The Skyroglyphics Movie

These pictures are lifts from a video tape I made of this event.
They show a black UFO that appeared soon after what looked to be a ten foot smoke like Entity that started to appear in my backyard after I had taped the passing of a UFO farther down from me.

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The Smoke Entity.JPGs

Bell Ships, Beam Ships,and Sun Ships *(02/02/02.)

It, the thing appearing in the yard across from me, was first spotted by my dog Lady and it was her barking that brought my attention to the thing.
Being the big brave macho hero, I am I screamed in the most manly Falsetto I could muster, and ran for my life.
I raced inside to find I had left Lady outside and had to run back out to call her in I could hear the thing walking
about in the yard across from me as I flung open the door to the basement and called to her to come inside but she continued to bark and challenge the thing moving in the yard.
Finally she ran inside and I slammed the door.
I thought I had caught the thing on my tape but in my panic I must have turned off my Cam corder or set it into standby
The NYCMUFON investigator said that sometimes the energy coming from these things during encounters like the one I had that night will also turn off cameras.
What ever it was, I was so frightened that, I stopped going out back to tape for a awhile.
The electrical system in my home went wild after that.
My tv and other electrical equipment also went crazy and this continues to this day.
The black craft shown in this picture appeared some days later after I had taped the UFO in the clouds.
Please note the various faces that the opening becomes as the UFO continues on its way.
One frame I mirrored and to my surprise it looks like the face of one of the smoke like Entities that would come into my home and take me later that year.
The fact that the cloud at times looks like a woman I think is another example of their sense of humor for I know I must have sounded like a woman when I screamed and went racing inside that night the huge thing appeared in the yard across from me.
I feel they of this passing Dark UFO were saying," We love you from the bottom of our heart, fear us not. "

What do you think?




The Heart Of Gold


As the dark object passed the heart shaped cloud a faced began to form that seemed to watch in awe as the disk moved across the sky.




As I was working with the JPG I noticed there was something familiar about one of the phases of the face took.

I took the JPG and mirrored it and to my surprise it formed the face of one of the seven foot Smoke like Entities that would come into

Below you see the face of one of the three Enities that came into my bedroom and carried me into a wall of darkness that then teleported me to the main lawn of a park three blocks away from my home and take me later that summer




To view more pictures of this sighting please click below.

The Face Of The Smoke Entity


Ghost or E.T?


Below are pictures of the some of the rings left at the site I was later that summer "Takened" to.

I use my own term Takened for I do not like the expression abducted.

The Rings In The Park

Cover Up?

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