I don't often suggest the reading of books dealing with aliens but in this case I feel it would be of a benefit to every one to read the works of Zecharia Sitchin called The Earth Chronicles, Eric VonDanicken's Chariots Of The Gods, Immanuel Velikovskys two books Worlds In Collision and Earth In Upheaval and last but just as important Wilhelm Reich's The Function Of the Orgasm in order to best understand this article and how we came to be at the point in our evolution, that we are now, that being, the primary causal agent in the vergeance of our sacred planet Mother Earth on biocide....
This is not written as an excuse for that which is called " human behavior" but as a possible insight into it so that we may better understand the whys behind the terrible things we do to ourselves and our world.
These theories are not put forth by any of these authors but by myself after reading these works even if you do not agree I feel it will still be a great help for people to know the possible origins of our species and of the self destructive habits that we all indulge in not really knowing why we do so, other than our ancestors did it or that some "GOD" says we should or shouldn't...
I remember as a student in high school when I was being taught about evolution and extinction of the many species on Earth I raised my hand and asked in all innocence,
"Teacher, where did we come from?"
An uncomfortable laugh swept through the room and she kind of blushed and said,
"Posey you are too old not to know the answer to that question."
"No" I said "I mean where did we come from Mankind as a species?
It's like we aren't from this planet."
"Why does everything else go along with nature and we are the only thing that goes against it?", I asked,
"How could we evolve so differently from everything else on the planet?
Why would gold become more important than food to monkeys?
How could we go from being a part of nature to living outside of nature?
Wouldn't we have extincted ourselves before we got to this point if we evolved this way naturally?
How could we evolve here, and be this way?"
My questions were answered with but a smile and simple shrug and we continued on.
It wasn't until years later when I read the a fore mentioned books of Eric VonDanicken and Immanuel Velikovskys that some of the pieces started to fall into place and connect but most of my questions were left again unanswered.....
My life experiences had taught me that there were things coming to our world but I had never once put any thought to the fact that they may have been coming here for a long time or that they could have been responsible for the stories of the ancient text and holy writings.
These two authors gave me another way to look at these text but it was Zacheria Sitchin's work that seemed to fill in all the gaps left open by those that came before him.
His translations of the Sumerian Text answer the most important question of all to me, and that is "Why?"
I will not rewrite his books here but will only paraphrase them to point out how we arrived at this critical point in the history of man kind and how there is not one problem we are faced with today that is not a direct result of the sin of these "Gods" that created the species mankind.
455,000 years ago we find these Gods of Nibiru coming to the Earth to try to extract gold from the waters of the Persian Gulf to be used to save their world for their atmosphere was no longer protecting them from the blasting rays of the sun they needed gold to shield themselves from it.
Much like or world will soon be once the hole in the ozone widens.
I think it is interesting they chose the oil rich lands of the middle east as their encampment.
If they were using fossil fuels to power their machines then there is little wonder they lost there ozone layer for it is the same reasons we are loosing ours from the chemicals we manufacture from these very same fuels.
Gold and gems were also needed for their devices for as according to these writings they seemed not to be super natural beings but a super technical race.
As we know today gold, rare metals, and precious crystals are what is needed in electrical devices.
300,00 years ago being unable to extract the gold fast enough from the oceans they then had to mine the Earth, but this was hard work and they were dyeing from coming in contact with the deadly cobalt blue stones.
So they asked Enki head of their genetic laboratories, who's symbol was that of the entwined snakes or as we know it today the double helix, if he could produce a creature that could do this heavy and dangerous work.
He said such a creature already exist it was the apeman.
It was he that said "Let us make man in our own image."
This creature which at that time ate grass and protected the forest creatures by springing traps, and filling in the holes that the gods had dug to capture animals.
The Sasquatch is still referred to by some native cultures as the guardian of the forest."
Could that be the same creature we were split off from?
This creature was said to be able to communicate with animals "telepathy?"
There are also reports of it being able to shape shift and may be a truly inter dimensional creature.
There are those I know that say if this is true that we were once Big Foot, they are glad we were altered for they would not want to look or smell like that horrible creature.
I answer them with this if you were born a wart hog would you not feel the same toward the human appearance?
We feel only this way for this is the only life we will have known.
Still, know that I realize and understand that if not for the sin of these gods I would not be here and I am more than happy to be alive.
I am not writing this to say we all should go about as Sasquatch for we are now as different from them as the ape is from man kind.
But what if by their genetic manipulation we were robbed of a greater and far more grand connection to and understanding of the universe solely because these Gods needed slaves?
In addition you find that you have been denied your inheritance of a level of awareness that we have yet to scratch the surface of and because we were blinded to it we can't fully access our totality or full potential?
Something that the creature they found here had but was stripped away for it was of little use to them when all they needed was the physical attributes of the beings they corrupted (core - ruptured) to make mankind...
Yes mankind was born in sin but it was the sin of these gods not of Mankind.
Just think of it by the fact altering us so we could no longer eat grass look at the carnage brought upon us and the world through out recorded history by famine and wars.
It is also not to be forgotten that after doing this alteration to this creature to make mankind they then once attempted to let it starve to death.
"Why alter a creatures ability to consume grass?" you may ask and wisely so.
Just think about it if you want to make a wild animal subservient to you, you need only to be the only one that it can get food from.
We were made to be able to eat only the foods they provided for us to keep us in check.
This is also done by mankind in our wars and colonization.
By destroying the natural food stocks in the area you make it so the peoples there must come to you and do as you say to eat thus to live.
The slaughter of the American buffalo is a great example of this as well as the doings of the American Fruit Company.
A very good friend of mine from the Philippines Island once told me of how the American Fruit Company came in and destroyed all the natural fruit trees to plant their trees and how he and his family starved for they could not afford to buy the fruit grown on the land were they use to get these fruits free.
So they had to work for slave wages to pick the fruit that they could not afford to buy for themselves.
See how deep into the doings of mankind the ways of these gods goes?
To this day we prepare our food in, serve our foods on, or eat our food off of items that still bare the shapes of UFOs...
Dishes, bowls, pots, woks, spoons (shems), (multi engined rockets at lift of) etc.
Before we eat we thank GOD (or these gods) for the foods we eat for with out them we would starve for we can't eat grass anymore.
More proof of this is the story behind every grain mankind uses is that it came from one God or the other.
The hats worn by those of the field tenders (farmers) and religious orders also reflect the shape of these craft.
The jagged points of crowns are but the shapes of fired engines of ascending rockets rising into the air as well as some of the craft now seen in Gulf Breeze.
The harmonic chants and incantations of the holy men in rocket and UFO shaped topped temples also mimic the sounds of their generators in their craft and temples.
These entities used a ostrich or emu egg shaped and sized device to speak to their King Anu on their home world.
Imagine mankind seeing them holding a somewhat smaller but same shaped portable device in both of their hands as they spoke to there King or to mankind the God of the gods.
To primitive man it would seem they were speaking into their hands would it not?
Any wonder we make the same shape when we pray with our hands?
Another from used in prayer is folded hands with forearms together down to the elbows making the shape of a nose cone " Shem " atop of a rocket.
Or hands clasped with out forearms touching a Shem atop a pyramid.
Or Just hands clasped a Shem or the egg shaped communication device.
Pyramids, ziggurats, Shem shapes, pinnacles, obelisk, and steeples atop all official and religious buildings.
Column and pillars or also present and represent royalty, the elite or authority these too are but the symbols of the gods ie. The tree of life and the tree of knowledge that they were said to possess even in the times long before the mention of them in the bible.
Stylites, pedestals, and totem poles atone humans or figurines atop of or engraved on them to being of the gods or God like why?
Could the shape denote that of rocket ships that at one time carried them back to the heavens.
How many prophets ascended to the heavens amidst clouds fire and thunder?
Just what was a thunderbird?
The meaning of these things were lost to us do to the daily task of living, wars, and natural catastrophes that the human creature have endured over the centuries but we have know come to the point that we now build these one time wonders of the Gods for ourselves.
It only makes sense when the same laws of physics that they had to learn and understand in order to
make their craft airworthy are still present today so little wonder our craft bare similarities.
Or it could just be that part of the mass Quantum mind that we share though we are blinded to is still active on the unconscious level in all of us.
After all we are de-evolving as we re- breed among ourselves could it be that their genetic tampering is now wearing thin and we are reclaiming that missing 90%?
The rise in spirituality we see these days could just be our reconnecting to our mass mind so now children are smarter and ideas spread faster as our Quantum mind now starts to stir and awaken from its sleep.
Hopefully it will not be too long before the 100th monkey, or its equivalent in the species called Mankind, is reached and our slumbering collective mind burst forth once more into total awareness,
but here too this is all dependent on if we can survive the sin of the Gods to the point that, this can happen.
That brings to mind a question I often wondered about as a child and before readings Sitchin's works, why was our species called Mankind and wondered why the male was created first?
Well from the text we find they wanted slaves for the heavy work needed to be done.
It would only make sense that they would create only males to do this work being the physically stronger of the two sexes.
Remember they did not create the apeman only genetically altered it to make the Adapa.
A sterile man like creature which were produced by genetically mixing their DNA with that of the apeman and then implanting the forming fetus into their females to complete the birth cycle.
The Adapas were just meant to work and die out not to reproduce.
This worked fine until those of these so called "Gods" that labored in the fields saw that the Gods of the under world (miners) no longer had to toil and wanted Adapas of there own.
They stole some and a war almost erupted amongst them.
Adapas were hard to produce and so it would take too long to make enough.
These Gods wanted the Adapa to be made able to reproduce but this was not wanted by the Over God and for good reason.
Think about it these creatures were made to dig up the planet and alter it for the Gods while they were here, but what when they left to return to their home world Nibiru?
It would kind of be like what happened in the story of the Sorcerers Apprentice.
While it was one broom carrying water and washing it was fine but as they multiplied the problems they caused grew as their numbers did.
If the Adapas were allowed to work until they died but unable to reproduce then once they died their destruction would end with them, but if they continued to reproduce and carrying out the destructive natures they had programed into them would not their destruction also increase exponentially?
Was this why the God in the bible did not want Adam and Eve to breed?
But as the demand for slaves spread among these gods the demand for the reproductive Adapa increased until Enki finally agreed and created the Adam.
This going against the will of the Over God and making a breeding capable Adapa may be why the bible says a serpent caused Adam and Eve to "sin" or go against the will of God.
Remember Enkis symbol was two entwined snakes.
Also can it be that the horned headdress worn by these Gods later became the horns of the devils and halos of angels?
A point I'd like to make here is about the first woman "Wombed man" Lilith.
Could it be she was too "mannish" for Adams liking and that was because they still wanted a strong slave?
When the Adam rejected her they then made the Eve a creature a little more attractive to the Adam one which he was more willing to breed with.
Would not the true Creator GOD get it right the first time?
We learn also from these writings that 100,000 years ago racism first came about from the fact that some of these Gods felt that because "The Nefilim as they were called in the bible" were marrying the daughters of men and creating offspring other Gods felt they were bringing down the Gods race by polluting the gene pool.
In other words they were creating a race of mongrels (Demi Gods).
This would in more recent history manifest as the belief of Aryan superiority over the Teutons that spawned the creation of the Nazi party.
Please note that Aryan (pronounced Are-re-an which is a derivative of Ares, Mars, or Martian.)
This is the name that is now used to denote those of the Caucasian people.
Ever wonder how those from the Caucus Mountains came to be associated with Mars?
Think about it if these Gods were space faring people and they were mining the Earth why would they not also be mining Mars?
Today we know Mars once had air and water similar to Earth?
If they were making Adapas to mine Earth why not also make Adapas to mine the planet Mars?
Mars being farther away from the sun meant these Adapas needed lighter skins to absorb more of the sun light.
Long light colored flowing hair that draped over the shoulders to hold in body heat as well as far more hairy bodies for warmth.
They would of course have lighter eyes because of their lack of melanin.
While the Earth Adapas would need darker complexions to protect then from a closer sun.
Kinky hair to allow heat to be vented from the heads and far less hairy bodies.
A study on the races once turned up that on the average the Negroids have a much thicker bone structure and are stronger than the Caucasians.
If the Earth Adapa was designed to work on a planet with a stronger pull of gravity would it not have to be stronger than that of the Martian Adapa which had to deal with a weaker gravitational pull.
Do not misunderstand me I am not saying one is superior to the other but I only state that they were designed to work on different planets.
The Earth Adapa would not do well on Mars with its thinner colder atmosphere.
If both planets were being mined and Adapa then Adams were being created to work on each then this can explain how two (races) of mankind came into being.
The blending of these two creatures creating the third race the Teutons.
You may now be asking how dose this explain the Aryan race being called Caucasians.
They were called so for they came from the Caucus mountains, but then where is the connection?
Well for this I feel we should for a moment turn to the works of Velikovsky Worlds In Collision and Ages In Chaos.
In it he ties the Greek myth of the birth of Venus from the head of Jupiter to a comet that arose from Jupiter and wreaked havoc on the Earth And Mars.
He was at a loss to explain how this could have happened but the works of Sitchin gives answer to this with out commenting on it.
It could have been that the passing of Nibiru had tore one of the moons of Jupiter from its orbit sending it hurtling into the inner solar system as a comet that had a number of encounters and collisions with Earth and Mars until its last encounter with Mars slowed it into the orbit it now occupies as our sister planet Venus.
Now imagine if your are living on a world that is about to suffer a direct hit from a comet and you have the technology to leave your world would you not?
Of course not every one will be able to leave so some will have to dig in or go under ground.
Others will leave and try to wait it out in space while still others will go to the nearest planet Earth which is still reeling under the blow of its last collision with the errant planet/comet Venus.
Remember at Babylon the Gods took away our one language (telepathy?), but a On Mars this may not have been done so they still had the knowledge the Gods had given then to serve them
Mars Men coming to Earth would find it as difficult to live as a Earth Men going to Mars.
Where could they go on Earth that would mirror Mars thin atmosphere and its coolness?
The mountain tops no were else on Earth could they find these conditions all present.
Thus we find to these day the blonde haired and blue eyed Aryans come from the Alps and mountains of the world.
How else could such a difference in skin coloring occur naturally I was told once in school it was because the Caucasian were higher up in the north away from the sun of the equator but the Eskimo are also a dark skin people too so this makes no sense as an explanation of the difference in skin colorings and still does not explain there being a smaller part of the Earth population.
This also explains how it could be that on the world wide basis the Caucasian/Aryan is the only true minority while people of color are the majority.
Wilhelm Reich was baffled as to why the Western cultures (Aryans) were so rigid when it came to their sexuality.
And I often wondered why everywhere Western man went they sought to sterilize the area of all its natural fauna and flora.
Well both questions are indirectly answered here.
If you are a culture that for some reason had to live in a controlled environment for example
a space ship or a underground chamber of a dyeing planet like Mars.
You would have to control your sexuality and keep your environment sterile too would you not?
If these Aryans were from the doomed planet Mars they would have to adapt this way of being to save their lives over time it would become a natural way of being to them.
Such a "Hands on the controls" culture would not have evolved naturally on Earth for as we all know Nature is not wasteful what is not needed does not evolve.
This again points to the possibility that they did not evolve here but like the rest of Mankind were manufactured, but to work on another planet, that being Mars.
Still I must stress here they too are from the creature genetically altered by the Gods and so are still of the Earth creature apeman.
This is not about pointing out the differences between the peoples of the Earth but showing how they may have come about and that at our roots we are all the same being just as our DNA has shown the researchers.
The truth is that at our basis we are all the children of the same mother and bastards of the same Gods.
All that I am offering here is a thought as to why there are these differences between we the peoples of Earth.
The Half Gods were naturally held to be in "higher esteem" than the average human by both Gods and Mankind alike and so were given rule over those of "common" birth in the absence of the Gods during the time that they returned to Nibiru when it left the inner regions of the solar system.
This is what started the kingships of the world as the children of these Gods were made rulers over the pure humans of the race.
This is why the kingships and the churches once ruled hand in hand.
It only makes sense if, I am the son or descendent of these beings my loyalty will be to them not to humanity.
We have the church to keep the populous obedient to the Gods and Kingships (the state) to collect the 'wealth" which as we now know was for the electrical equipment that these Gods used...
The bleed over of this into our society is that the wealthy are still treated as royalty/gods.
Thus the striation of our society in to classes by their wealth is also a result of the sin of the Gods.
We learn from these text that the first war mankind entered into was for the Gods they served, for as usual these Gods were fighting among themselves.
A similar war over the Gods that men serve today may very well bring end to all life on Earth within our life time for that same kind of war is at the base of the unrest in the Middle East.
The Gods' war for the control of the Spaceports or The Pyramidal Wars sparked the view that women are not equals to men and untrustworthy and so brought about the birth of sexism.
To this day we are taught in churches mosques and temples that we should fear, obey, love and serve God and when God returns only those people with this mind set will be taken.
These teachings sound more like they came from a training manual for slaves.
Only if that God is of the Nibiru can I see why such requirements must be met in order that you be taken.
This way when they return (circa 2020 according to the ancient text) they will not have to break us in again?
Yet if this was the true Creator of all that is what could we do that it could not do for itself?
They are that God that warns "Put no other God before me for I am a jealous God!"
What has the true Creator got to be jealous of in its own creation when every part of creation is but another part of it?
It was their need of the rare metals and stones that put the value to these things so much so that Man kind's history is full of wars over, and still the Earth is being raped robbed and plundered for.
These were the Gods that destroyed the Tower of Babylon.
There is an icon showing the Gods literally stepping on men as if they were bugs.
Why so violent a reaction toward Mankind wanting to go to be with them?
Why not just say stay like I do to my dogs when I have to go out and they want to go with me?
The true Creator would know that a tower of stone could never reach it and would most likely just watched in amusement at our foolish attempts at doing so for as the Native Americans know GOD has a huge sense of humor.
Why come down so hard on these the people that worshiped and loyally served you while you were here?
What reason could they have to so confuse Mankind's language that we till this day are still unable to talk to each other and as a result of that never been able to reunite and work as the one species we are since then?
Why, what were they so afraid of?
I think their could have been a number of reasons for this horrible act on their behalf.
My first thought was,
Could it have been that they realized that in their laziness they had taught us all that we needed to know to do what they could do?
Think about it if they taught us to build their homes, plant and tend to their gardens, animal husbandry, would they not have also taught us to build their crafts?
When you have a race of slaves to do your biding why do anything for yourself at all?
But this backfired for we know threatened to build crafts and to follow them back to their home planet and
much like the wealthy in our society you can come here to work but we do not want you living in our neighborhood.
Added to the fact that to them Mankind bred too fast it could well be seen how we could over populate their world if we were allowed to live there.
The proof of that is all about us today we are in the midst of a population explosion.
Still that does not justify their vulgar act toward Mankind in Babylon.
My other thought is that maybe what Mankind had built to reach heaven was not just a rocket or a Shem but a missile could the slaves of Babylon been trying to destroy their oppressors?
Even a well treated slave wants its freedom for at the basis of all living things is the need to be free.
Was the Tower of Babylon Mankinds first attempt to rise up against its Masters, to over throw the Gods?
Could it be that only then did they see the big mistake they had made?
As I have repeatedly asked in this article,
"What was the one language that they took from Mankind at Babylon?"
Could it have been telepathy could that be why we only use 10% of our brain today?
Was it that they only needed that 10% so that we could take their orders?
Why were we genetically altered so that we could no longer access this greater part of us?
Altered so that we would no longer be a Quantum Entity one that through telepathy spoke one language which was that of the one mind?
Think of the benefits of having as slaves a creature that if one learned something all learned it at once, now think of the true dangers such a creature really represents to you.
Is what we today call instinct and intuition only the pail remnants of the greater tapestry we were once aware of?
If that is so then very well they should fear the Man creature don't you think?
Very well they should hide all their scientific and historical truths from their creation Mankind.
Very well these Gods should fear Mans knowing of good and evil or anything else for that matter.
Very well for them that they should cut our connection to our total selves, or in other words break our connection to nature.
Today people seem to think we are evolving into a new being because of our expanding cosmic awareness and Extra Sensory Perception.
I say we are de-evolving we are getting back the inheritance stolen from us by the genetic tampering of these ancient false gods.
We are gradually regaining that which was taken from us, the use of the other 90% of our brain, our sacred animal consciousness.
Our life times were shorter than theirs so what they taught us when they left they came back to find we had improved on.
Because of our short life times our species evolve faster than the Gods.
One of their years was 3,600 years for us look how far we have developed as a species in just one of their years.
I wonder how much they have changed in the same year for them (3,600 years for us) since they have been gone.
If we look at their doings each time they have returned it does not seem they change any more in their years time than we do in a year of our time.
We are forced to change for age and death moves us along at a faster rate.
Old ways are washed away by in the flood of time passage as the old heads die off.
This gives new ideas and fresh methods a chance to take over where the old ones failed.
For a people of such long lives new ways and ideas will take eons to gain acceptance and to be instituted into the society.
So when they returned each time they were just as petty and as vindictive as they were when they left the Earth the year before their time, the 3,600 years in ours.
I wonder will they still expect to be welcomed as Gods when they return the next time?
I had an encounter in which I was told no which I will write about later in this article for now I only wonder how they will be met I will speak more on the plans that" The New World Order" has in mind for their return later in this article.
It is often with a sneer that mankind is spoken of as acting like an animal when our violent past is looked at, but I say, no, mankind is acting more like the gluttonous trifling, malevolent, prideful, hateful, and spiteful gods of Nibiru that created it.
We are doing exactly as we were taught to do.
This behavior is fine if you have another world to go back to as they did.
They were only here visiting like some group of rude cosmic tourist but they had another home to go home to, we don't.....
This is all we got and when it is gone we are gone....
When they last left our world they dropped an atomic bomb on Sodom and Gomorrah because once again they were fighting amongst themselves.
We are told this was because of homosexuality that these cities were destroyed, because "GOD hates homosexuality."
Well if this was the true Creator God didn't it know it was creating homosexuals if it didn't like them why create them?
Today it is often said that homosexuality was the cause of the fall of all the great civilizations for it seemed to appear toward their ending.
Well I can see why a slave monger would get upset if some of their slaves would start turning out homosexual low profit margin in that, and if that is all you got then you can't get anymore now can you?
In the late sixties early seventies there was an over population experiment done called, "The Saturn Experiment."
In it rats were place in a large and well stocked cage and allowed to breed.
For a while this was fine until the population started to grow over the cages space and food supply limitations.
Then all the problems we see evident in our world today started to break out in the cage.
"Murder, child abuse and neglect, theft, rape, sickness and madness but one of the first was homosexuality.
"Why homosexuality, the others are understandable of all things, why that?" I wondered, then it hit me
"Its natures birth control."
What better way to stem a possible over population crisis?
To the old gods people were part of their wealth like cattle like slaves were to the south.
The more slaves the more wealth.
It was slavery that made America the wealthy country it is today so we well know how the gods who were the owners of these cities could hate homosexuality when it burst forth from their people because of over crowding.
So they very well may have had an active program going on to weed out these people during the time that the last war broke out among them.
To the man in the streets when he saw the weapons of the gods turned and loosed upon them it would only make sense to them that their cities were being destroyed because of the only thing they could see they were doing that displeased the God of their city why else would they think their God would allow this to be done to them but as punishment?
Thus we now see that bigotry too is another child born of the sin of the Gods.
As we know kingships and churches were all established to keep the factories running while the masters were away.
Kingships collected and hoarded the wealth while keeping control over the slaves.
While the churches were more interested in the maintaining of the loyalty of the slaves to the Gods.
Is this why there are shems atop every castle, mosque, temple, church and granary?
Thus the crowns worn by kings, and head adornments of priest, holy men as well as the hats worn by farmers in the fields mirror the shapes of the crafts of the ancient Gods so that anytime you looked upon them you were subliminally reminded of the Gods that rode in them...
Are the glyphs that appear in the grain fields today to remind us that the "Masters" are soon to return?
Will they find a race mindful of who they are and the awesome powers they wield?
Ready to fall prostrate before them in service as loyal obedient slaves should do at their owners return?
Are the Kingships of today ready to turn their wealth over to its "Rightful" owners as was Montazulma?
Oh to be sure the streets will be packed with those ready to serve their returning lords and masters, but what when the doors open and the hair like sheep wool and skin of burned brass Jesus Christ of the bible and not the blonde haired blue eyed Christ steps out, what then?
What when they look on all of their creation Mankind as little more than different colored slaves?
One should remember these Gods always took the best of everything they saw now think about your wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and yes your sons.
Maybe there was other reasons for the homosexuality in those cities so long ago a shortage of women is all it takes in prison.
Remember their temples were big because of their stature they fathered giants.
Any wonder they needed to have many virgins sent to their temples?
Zues took any woman anytime he wanted her as did all the other gods of Olympus.
The ancient stories of these giants in south America told how their women did not survive being taken by them and when there were no more women they started to take the men.
Then there was Mary who was wedded when she was impregnated by God was she not?
This was easily done in the times when Mankind was little more than sheep herders and carpenters...
On their return this time they will find mankind capable of much more than that.
I don't ask that you believe, but that you do the research for yourself and get the books of Sitchin the collection is called the Earth Chronicles they are translations of ancient text and well worth the reading.
There is also a very informative video out by Zecharia Sitchin called:
"Are We Alone In The Universe".............................Distributed by Paradox Media & Why Not Productions.
If you are able to find the books of Eric Van Dankin, Immanuel Velikovsky, and Wilhelm Reich get them also.
I do know that the movie documentary of The Chariots Of The Gods is now also out on video.
The following are other videos you may want to view.
The Outer Space Connection..........................................................Distributed by Video Communications Inc.
The Mystery Of the Sphinx (The full version not the one shown on tv this has parts that were cut out of the tv special a half hours worth get it and you will see why.)..................Distributed by NBC.
Hoagland's Mars vol. II..................................................................Distributed by Lightworks Audio And Video.
Bigfoot................................................................................................Distributed by New Video
All of these may be available in your video stores under Documentary buy or rent them if you can.
Again I say as I did earlier in this article what is written here comes from my own reading and understanding of these works and not the authors of these books.
They only give you the information you are the one that must do the work of putting the pieces together.
And that I am writing it only so that people may stop and look at the reasons we do as we do with hopes that once this is done we can start working toward separating our selves from the blindness we have grown accustom to living with not knowing we only need to take off the blindfold to see but before you can remove the blindfold you must first be aware that you are wearing one.

Ancient Aliens : Sumerians & The Annunaki


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I don't want to believe.............................. Its much better to know.

Into The Darkness