Secret Governments And Sacred Sites.


When the Nibiru last left they said they would return in judgment of the living and the dead.
We can well understand the term judgment of the living but how can one judge the dead?
Now just what could "Return in judgment of the living and the dead " really mean?
It means that those living when they return will be judged by the history of their forefathers.
Be you black, brown, red, white, yellow, or mixed with any or all of the a fore mentioned, every one will be judged as one race Human.
It will be much like the questions posed to the character John Kane played by "Sidney Poitier" by the character Doc. Thomas played by "Will Geer" in the movie " Brother John ", once the doctor finally realized just who and what Brother John truly was and why he was there.
His questions all could basically be summed up into one, which was,
"Will the fate of Mankind be determined on the basis of each individual or as a species at whole? "
For those that have not seen this masterpiece, you could think about it as in the haunting lyrics of the song.
"What If God Was One Of Us?"
In other words,
" What if one of the people you met today had been one of these "Observers and how had you treated them when you met them?"
Chilling thought huh?
With this question in mind we can now truly understand the meaning behind the statements,
" The sins of the fathers will fall on their sons." and "You are your brother's keepers."
They, the Nibiru have been gone for 3600 years it is easy to see how they could be monitoring our societies in the more recent histories by using radio and tv, but how could they know of things in the days before these inventions, with out some of them being left behind to live among us?
Well being that a year for them equals 3600 years for Mankind it would be but a simple tour of duty for some of them to be left behind to monitor and log human development and activities.
Because we look like them they can walk among us unnoticed.
When they have to then move on to other places so that it will never be noticed by those about them that they do not age as does all humans, being that they are the founders of the church and all kingships they too are the founders of all governments and so also have direct access to any records they may need to seamlessly blend into another society else where.
In fact if there is a secret government, or an Illuminaty operating in this world, I give you two guesses as to who is behind it?
With this in mind we can now see how it came about that in many cultures throughout the ages, throughout the old world it was customary to be hospitable to strangers for
as the saying goes, "They may be angels or gods in disguise."
We can now also see the real reason for the keeping of records in all societies, oral or written.
We may also see one of the hidden reasons that people are implanted during abductions and what may be another reason for implants other than tracking devices, as silent observers their to record our societies from the perspectives of those with in it.
This also answers the questions that are often barked at "Encounterors" by skeptics and believers alike,
"Why did they choose you and not a scientist or some one high on the social ladder or more educated?"
If you want to judge a society as a whole you will have to know how it treats those on its lowest rung, those at its very bottom, so you will implant the despised, the sickly, the elderly, and the out casted.
However, you will also implant all levels in between, but because those at the top stand to loose more they will remain silent.
Those in the middle areas also may do this too for they are hoping to get to the top levels themselves.
Thus it is more often those at the lower levels that are the ones that will come forward and be presented in the media.
This well serves the needs of the secret government, which as we all know would prefer that these things are dismissed as the ranting and raving of uneducated and crazy peoples seeking fame and fortune by spreading fantastic tales.
Now you may be saying that is all well and good in theory but, if "They" are here wouldn't they still need central command bases or a headquaters to operate from and report back to, and if they had such bases would not some of them have been discovered over the last 3600 years?
Yes is the answer to both of those questions.
There are strange areas and sacred sites all about the world that we know now still produce energies, and anomalies that though we have not yet been able to access and use, we know that they are still producing these energies.
Could this secret government be the reason world wide all governments seem to work against the development of machines that can tap into the ocean of free energy about us, and why more money and time is sank into things that in the end are contrary to their people's needs?
Think about it, if we had developed some of the many free energy devices that have been discovered over the many years we would have never had, had to waist money and effort on building missles we did not dare to use because they would have destroyed both us and our enemies, for what enemies would we have if we did not have to fight over limited resources to run machines that in the end pollute our world.
These active bases have remained safely hidden deep in the virgin forest, in inaccessible mountains, caves, dessert regions, under lakes and oceans, for centuries.
Though that may have worked very well for the times when the human population was under control and had limited mobility, it does not work any more.
As we push farther into these area more and more we are coming upon their active areas.
The Bermuda triangle and the mysterious areas of the finger lakes, the jungles of South America and Puerto Rico and why more and more horror stories are emerging from those that enter these areas.
Today the burning of rain forests in "third world" countries is now forcing the native peoples of the forest deeper into the areas of their ancient bases.
By the way ever ask yourself what is the first world if these under developed countries are considered third world, dose that not leave two more worlds?
If the developed countries are the second are those are the Nibiru inhabiting the missing first world and where is this first world?
The answer to this last question may be the very reason that we are now getting reports of so called negative UFO encounters, and why so many deadly and strange viruses are arising from the third world.
Baring in mind that the Nibiru were both master geneticist, and technicians we may now see a link between these terrifying reports as these native peoples are now entering the areas of the First World.
Let us for a moment, think of the story of King Gilgamesh who wanted to become immortal, and the robot called Huwawa that protected the base of the gods which he and the wild man Enkidu faced how it was said, to kill with a beam of light that came from its forehead.
There too he had to enter untraveled thickly jungled virgin lands to get to their bases.
Now think about the reports of the huge rectangular UFOs called Chupas coming from the native hunters of the south American rain Forrest, that have been reported to be micro waving those of them that venture too far into the forest as reported by Jacques Vallee in his last book Confrontations.
Not to mention the human mutilations that have occurred but have rarely been reported for the fear of the terror these reports may cause in the populous another very disturbing thing is that humans also have been reported to have been found in the same bloodless condition as are the animal victims of the Chubracabra and those found at cattle mutilation sites as reported in UFO MAGAZINE
And do please note, that some of these reports go as far back as 1969.
Do these Chupas, and the fifteen mile long object that rose up from the surface of Mars to disable the Martian probe Phobos now serve the same purpose as did the Huwawa?
Are they protection from curious human interlopers and trespassers?

Into The Darkness