Very often I have heard people say the ETs do not speak or that they give long
speeches on the do dos and don't dos of being a good and upright Space Brother.
Neither of these have been my experience.
It has been my experience that when they speak they speak in short bursts
latent with double meanings.
For this reason they are considered deceptive and misleading but then could it be that it is our own misunderstanding of the things they are trying to tell us that causes the confusion?
They speak in "Quantumantics" as I call it and we in our linear interpretations
often fall short in our understanding.
Because these creatures are telepathic they do not need the socail graces of
our linear world.
There is no need to ask how one is doing when one is sharing the same mind.
Nor is there need to express yourself with a smile or a frown as is needed in
our culture so there is not the need to use so much of the muscles in the face.
Your emotions are known to all about you and experienced from the inside out.
Some find this a terrible thought but in a society where nothing is hidden you
have nothing to hide now do you?
This is why abductees often feel they have been Mind Raped after looking into
those soul drinking eyes.
We come away feeling that they know all about us but we know nothing about them but I found if we look at what they do and how it is done we can at times glean meanings from them.
Those who take the time to do so will see the language of the ETs is the
In a telepathic society understanding is instantaneous and complete for what is
said with the mind with in another mind is experienced completely.
When their , the ETs , metaphor is understood it too fills the mind but because
we are linear thinkers it can take years sometimes to see the full picture.
I will now tell you of a personal experience that I had that was witnessed by
six other people in Brewster New York at a place called Magnetic Mine Road.
Like all my encounters this one too is very detailed and I have to tell it as
it occurred for you to see what I mean how these entities do communicate and
why they have to in the matter they do.
I have had many encounters with strange entities all my life but it was not
until the early 1990s that I realized what some of the things were I had been
I guess it all started with Current Affair.
They once ran a show about something that a woman caught on her tape as she was taping UFOs passing over her home on Halloween in Greenville North Carolina hopefully you saw this tape too....
As a child growing up in The South Bronx our family had many visitations by
strange beings it is part of our family history but I will not go into that now...
Mainly it was my younger brother Ralph and I that spoke of these things and
being the younger ones in the house hold no one really listened to us.
We were told that we were having bad dreams and not to talk crazy or
the men in the white suits from the Nut house would come and take us away.
So we , Ralph and I, limited our discussion of these things to ourselves.
We saw so many different kinds of creatures so often at night that we gave them names....
One of the most feared was a creature we called a number of different names but we knew what we were talking about.
It was called primarily A Window Peeper , but also A Window Scratcher ,Window Rapper ,Window Tapper, a Window Knocker ,and most lastly a Yneep Yneep ( the noise these things sometime made).
The Window Peepers were called that because that's what they would do.
The would peep at you around the corners of doors windows or the foot of your
If you looked at them in their eyes they would freeze you.
They were small things like midgets but had long fingers and skinny arms.
They moved like puppets yet were very fast and strong.
They had huge catlike eyes with corneas , iris, and vertical pupils and large
They were tan grayish in color.
Their nose were very small and pugged to the point they looked like holes but
it was a nose.
They had a line where their mouths were and could move it but the sounds were high pitched horse and muted that they made......
They rarely made noise in front of us but we would hear them out on the rooftop outside our bed room window.
Sometimes we would just hear them they didn't always come to our window when we heard them but we could hear them yneeping to each other and scurrying about.
This often is what woke us up in the first place in the early hours of the
When they were there for you they would scratch ,rap ,tap or knock at the
window (hence the many names we called them) to get you to look in that
Sometime this would go on for what seemed like hours until you finally would
look and then you would either see them peek at you or they would just suddenly pop up on the window sill.....
They seem to be able to manipulate time in a way so that it seemed it would not pass so you could lay there for hours with in minutes if you know what I
As an adult I experienced this with a woman friend of mine so I have a witness
too this phenomena too.
If that didn't work they would talk to you in your head.....
"Look at the window..... You know you want to..... You know you will....
You know you have to.... You know you will..... Look at the window..... "
At these times I would play dead under my covers holding my breath and stilling my movements to the minimum thinking they would not see me and go away.
This could go on for hours until you finally did look then they would have
I end this part here for I don't want to get side tracked...
When we told our parents of it or when the encounter was over and we started screaming bloody murder ,once we were able to, we were told it was just a bad dream and to lay down turn to the wall and go to sleep....
Over time we began to except what we were told by our parents but after having a day light encounter with similar creatures I began to call them Dream Demons , for I thought they had followed me back from my dreams.
I also thought maybe the house was haunted and these were spirits that lived in the air shaft between our building and the bed factory which roof was out side of our window.
As a result of these encounters I ended up with a over powering terror of
windows in the night time.
My shades were kept drawn and the bed room window was covered with a sheet.
If by mistake or happenstance the shades in one of the rooms was left up at
night time and I had to go into the room to lower it I'd suffer panic attacks.
I could not sit in the house knowing the shade was up ,yet was so afraid that a
face would pop up in the window that my legs would almost collapse beneath me when I went to draw them.
My Brother Ralph died of aids in 1988 so he never saw the tape of the Window
Peeper and he for me was the only one who could verify the creature on the tape as being a Window Peeper.......
Now , understand I was in my early forties then and it had been years since I
even thought about the name of Window Peepers the moment I saw the creature drift to the window I jumped out of my chair and shouted.
"Oh my God they got a Window Peeper on tape."
I never made the connection to these things and UFOs until I saw the tape made by Mrs. Gina Jones of Greenville South Carolina.
The moment I saw the creature fly to her window on the tape I recognized the
movements and form as that of a Window Peeper that was when it all began to
come together for me....
They had not been coming from the alley but were landing on the roof.
I had a flash back to when Ralph and I were little more than babies I had to be
five our six Ralph three our four.
It was a winter morning and we went to the window to look out because it had
snowed that night.....
Out on the factory roof was what I would say now was a thirty foot perfect
circle on every where else in the city we looked was a half inch of snow except for the bare area on the roof.
Ralph took a look and said......
"Look Mother it looks like a flying saucer landed and took off."
Our mother immediately said.....
"Don't talk nonsense Ralph that is just because the heat in the factory is
melting the snow that's all."
But her expression said differently than her words.
That ended it for then but in the nine years we lived there we never saw that
pattern repeat in the melting snow again.
I had not thought about it again until that moment......
I only connected the Window Peeper to UFOs because in the tape one of the UFOs she had been taping vanished the moment this creature goes gliding by her window as she turns to tape the nocturnal lights passing over her home.
This too sent a chill through me for as a child I use to get dreams where the
stars would move out of their places to make different patterns and shapes in
the sky.
These were some of my favorite dreams the lights she taped looked like those I
use to dream of.
These "Dreams" always opened the same way with me raising through what I called a long cave toward a light that I called The Eye then suddenly I would be on the roof over my bedroom looking up at the stars as they moved out of their places to make these wonderful patterns and shapes over head.
Never knowing that forty or so years later I would be standing in my backyard
in Brooklyn videotaping the very things I used to dream of.
As a result of my taping these lights I two years later had an abduction but
for brevity I don't go into it now.......
It was that abduction that finally made me realize what I had been calling
Vivid Dreams all my life had really been true experiences for this one had left
behind tangible evidence.
Altered terrain and plant life its marks were left in the soil and plant
growth for three years afterwards until the department of parks literally
allowed it to be destroyed.
I have this on video tape too.
As a result of this I came down with Bells Palsy which was caused by stress.
I decided I had to do something or loose it altogether so I contacted M.U.F.O.N
headquarters in Texas and spoke to Walt Anders the head of it at that time he
put me in contact with their New York branch.
I was later interviewed by Antonio Hunanese.
It helped somewhat but not enough I needed a support group while M.U.F.O.N was just an investigative group.
I later became part of a group that was called S.P.A.C.E.
This group was back then made up of Experiencers like myself who had encounters and needed to talk with people of like kind.
But I was always wary of these kind of organizations for I feared cult groups.
I had read and heard that there was a lot of weird peoples involved in UFO
S.PA.C.E. Had a different way of looking at alien encounters they leaned toward
taking the terror out of them and trying to maybe establish contact with them.
I began to think maybe I should try to deal with this situation in another way
being that the way I had been was causing problems.
I started to look at this phenomena differently and it did help a bit.
Gradually the stress that caused my Bells Palsy faded ,and with it went the
Then one night I had what I first thought was a dream.
I thought it was a dream because Ralph was in it I remember saying to myself in this dream great Ralph is visiting me tonight.
For even in the dream I knew he was dead but considered any dream into which he entered a visitation.
In the dream Ralph entered my bed room carrying a tray kind of like the
plastic ones you get to carry your food at any fast food place.....
This was black in color and had little geometric shapes cut out of it.
He sat it on my chest and I looked at it and then back to him puzzled as to its
He said nothing but raised his pointer finger and moved it side to side while
shaking his head slowly no.
Suddenly two little beings entered the room behind him.
They were like solid shadows but I knew what they were for I had seen them in this form before.....
I tried to get up ,but Ralph repeated his afore mentioned jester and with his
four fingers of each hand pointed to himself and then he too became one of these things.
Enraged that they had used Ralphs' image to get so close to me to put this tray
on my chest I tried to raise up.
The second I did something that looked like quick silver came out of the holes
cut into the tray and I was slammed back onto the bed.
I tried again to rise but once more this happened I grew angrier and began to
push against the force that was pushing me back down.
Each time I did I was able to raise higher and higher from the bed.
Each time I did the three entities stepped farther back from the bed.
In the midst of my struggle three more of these things came through the wall and passed right over my bed one behind the other.
They paid no attention to me but sped out of the room.
On my bed room door I have a full length mirror and when my door is open I can see the bathroom doorway.
The doorway was replaced by a wall of blackness which writhed like a tangle of worms in India ink as the three forms entered it.
I was now pushing with all my strength against the thing holding me down and
was winning for the three things in the room turned and fled in to the wall of
It stilled a second but began to move again and I saw a huge grey bulbous head
starting to come out of the darkness and I cried out....
"Help! Help! Oh! Oh!"
And then I heard my little dog Cyn bark twice the bind was broken and I sat
right up.
"I got you ,you sons of bitches!!!!" I shouted for as I did every night after
my abduction the year before I taped myself in bed.
Then when I looked to the camera secreted between the tv and VCR shelf I saw my money pouch had been removed from my pocket and set in front of the lense.
It covered only the area of the bed I was in.
Viewing the tape you see my hand come up during my struggle with the thing on my chest and you here my cries for help and despair then the barking of Cyn then you see me set up.......
I know any one will say that it was a dream but one thing about a dream you
never remember going to sleep but you always remember waking up.
There was no waking up here I went from laying down struggling too getting up and looking at the camera it was seamless....
At the next S.P.A.C.E meeting I told them of what had happened the woman whom house the meeting was at had no VCR so I never got to show the tape but I did talk to the group about how I felt about what the entities had done and how they did it.
I said I did not like the fact that they deceived me......
Why did they have to deceive me why did they have to use Ralph?
I didn't mind them taking sperm or genetic material for I abstain from sex..
If they are going to use it to create another life form somewhere out there I
don't care.......
My body would absorb it any way if it is not used.....
Hell that maybe how life on Earth started genes taken from one species to be
added to another to make a life that can exist under different conditions of
other worlds.
If that is all they want take it I don't care....
But what I hated most was the fact that they would always paralyzed me during the encounters.....
Why did they always have to bind me?
After I voiced these thoughts at the meeting I was asked if I would like to
take part in a group effort that was going to be taking place around the world
where people were going to make a conscious effort to make mental contact with these beings and ask then to land and talk to us.
Maybe I could then ask them for myself...
It was to be done here by the S.P.A.C.E. Group and in England at Stone Hedge by a group with Colin Andrews the same day.
They were going to use the methods of the Steven Greer Groups.
I said rather sarcastically it was nonsense for us to believe we can call them
here with our minds and flash lights in a dark field.
It was more like they were telling us were and when to go and when we got there to flash a light so they would know we were there.
I felt that way for the reason I was able to take so many tapes of the UFOs that I have was because I was "told" to get your camcordrer and come outside at this time and you will see us passing over.
I thought it was foolish of them to think they could call them down but agreed
to lend my efforts to them that night.
It was easy to do this sitting in the comfort of a nice home of one of the
members but as I was riding home that night I thought better of it and said to
"Oh hell no I'm not going to go upstate somewhere with these people I barely
know and wave a flash light saying ...... Yooo Hoo aliens come get me......"
I decided I would not go........
That next week my mother came to New York from Virginia.
She was staying at my sisters home in the North Bronx.
The long ride up by van had injured her back and she could not move about so I spent my time going back and forth from Brooklyn to the Bronx visiting with
To my surprise when I told her of the S.P.A.C.E group she seemed pleased and
said she was happy I found a place I could go to talk about it with others.
Then she began to tell about others in my family that had like experiences but
they called them other things like demons or spirits and even of how she had
encounters with strange things and phenomena as she was growing up.
It was during one of our visits that I noticed on her right leg center shin was
a be be sized scoop mark.
I remember seeing it as a child but it didn't mean anything to me it was just a
mark Mother had on her leg but now I knew it did mean something .
I asked her about it but she said she had it all her life and didn't remember
where she got it.
Then she started talking about how she use to get switchings because she would go out into the fields for no reason and lay down in the grass and the next thing she knew she was looking at the stars through the blue skies.
My grandmother would call her for hours but she never heard her and when she'd finally come home she got beatings......
It was one Sunday evening that I was leaving that as I was waiting for the bus
to the Subway I saw a jet black object slowly coming over the Co Op across from the bus stop.....
As I watched it would change its shape from discoid to triangular.
Walking over to a group of people who were also waiting for the bus I pointed
it out to them asking if they knew what it was.
They all stood aghast watching the strange thing barely move then hover then
move then hover.
I asked them if they would write what they saw and sign it.
Some did I still have this paper.
As I was watching I could not get over the feeling that it was trying to tell
me something , but what it was I did not know.
I put down the time and date and said to those around me...
"Every time I see things like this something always makes me loose sight of it.
Well this time even if the bus comes I'm going to stay here and watch to see
where this thing goes."
With that the thing just popped out and was gone that same instant the bus
turned the corner and pulled up.
When I got home I had a message on my answering machine it was from one of the members of S.P.A.C.E.
He was asking me to get in contact with them for the next day they were going
to Brewster for the Cseti.
The call had come the exact time I was looking at the craft wondering what it
was trying to tell me and writing down the time.
I decided then I should go........
The next day I packed my cam corder some tapes and my battery into my big
canvass bag and left.
I had explain to them that I had five dogs and that I would have to be home
that night to walk and feed them.
I was told this was fine for they would drive me back to the train station to
catch the last train back to New York City.
I met them all up in Brewster New York at Bobs Dinner which was just outside
of the train station.
We went to a huge field which used to be Merits farms where we sat and waited and watched.
It was as I was sitting in these field that I discovered the battery for my cam
corder was missing.
So I was unable to get pictures of the strange cloud formations that were
abundant that day one which really was interesting was a perfect triangle but
nothing that I thought was supernatural or of alien origins.
As night fell others went out to scour the country side I myself choose to just
remain where I was sitting and to enjoy the fresh country air which is all I
felt we were going to get out of it anyway.......
A short while later we all went to an area of the field where we then formed a
circle and held hands, I hate holding hands , and were led in a long boring
meditation. (Gag me with a spoon.)
A tone"C# "were played and we all directed our lights to the sky and flashed a
moment turned them off and the tone was once more played and we again directed our lights toward the cloudy heavens and flashed again and the note was played again etc... etc.... etc.
I remarked...
" What do we expect them to do come down and do a Cancan along the edge of
their saucers now?"
We returned to the field and the others went back out to look around.
As I was sitting there with another member in the dark I saw a red light moving among the trees in the distance , but really paid it no mind.
After all we were up in the mountains of New York State I assumed I was seeing the tail lights of a car on a road way some distance off an said nothing.
That was when the others returned saying that one of the women of the group Joan Cara who is listed in
The 100 Top Psychics in America by Paulette Cooper and Psychic New York by Patricia Collins had been down on the opposite side of the hill be low us and saw a red light moving above her through the trees.
She had received a mental message that if we went to Magnetic Mine Road at 3:00 AM we would be shone something.
It was only because she had seen the red light I'd seen that I said I would
stay too......
It was then the thunder and lightening started I announced to the group that
being struck by lightning gives me a severe rash and suggested we leave the
field being that I was the tallest object there.
Which we did.
It was during our hasty retreat from the field that my flash light breathed its
last and died.
We made it to the cars just as the rain began to pour down.
A cold front was moving through and the humidity was transformed into torrents of rain.
By the time we reach Magnetic Mine Road the storm was over and the sky had
cleared and we could see the moon and stars.
It was a bit chilly but bearable.
The car I came in parked lower down on the road while the other parked farther up on the road.
As we got out off the car we were greeted with much less humidity and the sound of wind in , and water dropping from the trees.
They ground was wet so we all stood around talking.
our driver was showing us the high powered search light he had brought for
signaling any craft we may see.
It was powered from the dash board so we had not used it during the meditation.
As we were standing there talking I heard the sound of foot falls coming up the
We were in a clearing below power lines the sound was coming from the
darkened area of the road where the trees blocked off the moon light.
I calmly remarked some ones coming up the road thinking it was locals who had seem the light and thought maybe we were stranded there.
I speak softly so at first no one really heard me.
Then something I can only describe as a wall of fear came up the road from the
darkness and hit me.
I was in a instantaneous panic and shouted ,"Someone is on the road!"
This time they heard me and stopped talking .
The strong beamed light was turned on and directed into the darkness but
nothing was seen.
Yet we could still hear the foot steps.
We moved back up the road to join the other group.
As we did I walked out of the wall off fear and as sudden as it came it was
Like turning off a switch.........
"I think it was a deer we heard Posey." the driver said
",There is a lot of them up here this time of year."
"Why didn't we see it on the road then and those sounded to be human foot steps like three people walking to me." I said.
As we were standing there talking I again heard the soft foot falls and the
wall of fear came up the road and hit me again and once more I was in terror.
"There , is, someone on the road!" I said again.
We all stopped to listen and all heard the steps again.
The light of six flash lights pierced the darkness below the trees of again
nothing seen.
"Its deer or racoons or something." was said.
"No," I insisted ",I can prove it to you."
I told every one to turn side ways on the road and they did.
Then I said....
"Listen how come you can hear water falling from the trees, crickets, and wind
in the trees coming from up the road but yet its like the volume of the world
has been turned off coming from down the road."
"That's them" the groups head said and we turned and started toward the
As we walked he began to speak.
"We welcome you to our world in peace and friendship...."
That was when the second wall came up the road and hit me and I was filled with anger and rage but it did not replace the fear I now had a part of me screaming
"Run!" while now the other ordered "Attack!"
Until this point in my life I did not know that emotions had a life and mind of
their own.
They were like different mes in me as real as the rational me.
"Please show yourself to us..." I heard someone say.
"But not in a way that will scare me to death.." I heard myself say.
This was not a voluntary comment it was from that other part of me the scared
"Yes show yourself in a way we won't scare ourselves..." the group head said.
"Please extend your hand in friendship.." he went on to say.
"So I can tare it off and beat the rest of you to death with it." came from me
again to my surprise.....
As we neared the darkness these two emotions began to sweep and wash over me as if they were two poles of a spinning emotional magnet.
Each time it hit there was a reaction with all of the group for they stopped in
their tracks and I found myself far ahead of them all and asked...
"Why am I the only one with out a flashlight yet the only one up here?"
They sped up and joined me as I took another step I hit another wall.
One of the young ladies of the group looked at me and said....
"He's in trauma.... Breath Posey and let go of the fear....."
Then came the third involuntary response.
"Don't breath don't move and they won't see you...."
This is what I use to repeat to my self as a child when I was hiding under my
covers for I knew "They" were at the window.
Now there were three at war inside of me I was being told to run ,attack ,and
to stand there all at once.
All the time the rational me was trying to gain control of all three telling
them this was not an abduction this is why I had come here......
Then all of a sudden it felt as if my heart was being squeezed with in my chest
and I said....
"If this does not stop I am going to drop dead right here right now."
At that second I saw two lights flash across the sky......
They looked like cylinders a big one and a smaller one and I knew and said...
"They are gone...."
"How do you know they are gone?" I was asked.
"I just know." I said and walked down to and into the darkness below the trees.
"If Posey can go down there now," some one said ",then you can be sure they are gone."
They were right they had vanished with the lights as did the war with in me.
Not only that but the area where I knew these things to have been standing was bone dry.....
As we were walking back to the cars one of the group said.....
"I wonder why they didn't show themselves."
"Because if they would have shown themselves as they are I probably would have lost my mind and would have ran off crazy......
If they would have appeared as humans I would have attacked them for I would know they were deceiving me.."
"Oh we would not have let you attack them." she said.
"Then I would have attacked you.." I answered.
I spent the rest of the journey home apologizing to the group for the way I
acted for I felt I had blown our one chance for contact.
For in truth I had no idea that I would react that way to them.
I went there thinking I was open for contact finding I was far from it.
I was later told by the group head....
"Posey they did not come for us they came there for you..."
I knew in my heart he was right and felt a little bit better but still felt
awful that this was suppose to be a world wide effort and push for contact and
my action may have caused it to fail.......
Even if they had staged this for me I acted out in such a matter that I was
ashamed of myself......
When I got home the sun was just beginning to rise as I entered the foyer to my building the light went out triggered by the timer.
As I put the key into the lock I saw a dull flash to my left.
On the trimming by the door I saw something and picked it up.
It was a yellow crystal rabbit it was bound with a black string.
The instant I saw it I understood what it meant and why it was there.
It was a metaphor...........
It was their way of saying....
We understand why you acted the way you did toward us this night.
Your fear of us ( the yellow coloring of the ornament= chicken= fear)
Crystallized when you were a little child (bunny).
Doing as a bunny dose when hunted (Don't breath don't move they wont see you.)
And so we must bind you (the black string black = the color they take so that
I can not see what they look like ,and the black craft seen the evening I left
my sisters home in The Bronx they were telling me then it was them..
The string = the binding or paralyzing they must do to me for both their safety
and mine.
For as you see even if we take the form of a loved one or no form at all you
nor we are safe in your presence.......
When I got inside I was shocked to find the battery for the cam corder had been taken out if the bag and placed under the cushion of my arm chair.....
Had I had that battery I would have been too busy trying to tape what was going on I would never have gotten the full scope of what was going on around me...
This somehow triggered a change in me or a transformation as it is called by
My fear of windows in the night time lessened.
I can now go to the window at night time and draw the shade with out the
crippling terror that I use to have.
It was not until years later that as I was viewing the tape made by M.U.F.O.N
at my abduction site that I realized I had physically changed also.....
I am willing to except the explanation that once I had worked through my trauma it resulted in me taking better care of myself but that guy on the tape was almost a different person altogether though younger he looks older.
Some have said that I grew younger looking.
I don't think so but I do see the difference in me and the me on the tape.
As final note I will close on is the fact that maybe two years after that
encounter on Magnetic Mine Road I was being treated to a birthday dinner by my brother Mark at a Chinese restaurant when I noticed on the place mat were the Chinese animals for each of the years.

You guessed it I was born the year of the rabbit.


Quantumantics Pt.2