Strange Days Indeed

It happened as I and my girl friend Sandy were having another of our running arguments about me spending more time with rehearsing my band than I did with her, when my baby brother Steve burst into the room demanding that I come look out the window to see the flying saucer.
Thinking he just wanted to stop us I ordered him out of the room and went back to trying to explain my point to Sandy.
Twice more Steve was to return to the room and the last time said
" Butch, if you miss this you will hate yourself for the rest of your life!"
At this point I gave up and walked to the kitchen window and gasped at what I saw.
It was a disc the perfect Flying Saucer flipping and rolling and zig zagging in the darkening western skies.
I race on to the patio to where I could get a better look at the object.
It was ringed by blue white strobe lights and had what looked like a red light on its top or at the tip of an antenna like thing that was sticking out at an angle on it.
When it flipped on to its edge we could see it had three blue white lights arranged in a triangle on the bottom.
When all the lights flashed in this position it made a triangle with in a circle I did not know it then but almost twenty years later I would look upon this pattern again, it would be left in the lawn at the site of my abduction.THETRIANGLERINGSm.JPG
As we , Steve, Sandy, and myself, watched Sandy grew frightened and said,
" This is spooky, I am going inside. "
To my surprise she turned and went inside.
I did not dare to leave though I wanted to go to the higher floors to look at the object.
We were on the tenth if we would have went to the roof or any of the higher floors we would have been looking down upon the object.
That's how low it was.
But I was afraid if I moved away it would go and I would miss what it did.
So I staid put.
When the object flipped up into the darker area of the sky it was dull grey and metallic looking but when it flipped down low on the zenith where the sky was lighter, it was jet black in color.


Then Steve suddenly said " Look they sent a jet after it."
Out of the north and unmarked jet fighter silver in color was coming toward the object which then stopped motionless in mid air as to wait for the jet to near.
Then it became a brilliant blue white light and seemed to stretch like a rubber band and shot off leaving the jet as if it was standing still.

Flr0.JPG Flr1.JPG Flr2.JPG Flr3.JPG Flr4.JPG Flr5.JPG

The John Lennon UFO Animation ..,, Johnlennonufo.mp4

Years later I learned from a woman, who had lived at the time of my sighting, in the building across from mine that she had, had a better view of the object and said that to her it had just vanished and reappeared over Yankee Stadium in a blink of the eye.
That was about a half mile away from were we were watching it.
It was to be many years later that I was to find out that, that same day, that same craft was seen by John Lennon and inspired his song " Strange Days Indeed. "



When I in 1991 spoke to Phil Lord of N.Y.C.M.U.F.O.N of this sighting I drew him pictures of the craft which once I can have then scanned I will upload to this site.
It was to be some six to seven years later that on strange universe John Lennon's girl friend from that time first showed the pictures he had drawn of the craft he had saw and it matches the craft I saw and drew.
If I can find this picture I will also upload it to my site but I do have pictures that I will later place here that were taken of a craft like the one I saw or maybe the same, more about the John Lennon UFO sighting can be found at
Ufomind Paranormal Research Index.

I end this portion of this article here for this was just background information I will move now on to my main focus.
When I returned to my job I was excited and told everyone about my sighting hoping that some one had heard of this object or had seen it for themselves.
I was of course laughed into silence about it.
It was as I sat thinking to myself about the sighting I thought
"If only I had, had a camera then I would have had proof, but they never leave you with any proof, they always leave you with nothing, just like the Woman and that damned Universal Number! "
I drew as best I could remember the form of the Number but back then I could not remember its full configuration.
I only remembered it looked like the symbol for Jupiter, but not quite.
I thought about her Koan.
"This is the Universal Number.
With it you can see the future and the past.
It can change any number but can not be changed by any number.
By aligning these you can see other levels of the universe."
I then for the first time started to look at what she had said.
" It can change any number, but can not be changed by any number."
Was there such a number, yes there was I used it every day as a currency destroyer, it was .0 point 0.
Depending on where that was placed the number was changed ie. 1.0 is much different than .01.
" With it you can see the future and the past." what did that mean?
Well from where I was sitting in time I could conceive a future, and perceive a past, so where was I in time?
Smack dab in the middle, in fact Our awareness was the determining mark for were the future became the past.
In other words the present was the point of balance .0.
In addition because the present is not static but ever changing their is no present therefore it does not exist.
The curious state of photons reflect this very nature of the present it is both particle (static) and wave (ever changing/non static).
Therefore nothing exists, time does not exist, and so everything is equal to .0.
The whole point about aligning these (spaces?) would enable us to see other parts of our universe what did that mean?
Vibrations are made up of spaces (pauses) and pulses by using xrays, radio waves, and other like kind forms of energy we could, and have viewed other levels of our universe!
I got it, I finally understood, although she had left me with nothing, she hadn't really left me without anything, she had left me with a new understanding, and a basis of a new physics!
She had given me the Universal Number, but I being young had misunderstood, that it was the concept she was saying I could have not the item.
Then boom it began, eight voices in different keys began to speak in my head.
Each of them speaking about different things in the fields of Physics, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Cosmology, Psychology, and Hyper Magnetics.
I went home and told my brothers of what had happened at work and that I had figured out the meaning of the Universal Number and explained it to them.
I was later shocked when my brother Ralph came to me and asked,
"How do you turn them off? "
"Turn off what?" I asked.
" The voices " he said " They keep talking, telling me things that are blowing my mind, it feels like my head is going to explode."
" I don't know,"I said I just let them go on and on and and do what I have to do that's all." This was to become a repeating phenomena when I would start to speak to others about what I was told, I would start going into it only to be suddenly told to stop for their minds were accellerating and were beginning to feel as if they were going to overload or explode.
I was told many times by friends and others i spoke to of this that I should write it down in a book, but felt that no one would publish it much less read a book of Quantum Physics written by some one that did not have a alphabet behind his name.
These Voices were to become the background noises in my mind for the next three years stopping and starting off and on at their discretion.
Sometimes going for weeks at an end with out stopping some times just making link observations to things going on around me.
Because of the sounds they made I started to call them the Council Of The Winds.
I called them this for they reminded me of the sound wind makes in the high towers and tall buildings.
Even when I was dreaming I could hear them talking in an endless stream in the back ground.
They were not loud or intrusive and I could function fully with them going, and because of the different pitches of each though they all spoke at once I could select any one from the group and clearly hear what it was saying just as easily as one can select an instrumental melody from and orchestra.
Back in the early seventies I had no way to explain this phenomena, but now I'd say it was much like when a computer is down loading.
I believe now all that information was encoded into the Universal Number and what I been given was like a Sit for Mac or a Zip for PCs had I never understood it fully I would have never received the rest of this information once I really understood what it was I was given it unstuffed or unzipped and a link was then opened so that I could receive the information given to me then and afterwards.
With some of what I was told I wrote three articles " The Silver Cord ", "Creation By The Fall Of A Leaf ", and " Spaceail Migrations " spelling intended which I later posted in the reading room at this site.
The problem is when I started to write Spaceail Migrations I was told by the Council to write it in all capitals.
So when I wrote Spaceail Migrations I used all caps, but once I got on the Internet I was told this is looked at as shouting.
I see now this was a metaphor for how they speak in the mind.
Though it is not loud it is as clear as a shout to me when they are speaking and because of this I have left it in that form.
I can not write as fast as it comes flooding into me and I and am left out of breath at times after this happens so I do not allow this to happen often.
I do not claim to be a Channelor nor a Contactee for " The Space Brothers Of The This And That, or That And This Star System."
Nor will I try to contact them for any one or for any reason.
When they speak I listen but am free to take thier advice or not, they speak the same way as does the woman, and their voices register in the same area of my body as does her voice, that being in my forehead, my throat, and my heart, but never do I call on them or anything else to give me help or information they
just suddenly speak on their own accord.
When they speak they do not speak on moralities or pass on thou should and shouldn'ts, although there was a time when they would ask me about the actions of people in the area about me.
They will on occasion tell of events that are going to happen but they do not give out lotto numbers or things like that.
Things they foretell are foretold as fact not as if you have a choice in changing them they just day this is what will happen and do not warn you away from doing anything you do.
They will tell you of deaths and major events that are going to happen but do not go into detail, but then I never ask them to either.
Mainly they speak of technical things explaining why this does that and that does this, and the workings of the unseen side of the Universe.
It takes them seconds to say what sometimes takes pages to explain for they operate on the information that I already have gathered in the years by my own readings and experiences.
Their language is thick with metaphors and deeper meanings and yes at times a kind of humor.
They'll take old phrases and give them new meanings or so you what the term really meant at one time but now has been forgotten.
They speak of God, Creator Force, Spiritual, and esoteric things in a purely scientific matter.
There is no coating of love, hate, or judgment to it, they speak of how everything is on a journey back to the original state of God that being one of total absence or Nontangiblitiy that they call the Essence 0 and show how this pilgrimage of spaces is the basis of all natural and supernatural phenomena we have witnessed and are yet to experience in other words this migration of spaces is the Unifying Field that has so long be sought after and over looked by Scientist and Physicist alike.
A state we can't imagine for in that state there is even absence of awareness a state we can not truly ever be aware of for how can we be aware of being unaware?
Still as is my nature I listened but did not, and do not take everything they have told me on face value and began to read books dealing with the subjects they spoke of and found that what I had been told had a basis in physics.
Some of the things I was told back then would come to be proven years later in Quantum Laboratories, and new cosmological discoveries.
I also found out that what I have come to call my Owean or 0wean philosophy is very old even ancient and is the foundation of many Eastern, and Native American, and native peoples philosophies.
I then realized I was not the only that these things have been passed onto and these teachings were far more older than I thought they were.
Because of this to avoid " contamination " by reading these other philosophies so that I know what I learn comes from the Council I avoid reading New age books on these things the only books I have read on these matters where the Carlos Castaneda books and that was because of Ralph's coaxing for there were parallels in his writings to events in my life.
I know now that I was not the only these things were given to and not the only one they have opened up for, every day I am being told by those that once argued with me about the things I was saying in the seventies and early eighties that I should read this book or that book because this author or that one was saying the same things that I had said ten to twenty years before.
I am often asked if I am a Buddhist, a shaman, an Orishie, a Channelor, a Contactee, a warlock, a Satanist, an atheist, an agnostic, a Gnostic, and an endless other list of names because of the way I speak on these matters I just say,
" No I am an 0wean, I believe in Nothing. " and leave it as that.
If they persist in knowing what I mean I will tell them if not I don't.
I have no intention of becoming a guru or opening a Owean School Of Thought
so I will answer their questions as long as they ask them but at a point I tell them they must learn to seek the answers for themselves.
What is the Council I don't know but I feel if I would see them they would not look like us but I don't know if that makes them alien, but then if they are native to the same Universe as we are even if from another level how can they be alien?
But then could they too be just Nonts?
Nonts to will give information and aid if it will keep the flow open that they may feed, but I do not allow that link to remain open and despite my hardheadedness, defiance and yes at times fear and mistrust of them, the Council still speaks to me and thus far ,everything I have been told by them has come to pass or is being proven in Quantum Physics everyday.
Not only has everything they foretold come to pass, but are being proven everyday by present discoveries, but also are rooted in the foundations of the past, bringing there teaching full teaching full loop or back to Point O the middle the balance The 0.
Where the pilots of this craft working with the Lady on the roof?
Was the purpose of the craft to trigger me to think on the Universal number?
Its flashing of one of the symbols that was to be left the sight of my abduction many years later was that to tell me they would see me in the future?
If so then what about the many other people that saw that craft the same day Muhammad Ali had also witnessed this craft as he was jogging about the Central Park reservoir, as I was later to find out. In addition to me Sandy and Steve there was about thirty people in the streets ten stories below us including a policeman that saw this craft.
He was saying it was Christmas lights on a kite and I could see how he would say that not having the same vantage point that I and Steve had.
We at times saw this object at eye level and had an unobstructed view of it.
Phil Lord years later informed me that he had found a taxi driver who had because of the traffic jam caused by the sighting off the craft by drivers below also stopped to see the saucer dancing over Webster Avenue.
Though I asked him to put me in contact with the driver he never did why I still do not know.



Vol. 21 November 4 June 2006.
Although they got my sex wrong the rest of the article is correct.
I was in the River Manner Rehabilitation Home at the time and unable to be reached when this article was written.
What can I say?
Life's not easy for a boy named Posey.


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