UFOs, Aliens, And Racism

It seems to me that although UFO and alien encounters take place through out the world whenever they are being televised or made into a documentary there is always an absence of people of color in them.
Is it that these things do not occurred to people of a darker hue?
Or is it that the media feels that these people are less credible because they occupy the lower rung of the social ladder in western societies?
Because of this there is a wide spread notion amoung the minoritiesthat minorities are not abducted by these beings what ever they are.
As a result those that are, are less likely to talk about it or seek help when the reality that these things do happen brings their world crashing down about them.
They are for the most part left to fend for themselves by family friends and their churches.
Some go crazy and other seek the solace offered by drugs, alcohol, among and in some cases madness and suicide.
Of course this happens to Caucasians as well, but when they report these things, the media seems more than willing to come running to investigate what is going on.
I often wonder if the sightings that are taking place in Mexico, and South America were taking place, in such numbers over Europe, what would be the media's response then?
If Betty Hill had not been with Barney when the abduction took place, or had been black, Native American, Asian or a Latina, what then?
Would there have been any attention at all paid to them.
As it is although Barney was there also, so little is known about how it affected him, and those about him that, he may as well not have been there at all.
True Barney may not have been as forth coming about this as was Betty, and I am grateful that she was.
Still saying that their roles had been reversed would White America have listened?
Unfortunately I am forced to answer that in the negative for even with the incident in Africa made famous by Professor John Mack in the early nineties, why were there so few black Africans interviewed?
When I asked him about that at a lecture he gave his response was,
"Well I will be going back to Africa to speak to more black people about abductions."
My response was,
"You don't have to go to Africa to speak to black people there are plenty of us here."
It was not said to be confrontational but to point out to him that there was a resource closer to home that he could focus on also.
Please understand I am not over looking the fact that like most people, black people will not talk about these events when they happen to them, not even to each other.
Oddly enough they seem to adhere to the old lines delivered by Project Blue Book and Carl Sagen even more so than do most whites.
Yet in the same breath they will say they don't believe anything that the white media says.
The biggest surprise to me is that some do not even know when they have actually witnessed a UFO or had a significant sighting!
A good example of that was shown to me when I tracked down a fellow that almost thirty years ago witness an awesome display in the skies of the South Bronx with me and fifty others.
During the passing of an enormous UFO Cloud Ship as I called it then (Plasma Craft) as some call them today, the clear night sky ripped open to show another sky within the sky.
This sky was lighter than ours was as if it was just after sun down where we were seeing, though the sun had set where we were.
That sky had other stars in it in other configurations.
Then a huge moon like ball rose out of the other sky passed through the opening and danced in our skies before expanding and fading away into a faint grayness.
This happened three times in succession.
At that point I left thinking it was the end of the world I preferred to die at home with my family.
When I finally relocated him almost thirty years later to my shock and utter amazement he said he hadn't thought about it anymore since it happened and that not one of the other fifty plus people there ever spoke of it beyond that point.
He then told me I should forget about it!
As a result of this it seems there is now a rift with in the UFO community.
There are those that believe that the aliens will come to annihilate one race in favor of the other.
The Nordics will kill off all the blacks, and the Nibiru will kill of all the whites while those hated Grays are coming to eat everyone.
This is but a small part of the nonsense I hear spouted these days.
In my experiences I have encountered Nordics as some call them, Grays, and jet black beings and truly I feel they do not feel a difference toward any of us.
We to them are just another species that they are studying, or harvesting at this time.
It is foolish for us to attach our racist view points to them for to them we are but one race, human.

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