Quantumantics Part Two



Above you see a copy of the Chinese Zodiac, a close up of the sign of the rabbit, and a scan of the bunny that dimly pulsed to get my attention as I was entering my home.
Please note the Bunny does not glow or give off light in any way or form, why it did so when I first saw it I do not know.
It is made of plastic and unfortunately one of its ears the right one was accidentally broken off over the years.
This too could be looked at Quantumantically as saying,
"You have broken off your listening to your right side ( Physical Side ), or you're right side ( your physical side is injured.)"
I also understand that it too may also be a very grave warning, that I am in danger of loosing my right leg.
All of the above warning are true over the years since I found this bunny I have developed diabetes, and my right foot for the last five to six years has an ulceration beneath it.
Once again this could be marked off as only a synchronicity, but once again it is right on point.
But please to not misunderstand me, just like I do not believe that the aliens made the paper mat above I do not believe they made the bunny.
I say they used them to speak to me and explain why they did as they did and do as they do, and to show me that they are aware of what is going on in my life.
In fact I say it shows a bit of concern about my health and well being.
I believe that this type of circumstantial evidence has too long been over looked by most investigators as too coincidental.
The ignoring of these things has lead to much confusion in the recognition of any messages given during UFO Sightings and or Alien Encounters.
To me it seems "They" have been talking to us all along, but we have so far been unable to understand what they are saying.
Whitney Strieber seems to have been taken up in the spiritual levels of his encounters.
Budd Hopkins focus has been on the more terrifying and sensual aspects of the Encounters.
Professor. John Mack has been to focused on the psychological ramifications.
Dr. Jacobs seem to have been focused on the evil alien spewations of the media.
If more of the infamous stories of the past would be now looked upon Quantumantically, much of the blinding horror of these tales could be removed. Only when this is done will we get a better understanding of what has been going on all these years.


Below is a lift blown up 200 Xs from the Gina Jones tape shown on Current Affair.



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