.O The origins of Gravity

Gravity manifest like bubbles in boiling water and so like these bubbles it will manifest in varying degrees depending on the amount of Spaceail migration in the land mass about that area.
Because of the fact that radiation is a key signature of Hyper Spaceail Migration I speculate that uranium deposits in the land should be able to be located by gravity sensors alone.
Gravity over these areas should be in flux as the escaping Spoints effervesces out of the land, as it should be found above nuclear generators and particle accelerators.
I do not feel that the lead containers of these constructions should effect Gravitational Bubbleations (GB) about these areas and they should still be detectable with finely tuned seismographic devices.
All things fall to and are held to the Earth because of GB.
Much like a boat immediately sinks in ebullient water so does all things coming within the area of such activity.
The higher the rate of GB the greater the gravitational force exerted by the object.
Thus stars due to their Hyper Spaceail Migration (HSM) generate massive fields of heat and gravity.
Here too one can find and elusive answer to a question perplexing Astro Physicist through out the world,
"Why is the corona of the sun hotter than the sun itself?"
This is because free Spoints quickly coagulate once free of matter to form the coronas of stars and being no more than varying lengths of microwaves, they are hotter than the star itself.
This too, gives answer to the sun spot, heat variations, flares, and arc phenomena seen in solar activity both on the sun and in its corona.
Much like fire its hottest point is not within it but just above the flames themselves for here is the actual point of Free Spointal Coagulation for in this brief time Spoints have not yet sorted in to their wave lengths but instead all are merged into and arise as one forced resonance.
The same can be seen within the bands of the spectrum the point of highest energy is between them in the invisible.
In this, the area of highest activity, Spoints again sort themselves and merge with those of like levels thus rising or falling (perhaps shifting would be a better word here) to their new or older spectrumal rung.
Much like what happens in an nuclear explosion.
Some matter is converted to heat and light and sound while other is hurled upwards and transformed by the heat and radiation then as the initial event ends they fall back to the earth while that matter that has become light, heat and sound no remain fixed to that wavelength and continues and know has become part of that phenomena.
It is because Spoints are of varying wave lengths they will only join with those of likewise or compatible wave lengths so even with in the tremendous heat levels of the sun there will be found "Cooler" areas or bubbles.
This is what causes the arching that is attributed to magnetics seen on the sun, this is not to say magnetics is not involved with this phenomena but to say this is the operation behind the magnetic phenomena seen.
Once again showing Spaceail Migration as being the long sought after Unifying Field (UF).
It is the froth and foam (SM) that coats everything large and small that generates their various fields of specific gravity and gravity in general.
It is this froth that is the dark matter that coats the edges of the spinning galaxies and keeps them from flying apart from their incredible rates of speed.


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