September stightings what a doozy!

This September has been a doozy for strangeness for me but I will only talk of that part of the strangeness that deals with UFOs in this report.
I have had several UFO sightings this month over my home in Brooklyn.
One was on September 9th approximately 7:30 PM.
I was standing out back of my home in the back yard walking my dogs enjoying the cooler weather that had come in when a golden red glimmer caught my eye in the western sky.
I looked up and saw a golden red cylinder or fuselage traveling from west to east and looking for wings I said to myself,
"Ahh, it is just a jet and the set sun is reflecting off of its underside."
Then I relized though high up, it was still low enough and still light enough outside that I should have not only saw its wings but the windows too if it was a jet liner plus here its engines, none of which did I see or hear.
Then I noticed that the body was a bit wider in the middle than a jet liners body.
To my eye sight it was five centimeters long and one and a half centimeters at its widest point.
It moved quickly and silently behind a tree and I waited for it to come out on the other side which it never did.
My next sighting was September 23rd at approximately 2:15 PM.
I had a appointment to see my doctor about my back and was standing on the elevated platform of Sutter and Rutland road waiting for the downtown #3 train when I saw a jet liner glint in the sun in the distance I thought about the other object I saw earlier this month and was comparing the look of this turning jet to it, as for a moment its wings vanished from view as it tilted in its turn.
I must admit it looked similar to the other object but it's body was much thinner and it moved differently through the air it did not seem to slide as the other object did.
Then the jet stabilized itself and the suns reflection dimmed down at that moment I saw another object flare up and streak off in the distance just beyond the turning jet.
I thought maybe it was a distant jet and watched to see if I could see its dark form but I never did.
There were other jets in the area and I could see them even though they were farther off than the object that flashed up and sped off.
I knew if I saw them I should have been able to see the nearer object that flashed up and down but I did not.
As I stood there looking for the other object I began to notice jet black forms that zipped into sight and just pop out or shoot off.
"Flies" I said then a big one as if on cue zipped up and hovered there like a big black dragon fly (though it just looked like a blob or globual) I used dragon fly because it did a maneuver I have seen them do that's all.
I stood to get a better view of it, and was going to try to get the attention of one of the other people on the station to see if they saw it too, but before I could say anything, it zipped behind the wall of the station.
I must state here for clarity these dark objects were in the distance not close at all.
The last object I mentioned too was in the distance and was lost to site when it moved down behind the wall of the platform across from me.
Understand I do have floaters so I know what they look like and I know what blood cells look like as they flow about the eye too these were not either of these things for they moved independent of my eyes motion.
I wanted to stay longer and watch but my train came.
Tonight September 26 at approximately 2:25 am I was coming home from my monthly Moonstruck Dinner (named after the diner where we meet, and no skeptics, I was not drunk I do not drink take drugs or get high at all, so I was sober and clear of mind)
As I was walking from the subway I was noting that there was an alignment of the full moon, Jupiter, I think Saturn, and another smaller planet in the sky I was thinking,
"Oh boy there's going to be another terrible earthquake, volcano, accident, or massacre coming up in these next two weeks."
Understand this is not because I read stars or anything like that, but I have noticed over the years that alignments precede such things and I assume it's because of gravity or fluxes in the electromagnetic fields generated during these times.
I was thinking well because all four are in a line straight over head it my be the Pacific islands, the west coast, or south America that gets it this time when suddenly I saw something moving in the darkness above me only by the combined light of the moon and the faint red glow of the city lights below.
It was kind of a dark grey flattened out isosceles triangle with three globes in it. On a ruler I would say it widest point was three centimeters across to my vision.
The three globes took up most of the triangle.
There were no lights on it at all and it was silent as it moved across the sky.
If it was a plane or jet I would have heard its engines, unless it was a new type of glider, I would have to say it was not a plane, for it moved too slow to be so big and stay up there.
It was moving to the south west and I thought that if I ran I could put it on a path that would make it pass before the moon so I could really see what it looked like, but I forgot about the trees along the avenue and lost it amidst the branches of the tree in front of the building next to mine.
Plus the glare of the full moon blotted out the object as it past so I saw nothing more of it.
It was only because of this last and closest sighting I had that I am finally deciding to send in this report.
I have made a picture of the object I saw in the sky tonight, but please note it is bigger in this picture in comparison to the objects in the sky in the picture than it was when I saw it tonight.
Still it is about the size of the object that I saw pass over.

If this object was man made or an alien craft I do not know and will not guess, but it left no contrail, made no noise, and flashed no lights at all during the time I saw it which was about two to three minutes.
If any one else in my area has seen one of these objects please contact me.

Encounters Of The Alien Kind