Ralph's Pin.


Back in the fifties when I was a child I put a penny into the gum ball machine and got a little toy light bulb instead of a gum ball.
Today some would be shocked to think that there was a time when little toy trinkets would be mixed in with bubble gum balls and candy but no one thought about such things in those days you were just to know better than to put little toys in your mouth I guess.
Though I first felt cheated by the little trinket I soon became caught up in the detail of the toy.
It was painted just like a light bulb and even had a little GE symbol pressed on top of it.
I immediately popped it into my mouth and carried it there for the remainder of the day.
Cheat me out of a gum ball will you?
I had to be five or six at the time what did you expect?
It was late in the evening when we were called up stairs and told to get ready for bed.
Ralph and I slept in the living room at that time on the day beds.
No by one we went into the bath room washed up and got in bed.
I put my little bulb on side of the sink as I brushed my teeth and grabbed it up as soon as my mother came in knowing she would take it from me saying that I'd end up swallowing it or some thing like that you know how mothers are.
Soon the house hold was quiet and every one was in bed and I popped the bulb out of my mouth to put it on the lamp table because I did not want to swallow it in my sleep.
To my delight and surprise it was glowing.
" Ooo look Ralph "I whispered across the living room
" It glows! "
I then put it in my eye and held it in place by squinting and said " Woo the eye of Smathers is upon you. "
I then took it out and tossed it onto his bed.
He playfully whispered a fake scream, grabbed it up and tossed it onto my bed, and I faked screamed, and tossed it back onto his, and he faked screamed and tossed back to me, and in mid flight across the room the light went out as if it cut off or was caught by something between us and we both screamed for real.
" Y'all chaps Stop that noise ! " came from up the hall from our parents room.
" But .. but... " I started.
" But nothing ! " came our mother voice again,
" I heard you two playing now you shut up and go to sleep before I come down there with the belt! "
That ended that and we both still shaken from what happened lay down and went to sleep.
The next morning Ralph awoke me and said,
" Look what I got. "
He held out his hand and in it he had a safety pin.
If was of a turquoise metal that seem to give of its own light but not only did it give off a light but it also seem to radiate a coldness.
He dropped it into my hand and it was cold and felt like a little breeze was coming from it.
" Where did you get that? " I asked reaching for it.
" I found it in a dream. " he said,
" I dreamed I was walking through the fields by Grandpas and Grannies house and I saw something shinny and when I looked to see what it was, I saw this and I picked it up."
When I awoke this morning I had this in my hand."
I immediately thought about my disappearing bulb and thought that what ever had snatched it had given Ralph the pin as a trade because it was coming from Ralph when it disappeared so it thought it belonged to Ralph, when in truth it was my bulb and so that pin should have went to me!
Ralph must have saw this in my face for he quickly grabbed it out of my hand.
" Let me see it again " I asked.
"No you want to take from me. " he said walking away from me.
" Nah you keep your old cheap pin I do'nt want it " I lied and spent the rest of the morning watch for chance you snatch it away from Ralph.
I knew Ralph he would sooner or later put it down and turn his back then it would be mine.
My chance came when as he was playing at one window of the living room as I pretended to be playing in the other.
The pin was laying on the sill as he played with some other toys of his.
Then our mother called us for breakfast.
Ralph raced into the kitchen.
I dashed over to the window but the pin was not there.
I looked about on the floor and under the drapes and the day bed but it was not there.
Walking into the kitchen I asked Ralph, " What about your pin? "
He ran back into the living room and returned crying and accusing me of taking it.
We never saw the pin or the bulb again.
If there are any who read this tthat have had a similar event happen to them or has ever heard of a metal like the one that Ralphs pin was made of please contact me, or post your story or leave a message at this site for me.




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