment.
"See." she said rising up from my hand with a gentle flap of her wings,
"We are just as real as you are."
One by one they began to alight on my hand and allow me to touch them.
There wings were of a thin skin stretched over what seemed to be veins of cartilage and not at all like the wings of insects though they looked like them.
They were soft and flexible, not brittle like dragon fly or butterfly wings, this too shocked me for I thought they would be like the wings of butterflies that would disintegrate if you touched them.
They were painted or powdered to their different colors.
I had only examined about three of them when all of a sudden they all took to the air and began to flutter about me chiming in their little bell voices,
"The phones going to ring... The phones going to ring.... The phones going to ring..."
And the phone rang but it was the phone in my bed room, and it awoke me from this wonderful dream.
That was how this phenomena began.
I would later meet these entities and other people in dreams that would use my phone as a signal that what I was having was more than a dream.
In these dreams they would often say something like,
"And so that you know this is much more than a dream...." then they would point to my phone and in life that damned thing would ring.
Sometimes it would be calls for me other times wrong numbers and still others no one would be on line at all.
Some times they do not use the phone but other things.
There was a time when a car crash was used, a braking window, and once even my cat Pussen knocking down some Tupper ware in the kitchen.
The thing is the character from the dream would signal that they were aware what was going to happen in my "Home Realm" before it happened at make a jester a second before it does giving the impression that they caused it.
I don't think they caused it, I hope they didn't, but more like they knew it was going to happen and they were showing me they were aware of my realm as I was of theirs.
By the way before you ask no it is not that the phone was ringing and I weaved it into my dreams it would be on the first ring that I would awake and pick it up.
Sometimes I do this now with out actually being told it's going to ring I just know it and do.


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