To my readers:

Sorry for the recent horror show.
But most people don't or won't allow you to speak about this side of the phenomena.
I believe that half truths are whole lies, because of this as you now know I have been kicked out of many UFO and Alien Abduction Groups this is always done because the Non-Experiencers want to believe they are all like ET.
They are not!
I have always known that the only reason I am alive today is because it was not on their agenda for that visitation if it was I would not be here to talk about it.
This is why I always tell people to be careful of them all, even the good looking humans who ever they are or say that they are.
Remember Jeffrey Dammers' looks were almost angelic yet he was a cannibal and he was human.
If we can't blindly trust our own species why should we blindly trust any other species?
Remember the Dodo.  

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